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2021-01-17 - A little change of layout and some new features

Instead of working, I decided to do a little home project and change the format on this page a little. For some time I have had this wish about combining a map, the GPS track and pictures. But without having extern random scripts out of my control. Small project like this is always learning by failing for me. Many years ago I made this page with a background picture and a menu on top of this picture. I found the page in my archive and combined it with modal HTML windows. As always w3schools was a great help. I am very happy about the result. However after adding all this extra java my old Frontpage 2003 have begun to struggle a little bit.

I guess I won't do a huge map like below every week! But it is nice to know how to do it and safe it for later. I would be cool to use it this summer, if it is possible to drive to Norway again

From the walk saturday - lots of sun
But temperatures below zero
Nice invention - much easier to hit, when you are on the move
The view over the inner harbor
On the left is one of the many harbor baths in Copenhagen
Green space
On the way I passed Carlsberg district which is undergoing city devolvement and is on the way to be ruined
The iconic gates to Carlsberg
And the two work elephants with swastika
At work
Yet another green zone
Frozen water at the lakes
Poor birds - but that is the way of nature

Copyright note: The picture above is from Google Earth and belongs to I claim fair use.

2021-01-16 - Not mush new - working like a busy work ant

Next week accounting year 2020 will close for good. But until then there is lots of work for me and my coworkers. This week I worked more then 50 hours and I will most likely also open my workstation tomorrow sunday. Tuesday was insane and I had a 8 am to 9:30 pm workday.

Only exception was wednesday where I just closed down at 2:30 pm. I had promised to help one of our nieces. Some years ago Tina gave our niece her old computer. Now she has problems with the sound card which has stop working. I build the computer many many years ago for Tina (I think 2010 or 2011). The motherboard is a P6T from Asus. The reason for the defect sound was very simple - age! Asus have stopped for support for Windows 2010 for this motherboard.

I would never have thought of, that this age problem could be the end of the computer. I recommended, that they should buy a USB soundcard instead. After the visit I walk home from around Friheden station. That was a interesting walk with high wind and rain most of the way. I only took one picture!

Both thursday and friday was work all day. Saturday I walked to the offices building to raid the candy closet. The weather was very sunny but below zero.

1 / 15
From the walk wednesday - taken at Avedøre Holme Offshore Wind Farm
Lots of rain, snow and wind - no the perfect weather
2 / 15
From the walk saturday - lots of sun
3 / 15
But temperatures below zero
4 / 15
Nice invention - much easier to hit, when you are on the move
5 / 15
The view over the inner harbor
6 / 15
On the left is one of the many harbor baths in Copenhagen
7 / 15
Green space
8 / 15
On the way I passed Carlsberg district which is undergoing city devolvement and is on the way to be ruined
9 / 15
The iconic gates to Carlsberg
10 / 15
And the two work elephants with swastika
11 / 15
At work
12 / 15
Yet another green zone
13 / 15
Frozen water at the lakes
14 / 15
Poor birds - but that is the way of nature
15 / 15
The GPS track - 18,7km. long walk

Else everything is going great. Everyone is just waiting for this great chinese Corona collective collapse of the danish society. I saw this poster saying something like "Hang in there - wait it out" - Great! Everything is still closed - most likely until the end of march.

2021-01-10 - Busy week

Usually the four first weeks are insane busy at work. This year is no exception. It even feels more busy than usual as we still have to work from home and many of my good coworkers from last year have found new jobs. In total I had 9 1/2 hours overtime giving me a working week of 46,5 hours. It okay - but hard.

I have changed my daily routines due to the chinese Corona and that this lockdown might go on for aleast 1 more month. Now we wake up at 6:30, I take a 30 min. bike ride. Bath and breakfast and are ready to log on work around 7:45.

For every 55 minutes of work I do 5 minutes of workout. This is to protect my shoulders as all my work is done in front of my work computer. Else I would just sit still for like 3 or 4 hours witch is very unhealthy. After logging off, I usual take 20 minutes very light bike ride again.

The pictures below are from a mega 37,5 km long walk last sunday and a shorter walk this saturday.

1 / 45
Yet another monster walk - this time 37,5 km. long.
2 / 45
I began around 7 in the morning walking down to Amager Beach Park
3 / 45
The moon either going up or down.
4 / 45
The sun was waking up as I walked around the airport
5 / 45
There was not that many cars or trucks
6 / 45
In the horizon was this very hard skyline between weather types
7 / 45
And I enjoyed some sun as I was pissing in Øresund
8 / 45
Very nice to see the sun again
9 / 45
Lots of people in the wood - thankfully mostly on the main paths
10 / 45
I quick overview
11 / 45
This one is for the bird people - myself I don't get it
12 / 45
Again many people - but on the main path
13 / 45
I was lonely on the small twisted paths
14 / 45
And then on the dike
15 / 45
Still lovely clear weather
16 / 45
Just doing the usual roundabout
17 / 45
On the last part I did a detour at found this guy!
18 / 45
The last picture for this trip.
19 / 45
On saturday I walk to and from work an almost 16 km walk.
20 / 45
All quite at Stadsgraven
21 / 45
Also quite the other way
22 / 45
Not that much traffic at Long bridge
23 / 45
The bike cycle was open as a boat with a high mast was approaching
24 / 45
A look at Tivoli - all closed of cause
25 / 45
HC Andersen - at summertime some tourist tries to use the bike cycle lane for better pictures. That don't work, as this lake is very full at rush hours.
27 / 45
A View Peblinge Sø - strangely not that much water in the lake
28 / 45
Then after 6,5 km - finally back at work
29 / 45
Very much deserted
30 / 45
Time for a selfie of cause
31 / 45
A view of the offices
32 / 45
The main mission was to rip off the candy closet
33 / 45
I took a detour home via Nørrebrogade
34 / 45
Back at the lakes at Queen Louise's Bridge
35 / 45
It almost looked normal with all those people
36 / 45
Blue skies just make things look better
37 / 45
But the main shopping street at city center was almost empty
38 / 45
Almost the same picture again - hah hah
39 / 45
Christiansborg Palace - home of the danish goverment
40 / 45
A look at Frederiksholms Canal
41 / 45
Yet another look from the next bridge
42 / 45
A look over the inner harbor. You can see the opera in the background
43 / 45
At Knippel Bridge
44 / 45
Knippel Bridge toward Amager
45 / 45
A bonus picture - It began to snow on sunday

As I came to Long Bridge a tall sailboat approached. And the bridge opened. 

Next week will just be more of the same. Long working hours and nothing else to do. That is except wednesday, where I have planed a long walk again.

Tina and I had hoped to begin looking into buying stuff for our new summerhouse. But because of lockdown that is totally not possible. The only thing we can do is online buying. But still, it is nice to try out a new bed or sofa before buying. I guess that is not going to happen now. All we can do is to wait and then wait some more.

2021-01-02 - New year and first update

There are now 30 days until we take over the new summerhouse. Tina has already spend all of our money ten times on furniture and stuff. I am more realistic and have only spend our money two times. There is not much to do at this time other than just wait.

As we always do - we keep to ourselves new years eve and watch movies. This year we had a shrimp cocktail as starter. Then we had lamb chop with potatoes and tzatziki. As dessert Tina made lemon mousse. It was super - Tina really knows her shit.

Afterward we first watch the movie Tenet and then The midnight sky on NetFix. I think both movies were wired in each in their own way. Tenet was kind of confusion and the story was just a little to fantastic for my taste. The midnight sky was okay - but way to slow at times.

I claim fair use
I claim fair use

On monday it was time for the annual cleaning behind our shower cubicle. Last year I left this metal cookie jar behind the shower, because it was leaking just a little bit. That turned our to be a huge mistake from my side. It was completely rusted and the bottom just gave away when I pressed just a little. It had also left a huge mark on the floor - what a bummer.

After a lot of polishing with ceramic cleaner I almost got the mark reduced to almost nothing. The main purpose of the cleaning was to check the stop valves and to exercise them a little so they don't get stuck.

On tuesday I took a 25 km long bike ride along my usual walking path. That was a lot faster than walk but kind of busted my knee because my saddle is adjusted wrong. At times I just fell so old'ish.

I have revived my previous computer after a 2 year exile on the attic. This machine is incredible. If think I build it in 2010 or around that time. The motherboard is a P6X58D Premium from Asus. It has a Core I7 in LGA 1366 socket, 24 gb ram and a SSD drive. And it still fells like it is way faster them my current work laptop from work.
The only reason I had to discard it was because OpenSUSE stopped supporting than socket. That is not a problem as I only have installed Windows on it. The plan is to bring the computer down to our coming summerhouse. I the beginning we won't bring any expensive stuff down there.

Tomorrow sunday I plan on doing yet another super long walk. I am not sure if my legs will love that - but that's what they will get. The weather forecast for sunday is around 3 degrees, little wind and some sum now and then.

On monday it's back to work - or back to work from home again. I really need to don more workout and move around. I have aleast gained 4 kilos this december. I cannot afford to buy new cloths one site larger at this point and I really don't want to become fat.

My plan is to use Tina's exercise bike way more until I can begin coming back to work and enjoy my bike ride.

New top picture

I have changed the top picture to yet another picture from my trip to Norway last summer. I think the location is around here.

chinese Corona news

This might sound stupid - but that is exactly what I am experiencing. Many years ago (>10) I had the flu and a sinusitis - I remembered it as a tough one. Since then I have had problems with runny nose. Especially in the morning. Sometime it can ruin a hole day. But after I had Corona I have not had any problems with runny nose. I am not concluding that Corona fixed my nose but - just saying it is different. It could of cause also be because there is less pollution in the air - but still, the Corona was a turning point.


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