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2022-01-17 - Much have happened

The cancer operation went as good as possible. For us it was a big operation - all blue, yellow and black afterward. Later this week we will get the result of the biopsy and yet another doctors appointment where we hopefully will talk the coming radiation treatment. But it has been some long days - lots of things to get done and only one to do it.

Last week my buddy from the gym wrote, that she was positive for the chinese Corona. I have no symptoms and have therefore not been tested. Instead Tina and I drove to our summerhouse to relax for the weekend. However I still went to the gym both tuesday and thursday. This week is kind of uncertain regarding gym time. At work we are closing down all the accounts from last year. This monday I worked almost 12 hours. Thankfully we have a hard deadline wednesday at 4 pm, where the system is closed down. 

On top of this all busy time I broke a piece of a tooth. Thankfully it doesn't hurt - so it has to wait until next week. Beside the hospital we will also get our new terrace doors installed and a new door to the kitchen with better insulation. Life is flying by with 150 km. pr. hour and I can barely hang on.,

2022-01-02 - New Year and new wardrobe

After the cancer treatment at the hospital on tuesday we drove down to out summerhouse on Lolland - or as an old friend called it - Hipster Island. We finally got our new Wardrobe assembled. It was a heavy job - it weight almost 80 kilos and we had to carry it up to the 1. floor in piece by piece. It took almost a hole day to put it together. The result look nice and super for the price. Now we have somewhere to put our clothes instead of these big transport boxes we have used so far. I got the last tram furniture on "legs" so it can be used inside. I think they are from the 60s - but it is hard to tell.

It was very nice, for the first time, to spend New Years eve down at the summer house. It was very very quite only at midnight there was some fireworks - but not as much as in Copenhagen. As always we had Lamb chop, potatoes and tzatziki. As a starter we had avocado with prawns from Greenland. We almost bought some prawns from Vietnam - but I have begun to to check the country of origin when we buy food. Why should we buy something from half the way around the earth, when we have both us self, Norway and Greenland close by. And more over - don't want to buy food from china as they suck, have poor standards and only think of profit.

As always we watched two movies - this year it was Matrix Resurrections and then Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Matrix sucked the most - it was like lame! Tina said, that she had wasted 2 1/2 hour on a lame ending - it was really a stupid movie. Most likely it was the profit that mattered the most, when it was made - what a shame and most likely never to be watched again. The Venom movie was okay but without being great in any way.

Next week is a totally black box. It all depends on how the operation goes and what state we are in afterward. I am not sure - when I have time for the next update - Time will tell - it always does.


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