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2022-05-18 - Cut my hair and did some garden work

My hair was about to get to long - like annoying long and being all over the place - so I cut it off. That kind of change my appearance a lot. I am not sure, that it was to the better. Anyway done is done. There is nothing I can do now except not to cut my hair again. We spend the extra long weekend down at our summerhouse at Lolland. We both had friday off as it was the holiday "Great Prayer Day". We did mostly garden work. I cleaned up some more of the garden and made a little stone setting to separate wilderness from not wilderness. 

The next project is to fix the sliding doors the the winter garden. The doors are like totally rotten. I guess I have to make a total rebuild. I am not a carpenter but what the fuck. This is just a little handyman project. I have kind of an idea on how to make it - but there are a lot of room to adjust and improvise. One thing is certain - I will have to use pressure impregnated wood to avoid immediate rotten doors again. I have also made a sketch of the current doors with all the essential measurements. I have high hopes about the result.

Work kind of hard for the moment. With one quitting the team and one soon going on baby leave june and the months after the summer holidays wont be boring. But thankfully I have the gym where I can rage out on the walls.

2022-05-09 - Apparently it can be very hard to do a simple thing

So I went to my car pusher and got my summer tiers on the car. I asked them to remember to update the car computer with the change tiers - I even joked about it and told them how much trouble I had at the old dealership. How ever on my way home I got a TPMS in the dashboard - ANYWAY. So I went around and drove back to the dealership so that they could look at it once more. This time they sworn that all was okay, they even took the car for a test drive. How ever - on my way home it once again gave me a TPMS error. At this time the traffic was becoming bad because of rush-hour. Instead I called the dealership and agreed on coming by later. I was kind of very angry - how hard can it be?

It is simply too much having this problem every time I change tier set. To get rid this problem once for all I have bought a gadget  called "Quickset X". It is my hope, I will then be able myself to change the setting of the car. This thing is kind of expensive. But if it can save me like four hours of driving and waiting at the dealership twice a year it will be money saved in gas and time for me. Usually I calculate that my hour price is around 80 euros. With that price, it will have earned itself just after next tier change - if the car dealership as usually fuck it up.

The the "Quickset X" turned out to be a chinese plastic box with some buttons and a display - that actually works! It was as easy as like youtube video - what a relieve! This box will save me from so much frustration and time - it only took 2 minutes and a short drive to sync the computer. Hurray for cheap chinese plastic and western intuitive.

Last friday we drove down to our summerhouse on Lolland. The weather was great but Tina a kind of groggy and very tried. I immediately went to the garden. Especially the grass had grown much since last time. I decided to help myself by playing paving. We have used big rocks to shield a gravel patch. But that don't work. It simply takes too much time to cut the grass around the rocks. It was kind of meditation for me. We had a pile of bricks in the back garden - more than enough for two rows. Afterward I could with ease mow the lawn in that section. On sunday we both relaxed except I gave our front door some oil to shine it up. The mousetraps was untouched. I guess we got the hole family last time.  

1 / 13
On my way home
2 / 13
An early session in the gym
3 / 13
The "before" picture before the brick laying game
4 / 13
The first meter
5 / 13
Some more meters
6 / 13
Still working
7 / 13
The finish product
8 / 13
Time to mow the lawn
9 / 13
Work in progress
10 / 13
The finish product
11 / 13
It was sweet to mow this section
12 / 13
13 / 13
Doing the front door

To day monday was a bummer. Tina went to the hospital for blood work as the nurse last time commented that she looked very pale. later they called that her blood percentage was way to low (4,2 percent) and that they needed extra blood samples. I had to leave work and we meet up at home and went to the hospital together. Tomorrow waits to bags of blood and hopefully it will be better fast.

2022-05-01 - So we passed 1. of may

On friday we had a little gathering at work where we said goodbye to two colleagues. After work we went to Big Bowl at Valby. It was sad but at the same time nice to end it with one hour of bowling. After driving Tina to work on saturday I went by Bauhaus to buy a router. In some weeks I am going to fix the outer doors in our winter garden. I most likely have to make new windows frames and so on. Anyway - I need this router to be able to do just that. More of this mini project will come.

After Bauhaus I got the car washed - on monday I drive by my car pusher and change to summer tiers. On sunday I had a good session at the gym. My elbow still bothers me - but it seems to be less and less. I might next time begin on a project something else equally stupid. Later we drove by my parents for coffee - one our way we naturally drove by a bakery. 


2022-04-27 - Easter and mice

Finally the cancer treatment is over and hopefully forever and ever. It was hard on Good Friday with the last radiation treatment. There was almost no energy left. Thankfully some energy returned fast - but still.... It was a good choice to drive down to the summerhouse. Lots of relaxing and small sessions in the garden and then some more relaxing. My elbow still sucks - so I settle with doing some small project like painting a wall in our dining room, cleaning the flagpole and fixing the terrace and making it a little more storm proof.

1 / 14
Time to buy a new pennant
2 / 14
I took down the flagpole and washed all the algae off. Then a layer of Tuttle wax.
3 / 14
Nice and shiny
4 / 14
Tina doing the greenhouse
5 / 14
The terrace before - stones keeping the roof from flying off
6 / 14
And it is a little bit rotten
7 / 14
First a new windshield
8 / 14
The disaster - I took the wrong and shorter end of the wood.
9 / 14
Back to the barn and make an extension
10 / 14
Then a perfect fit - no way the roof will fly off now
11 / 14
We heard some strange noise from the attic. We bought three mouse traps. The big black cost like 8 time more than the traditional wood traps.
12 / 14
One of three mice we caught. One was even alive, so I had to step on it.
13 / 14
Back in Copenhagen on my way to work tuesday
14 / 14
A selfie of cause

2022-04-06 - Went by the devil

On thursday I went by the russian embassy to this picture. So funny, went you look at their homepage, that their mail address is a "gmail" - how stupid funny is that?

Else it has just almost been normal everyday. Except as I woke up tuesday, I had to call in sick. Today wednesday and the rest of the week, I will be working from home. The next update is uncertain. We are nearing the fifth week with the radiation treatment. We will most likely drive down to our summerhouse at some point.

2022-03-30 - A little late and short update

Last week simply went away too fast. The weather was totally nice - sunny and it felt like almost an early small summer. On wednesday I went to Waterfront shopping center and Joe and the juice for an after work juice and cake with an old coworker. That was nice sitting in the sun and just talk about stuff and everything. Later Tina and I went shopping at Bauhaus and bought the Sierra Sable from Bosch that I wanted to help me in the garden. On friday we drove down to Lolland for our one year wedding day. I had the first start up of out new lawn mower. Else it was very relaxed - I will keep this update short:

1 / 15
Inner harbor - on my way home
2 / 15
The offices in the early morning
3 / 15
Though Assistens Cemetery on my way to the gym
4 / 15
The harbor on the way to the gym
5 / 15
The gym around 3 pm before rush hour
6 / 15
On my way to work an early morning
7 / 15
Selfie with a beautiful skies
8 / 15
My lawn is fuck up
9 / 15
View over the fields
10 / 15
The bench
11 / 15
Our house
12 / 15
Our new lawn mower
13 / 15
After cleaning the small paths
14 / 15
Lunch at our wintergarden
15 / 15
At work wednesday

2022-03-20 - Medio March

I took a little detour home on tuesday. I took the road behind City Hall - Vester Voldgade down to the inner harbor and then over Little long bridge and onwards to Christanshavn. After the bridge, I totally forgot to take pictures. I worked from home on thursday just after lunch I went to Ishøj to my old car dealer to pick up the summers tires for the car. That was a fast deal it only took just over 1 hour. They had the tires ready for pick - so no worries there. I still want to wait to change the tires on the car. We still have temperatures below zero at some nights so it is still to early to change.

Same as last week I also this week had long working hours simply because I had nothing else to do. The first week of radiation treatment came and went away. Now there is only 4 weeks left. On friday I finally returned to the gym for an easy climbing session. My elbow is still fucked up, but easy climbing kind of helps just a little bit. I just have to be extremely careful. The gym was full with brand new routes after the competition last weekend. I really have to be careful the next weeks not to over do anything stupid or crazy.

Next week will be insane busy. Most likely gym on tuesday, meeting up with a old colleague wednesday. On friday a farewell reception and when we will hit Bauhaus and then down to Lolland for out one year anniversary. Work will also be busy because of some important deadlines. It is going to be a pretty fast week then :-)


2022-03-14 - The Bird Island and Lolland

I speed a lot of hours at work last week. Not because it was busy - it was more like that I had nothing else to do. I didn't go to the gym because I am trying to save the stupid elbow that is still giving me problems. so I decide to do some overtime instead. On tuesday I took a detour around the lakes to Østerbro. Then around The King's New Square where I bought a bottle of sweat rum at a store called Private Selection. On my way home I came by my very old work at Christianshavn Square at the library.

I got the car serviced on wednesday. It all went very well. I have to get used to, that it is small business. They open at 8 - that is late in my world. But they seem kind and take their time with the customers. From now on, they will be my permanent car pusher onwards. 

On my way home thursday I went by the City Hall Square - they were setting up this huge stage. I can understand that there would be this huge support concert for Ukraine. I don't get it - how can one drink and have a good time at a concert - when people are suffering and Europe most like will be back in a form of cold war for a very very long time. I think it is all so sad. 

On friday we drove down to our summerhouse at Lolland. Lots of sun but not that warm - still just below 10 degrees. Instead of relaxing as I am supposed to I began cutting down the too tall hedge. That was not good for my elbow which began to hurt a lot. I really have to relax but it is just so hard. There will be no gym time this week either.

1 / 12
The Bird Island mostly dead after the black shag made a colony
2 / 12
The lakes in Copenhagen
3 / 12
The go to guy - if you want to buy rum.
4 / 12
Many many years ago, I work at the library on the first floor
5 / 12
The Stage
6 / 12
My braking my elbow even more
7 / 12
Cut cut cut
8 / 12
Tina at work
9 / 12
How is this possible? Nature is brutal. It is supposed to be a lawn.
10 / 12
Just an overview
11 / 12
Still waiting on the farmer to do something
12 / 12
Just hanging out

On monday we went to the hospital for the first radiation treatment. The first one out of 25. Five time a week for five weeks ending on friday the 25. of april. I don't know how tough it is going to become - we hope for the best.

2022-03-06 - busy week

Monday was the first day this year, where I didn't have to use light on my bike in the morning - it was blue skies and the sun was close to the horizon. At work I tried out one of the quite zone tables. That was actually very nice. Not talk and much more work. After work I took a quick session at the gym - just around 2 hours - and then home again. Already tuesday I was at the gym (again) - just for easy climbing as the large overhang wall was striped because of the competition this weekend. It seams like, my elbow hurts a little less than last week. Anyway - my next gym session will be next tuesday after a 7 day break.

At work we have free seating. I am tall and some of my coworkers are hobbits. I had a good laugh thursday - the table was set so low, that I could not have my chair there. Thankfully the height of the tables are adjustable. On saturday I fixed our room in the attic. The roof have been leaky and water and it has been dripping water. Now the roof have been fixed and it was time to fix our room too. It was kind of an easy puzzle. I just had to put up the wood in the same place as it was removed. I put up some old wooden plank as support where we had cut between the wood beams.

I also washed our car saturday. Next week it is time for the 4 year/60.000 km. service. It is going to be interesting as I have booked service at a new car dealership. Hopefully it will be smooth and without any problems. At the carwash I was wondering why some people use the rough paper from the dispenser to dry their cars after the wash. The rough paper cannot be good for the paint polish or maybe some people just don't care. Anyway I also made a fool of myself as I tried to drink off the bottle with turtle wax. The moment I realized what I was doing, I quickly looked around to see, if anyone had seen it - That made me look even more stupid. Luckily I didn't get it in my mouth but it was damn close!

On thursday I finally did a long walk again. I did the "usual" trip along the dike a 22 km. trip. I haven't done the for like more than a year. I felt very good - except my elbow began to hurt on the way!

1 / 17
Yet more new buildings on amager
2 / 17
It was a huge scandal - that the concrete foundation was made of poor quality and had to be reinforced
3 / 17
Walking along the harbor
4 / 17
Ghetto for rich peoples
5 / 17
Just after Nokken
6 / 17
Walking on the dike - it was kind of warm
7 / 17
A beautiful swan
8 / 17
More walking on the dike
9 / 17
The motorway bridge just before Øresund
10 / 17
More walking
11 / 17
´More walking
12 / 17
Even more walking
13 / 17
The last sight of the sun
14 / 17
lots of swans
15 / 17
Maybe they are in love?
16 / 17
The turning point before walking home again
17 / 17
Of cause a selfie - it was freezing cold

Last week I bought a new mobile phone. The battery on my old CAT S31 have begun a trip of accelerated decay. I pretty sure, that in 6 months time it will die. I didn't want a Samsung, iPhone or CAT. And I didn't want one that cost too much as the battery will lose power after 2 years anyway. I ended up with a Motorola Edge 40. It mainly because of the battery and the prices just around 165 Euros. I said to Tine, that this might be the first phone, that I don't instantly hate - that is big words from me. Hopefully it will last at least 2 years.

2022-02-27 - More about my retard elbow

The wind almost killed me on monday. Strong head on winds - leftovers from the storm passing last weekend made my bike ride to work very interesting. I was pretty sweaty and exhausted as I arrived. Mostly I have the offices for myself between 7 and until sometime after 8. I went to the gym both tuesday and thursday. My elbow still hurts. On tuesday I tries wearing support bandage all day - but take seemed to make it more worse. My armed really hurted all wednesday. I asked Tina if she could crochet something for me - something to keep the elbow warm. That was great fun and made me look stupid. I found out it helped more using it as a pillow on the desk for my elbow. Most likely the coming week will be gentle at the gym. They are striping the walls on the big overhang and building new routes for the competition next weekend. I am not in that competition - with my retard arm it would be completely stupid.

On saturday we went to dinner at an old coworker of mine and her man. We ended up drinking too much wine and playing Cards Against Humanity until 1 am. I woke up for a piss around 6 am and was still feeling drunk and intoxicated. The time was almost 10 sunday before I finally left the bed.

It is very interesting to observe how fast "normal" life has returned after all this chinese Corona. People still get sick - but don't die anymore or aleast not more than if it was a normal flue. This I am very happy about and I hope it will last for a very long time.

2022-02-20 - For some winter vacation for others and me WORK

Either week 7 or 8 people usual take one week of vacation as public schools closes down for one week for winter holidays. This means quality working time at work - as most people are gone or work from home. Most of the management also use this week to rest. No new mails and time to catch up and plan the coming season until the summer holidays. I went to work monday to wednesday. On monday the skies were awesome as the sun came up over the horizon. On thursday I work from home as the weather was very poor and Tina and I decided to drive to our summerhouse thursday after work. On the way we went by Bauhaus and bought ourselves and new lawnmower. Last year as we took over the house, we just bought the smallest and cheapest one. But it simply takes too long time with this small machine. The new one is almost twice as big as the old one. I am looking forward to try it out when the weather gets hotter.

Getting the new machine assembled was tricky - the manual was not like an Ikea furniture - but we managed. At the end we had two bolts as leftovers. We had to revisit the guide and we found where they were suppose the be. The manual covers like four or five different type of lawnmowers - so actually am I not 100 percent sure about how to start it and operate it. But how hard can it be? It only has two handles and one line to turn it on. I guess I just have to fill it with oil, gas and then pull the line. Again we went to the bakery to buy Shrovetide bun and spend time on puzzles. We also spend time cleaning the garden and removing old crap and garbage. At some point, most likely the coming summer we have to do something about our winter garden. There are coming water from outside when it rains - that's not good. But that is going to be a bigger project.

I went to the gym on both monday and tuesday - On tuesday the weather was super nice as I drove though Copenhagen on my bike. My stupid left elbow still bothers me and hurts. I have to plan ahead and mostly climb with a straight arm. I really hopes it will pass away soon.

2022-02-13 - Some more about the tooth problem

My stupid tooth still hurted on monday. I worked for home on tuesday hopping the dentist would have time to sort it out. But I had to wait until wednesday. Thankfully I could just eat pills and the pain would go away - but still - I don't like pills either. The dentist said, that nothing but a root canal treatment would do the job - crap. That means, that this tooth have cost me around 1.700 euro - the most expensive tooth in my mouth. The pain is gone now - so I guess it was the right thing to do. Later wednesday I went by the local discount shop around the corner to buy cake and chocolate and did some good old comfort eating.

I went to the gym both tuesday (on pills) and thursday (without pills) - My stupid left arm/elbow still hurts like shit. Climbing don't seems to make it worse or better - as long as I remember to climb with a straight arm. On thursday I onsighted this new 6a+ on the big overhang - that felt very good - even though my body fells like it is half broken. On thursday before climbing I meet up with some old coworkers for a beer at Taphouse - it always nice to talk about the state of the world, works and our wife's.

Work is okay for the moment. Some old decisions many years ago have begun to hunt us. I think we have ridden the storm off - but you never know - the bottom line is - when things goes sideways. It always gives us more work.

2022-02-06 - Tooth and hair problems

Some weeks ago I broke one of my teeth. On thursday I finally got a crown on. That worked okay until the anesthesia passed. Then it began to hurt pretty good. Thankfully we have some good painkillers at home. I decided to wait until after the weekend to do anything about it. If I returned to the dental on friday, he would just begin to do some more drilling. This sunday the pain is still there but much much less - I hope it all will quite down and just pass away.

My left arm and shoulder still worries me. Instead of just pushing myself, I took all week off from the gym. Hopefully it all will recover that much, so I slowly can begin going to the gym again. On tuesday I made myself blonde again. It looks awful but why the hell not?

Last tuesday all the chinese Corona restrictions were canceled. People got sick, not not hospitalized - so back to the good old days. Hopefully this time it will last for like "forever".

2022-01-31 - My left arm is a retard arm

So I did it again - went to the gym and behaved like a 5 year old and bum - I got a tennis elbow and a grumpy shoulder. The shoulder is quite painful - it really suck getting old. I cannot even fart in the wind with out getting my asshole overstretched. However that will most likely means no gym time this week - but then I just might go for a long walk instead - maybe along the dike. I haven't done that walk for a long time.

Last week I still had long working hours. However on friday my boos decided that we all should go out for a guided tour at City Hall and lunch afterward. That almost went well. Because some activists had announced a happening at City Hall, they had to closed down all guided tours. Instead we went to The Round Tower and lunch at Rio Bravo. I worked home both thursday and friday because we are moving around at work. We are moving from the 1. floor to the 2. floor. Less space and sitting more tight.

On friday I pick up my new chainsaw a Stihl MS 211 C-BE. I haven't tried it out yet - but it looks very useful. On friday it cost 3.085,- Dkr. but now on monday it cost 3.250 Dkr. - some money saved there. I have planed to cut down some more trees when the spring time comes. Later friday we drove down to our summerhouse to spend the weekend. I washed the car and we drove to the local bakery and bought  "Shrovetide bun" - they were very yummy yummy. On the night between saturday and sunday a little storm passed Denmark - it was not that bad, just some flooding and so on.

Even though my arm and shoulder hurted - I went to the gym sunday evening. It was kind of okay - I was not climbing that hard anyway. But later as I was trying to sleep, I could really feel the shoulder in a very bad way.

1 / 16
Back at City Hall
2 / 16
Walking around
3 / 16
The big hall at City Hall
4 / 16
Walking though Jorcks Passage
5 / 16
From the walk tough central Copenhagen
6 / 16
At the Round Tower
7 / 16
Walking up the tower
8 / 16
The view from the top
9 / 16
The view from the top
10 / 16
washing the car
11 / 16
Shrovetide bun
12 / 16
what we bought
13 / 16
Some flooding on my way to the gym
14 / 16
Back at work - same - same
15 / 16
For impulse meetings
16 / 16
Just some crap waiting to be unpacked

2022-01-24 - Much have happened

Going to the hospital turned out to be very very good. There was not cancer in the biopsy what so ever. It was only scare tissue from the cancer left. because the result was so surprising good, maybe it will not be necessary with the radiation treatment after all. But first the doctor have to conferee with others doctors about this result. On wednesday this week we will know the result of this. With a great relief we drove down to out summerhouse wednesday afternoon. On thursday the carpenter came by and installed our new patio door and a new door to our kitchen. It took almost the hole day to get them installed. The new doors are far better insulated and we don't need a large curtain in front any longer.

We had a nice sunrise on saturday with a lot of red skies. Later I began to make a fire in our homemade barrel. As last time it became pretty hot pretty fast.

On monday we both went to work for the first time since the operation - cheers for that.

I had some long working hours last week because of the accounts closing down. This week will most likely be just as crazy - but not like last year, where it became too much. With just a little bit of luck, things will quiet down in the beginning of february. I went to the gym sunday afternoon - that was awesome. They had build this new 6B on the overhang - and I almost made after two attempts. I am confident that I will do it next time. Hopefully I will go to the gym both tuesday and thursday. Time is still a valued resource in our life.

2022-01-17 - Much have happened

The cancer operation went as good as possible. For us it was a big operation - all blue, yellow and black afterward. Later this week we will get the result of the biopsy and yet another doctors appointment where we hopefully will talk the coming radiation treatment. But it has been some long days - lots of things to get done and only one to do it.

Last week my buddy from the gym wrote, that she was positive for the chinese Corona. I have no symptoms and have therefore not been tested. Instead Tina and I drove to our summerhouse to relax for the weekend. However I still went to the gym both tuesday and thursday. This week is kind of uncertain regarding gym time. At work we are closing down all the accounts from last year. This monday I worked almost 12 hours. Thankfully we have a hard deadline wednesday at 4 pm, where the system is closed down. 

On top of this all busy time I broke a piece of a tooth. Thankfully it doesn't hurt - so it has to wait until next week. Beside the hospital we will also get our new terrace doors installed and a new door to the kitchen with better insulation. Life is flying by with 150 km. pr. hour and I can barely hang on.,

2022-01-02 - New Year and new wardrobe

After the cancer treatment at the hospital on tuesday we drove down to out summerhouse on Lolland - or as an old friend called it - Hipster Island. We finally got our new Wardrobe assembled. It was a heavy job - it weight almost 80 kilos and we had to carry it up to the 1. floor in piece by piece. It took almost a hole day to put it together. The result look nice and super for the price. Now we have somewhere to put our clothes instead of these big transport boxes we have used so far. I got the last tram furniture on "legs" so it can be used inside. I think they are from the 60s - but it is hard to tell.

It was very nice, for the first time, to spend New Years eve down at the summer house. It was very very quite only at midnight there was some fireworks - but not as much as in Copenhagen. As always we had Lamb chop, potatoes and tzatziki. As a starter we had avocado with prawns from Greenland. We almost bought some prawns from Vietnam - but I have begun to to check the country of origin when we buy food. Why should we buy something from half the way around the earth, when we have both us self, Norway and Greenland close by. And more over - don't want to buy food from china as they suck, have poor standards and only think of profit.

As always we watched two movies - this year it was Matrix Resurrections and then Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Matrix sucked the most - it was like lame! Tina said, that she had wasted 2 1/2 hour on a lame ending - it was really a stupid movie. Most likely it was the profit that mattered the most, when it was made - what a shame and most likely never to be watched again. The Venom movie was okay but without being great in any way.

Next week is a totally black box. It all depends on how the operation goes and what state we are in afterward. I am not sure - when I have time for the next update - Time will tell - it always does.


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