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2018-03-25 - Beer and snow

Tuesday we woke up to a disaster in our street. A delivery to the local store went wrong. Yes it is bottles with beer – what a shame.

But else it was however a very beautiful morning. During the night, there had been a light snowfall. The pictures below are from my transport to work. First with the metro and then with the s-train. I really appreciate the part, where the metro comes out the tube. When there are blue skies, the sun shine is like nectar. I can actually feel my batteries are being recharged.


2018-03-18 - Busy week

This update took a little longer than expected. To my big horror, my tiny page had been infected by doubleclick, facebook and google. It turned out, that because I used an iframe with YouTube material, which contain trackers – it affects the page all together. To resolve the problem, I just took a screen dump of the iframe and made it into a link.

Anyway – It has been a very busy week. Three times at B&Ws – I beat my personal record by being out there for 5 hours Thursday. It hasn’t been record climbing. But still I can feel my forearms and fingers. I am still at a steady 6a+ level. The pictures below are from the Tuesday session, where I climbed with my buddy Torben. I might begin taking photos of the different routes or at least the ones, which troubles me or I like.

It has been super busy at work. Simply too much to do and so little time. Unfortunately massive overtime is not in this case an option in this case, because the overload will just grow linear with the effort. It affects the motivation – guess I am used to it now, just as my colleagues are.

One could argue that the most present problem is the quality of the coffee and the storage of used bottles. Lame pictures – I know.

On the home front we (that means me) have begun to paint some door panels. I made a little painting station at our hallway and painted the doorway to our bathroom and bedroom. I think, it is the first time for 20 years, that the doorway to the bathroom (maid room in old days) has been painted. Yes - the building is from 1892 - nothing is level.

As I wrote – a very busy week. Next week is probably going to be just as bad – but nothing some good climbing, music and sugar can cure.

2018-03-11 - Green fingers

On Saturday I finally replanted most of our plants in our living room. Most of them had been in the same soil for one year and some of them had grown them self to big. So out with the big saw and more than 50 liters of new nutrient soil.

1 / 8
The beginning - cutting down some plants that had grown too big
2 / 8
No - this one had to die
3 / 8
Beginning to build a new pot
4 / 8
Just some random plants
5 / 8
Hey - that is me
6 / 8
Lets just call this one "the ugly one"
7 / 8
Trying to be creative
8 / 8
One of the final products

2018-03-09 - Goal seeking and some chocolate

Another week has passed. Two days spend on a counsel course. A lot about that one have to imagine being the receiver and what kind of information/counseling would make him/her act. That means trying to found the receivers needs, goals and motivations. It is not a new tool in my toolbox – but of course it important to be constant aware about it. It is five days I total. The next two days will be in the beginning of april. My boss told me, that it cost almost 3.000 euros  in total – so I better deliver something back.

1 / 4
The building
2 / 4
Some random notes
3 / 4
Hard choices
4 / 4
Just trying to follow the class
The weather has been cooled and a little bit snowy. But nothing bad or interesting. I guess this is what fräulein winter has for us this year - it is a kind of boring. Next week "they" say over 0 C. But still, I miss the long evenings where the sun first go down after 9 pm CET.

I finally got my Sicily album finish! Yahoo! The next image project must therefore be Sicily and Leipzig 2016.

2018-03-05 - Snow

Finally we got some snow in Copenhagen. All through it was some very wet snow. Tina went to work for the first time in two week after she was hint by the flu as well.

I bought the latest album from Anna von Hausswolff at Band Camp tonight. It is a strange album/music. It is hard to describe, I think it is like a rabbit hole pulling you down into the music - the light gets dimmer and you just don't want the music to stop.

Spoiler alert - But at the end it does.

2018-03-04 - Slowly back to normal

The first full week at work after have been down with the flu for two weeks. Tuesday I walked the usual 16 km around CPH airport. It was an interesting experience due to the cool weather and wind. At one point I lost all feelings in my fingers because I had to put on some glasses and more clothes around my head - It only took around 10 seconds and the feeling was gone.

I finally finished the first image gallery. The gallery is from my trip to Norway last summer. The gallery is still missing comments to the pictures, but that must I do some other day. I must admit, doing it all by my self and by html takes time, more than I thought. But still - now it is my own and I can write what ever I want.

I know it is childish - but after one month of boycott, I wrote a letter to Facebook that I won't use them anymore until they guarantee they won't delete any of my stuff in the future. I guess, they will never response.... .

2018-02-26 - Finally one good day

What an enjoy to come back to work monday and see a note saying "Because you were ill, I left a "get better" thing" - thank you Else :-)

2018-02-24 - Down with the flue

This week has really sucked. Went to work monday, but already monday evening the green snot monster was back. Tuesday to thursday was just a complete waste of time and effort. Lucky I am able to work from home, so friday I at least did managed make work. Tina is as well down with the green snot and cough monster. As consequence I have not been doing much on this site.

We had to concert ticks to Susanne Sundfør at DR Koncerthuset saturday evening. Because Tina had the green snot, I had to go alone. I really like Susanne Sundfør. She represents true music. She build her music from the bottom and up. Definitely not like the designer factory music we often hear in radio and can find on youtube.

I took some photos with my phone (CAT S60) unfortunate it don't have the best camera in the world, but it has other qualities.

The concert itself was good. She has changed her style or with her own words evolved. She is very good at what is does. Next time she visit Copenhagen, we will definitely buy tickets again.

Sunday - for the first time in two weeks I was back at B&Ws for a climbing session with Cosi. After two weeks with the flue, my arms and fingers were naturally weak - but still I would say, I climbed well and kept a level around 6a.

I hope my health still is okay tomorrow monday, so I finally can come back to work on full power.

2018-02-19 - First post

First of all - I am Claus Ulstrup, born 1972. So I am beginning to be pretty old but know my way around the internet. I live on Amager, Copenhagen the capital of Denmark. I have chosen to make this site in English because the world are just bigger, when the language is other than Danish. For the last many years I have been living with my wife Tina (Not entirely true, as we are not legally married). I currently work fulltime at Københavns Ejendomme og Indkøb.

My intentions with this blog-like homepage is to have some kind of memory of my life. But unlike Facebook and other similar internet services, I want to be in full control of the contents and not be subject to censorship, advertisements and tracking.

I hope, that in time, this low-practice html site with some java will become great. One thing is certain, that it will always match my effort.

I have at few beginner goals:
1 - Try and convert my Facebook contents to this site
2 - Make an update once a week
3 - Try a make some kind of java image gallery
4 - Try and make this look nice - but still keep it as simple as possible

Now that will do is a first post. Knowing my self - I give the site a 25 percent chance of success :-)

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