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2020-09-20 - More Chinese Corona, red wine and back to the normal everyday

Last weekend a good old climbing buddy and me had a three day climbing trip to the areal around Gothenburg in Sweden.

The first day we went to Seglora and the crag called "Gamla Berget". We had an awesome climbing day and left with our hands in ruins. I was the one driving and had brought my big tent. However the weather forecast was very tricky with a lot of rain. It is just not fun to wake up and take down a very wet tent when it rains. Therefore we booked a twin room at Lages Motel - a very cheap motel but with a lot of soul and a great pizza menu.

Day two was rain. We drove to "Viks Kile" just to check it out, at eat our kanelbullar. After that we drove to Sibracka. Here we could finally see an end of the rain on the weather radar. We began climbing in light rain and a rock soaked in water with small mini waterfalls. Soon after the wind became strong and the sun came out. It ended as a very nice climbing evening. It was dark as we reached our hotel "Spekeröd". It was an cheap unmanned hotel. The room was okay, however they had not sent us the access code and we had to call them.

Day three there was not end on the rain in sight. Therefore we decided to drive to Klätterdomen and do indoor climbing instead. Around 2 pm we were finish in our arms which was perfect as I had to drive my buddy to Halmstad and his ferry home. From there I also had to head home again.

Monday was a totally workhorse day from 7 am to just after 5 pm. I had a lot of catching up and I still had unread mails from before my vacation to Greece. I totally forgot to take a monday selfie! Usually the workload will peak from now and until medio october because of the annual cycle of assignments of tasks from City Hall.

On tuesday I had an early dentist appointment. I took my time on my way to work afterward and took a tuesday selfie instead in front of the Lake Pavilion. The weather was very kind with up to 25 degrees. On my way home, I also took a picture over the inner harbor.

Wednesday was gym day. Since the chinese Corona came to Denmark. The government have introduced an assembly ban. This last week it was lowered to 50 people. But thankfully the Danish Sports Confederation has now clarified, at the climbing gym is not included, at it is not an event or convention. But still people have to keep a distance. Wednesday evening was a tough at the gym. My fingers totally died on me. But this is only good - that means I still can improve my climbing.

On saturday I took a Han Solo session at the gym. The other had decided to take a trip to Gothenburg the weekend. It was nice just to be alone for once and tryout some bouldering. It has been a long time since last time and I totally sucked and once again ruined my fingers and got two flappers.

Saturday evening Tina and I made a sensation. We finally discovered a "red wine" that Tina likes. It is called "Birbet" and is from the winery Angelo Negro in Italy.

Naturally it is a desert wine and very very sweet. It only 5,5 alcohol - but cool we finally found one red wine.

This sunday it was my plan to change the blade on my bike. However I am just to lazy. I guess I have to do it next week then.

Back on the Tupe

Haliene - Walk Through Walls
It is an okay music video. That is even though it is made on the same recipe as many other music videos on the tube.
But it is good background music

Hjelvik - North Tsar
This is the uncensored version. However I am not entirely sure what is the be censored away. Anyway it kind of okay and way better than BTS and their 379 mio. views.- But still - that don't take that much from my perspective.

LightSkinKeisha - Pop Dat
I think I finally figured this one out. She is ironic! hah hah!

The lyric is kind of cool if you care to listen to it. This one is worth watching!

Kygo, Donna Summer - Hot Stuff
A totally no brainer - just some dance music you don't have to relate to.

2020-09-08 - Back from Greece

On thursday the 27. of august we book a flight to Greece. We took SAS flight SK777 from Copenhagen to Athens on sunday the 30. of august and came home this sunday the 6. of september. The house we booked via Airbnb. The rest of the vacation I will keep private.

This week is back to work. However I am totally busy with long working hours. Therefore this very short update. This coming weekend inclusive friday I am going on a short climbing trip to Sweden with a  old climbing buddy I haven't seen for years.

Else the usual monday selfie and I have bought a new blade for my bike. It is a smaller blade than the now I use now. I hope this will down gear my bike a little.

2020-08-28 - An early update - not much have happened

The first week of our vacation is almost over. To be honest - we have been lazy as hell. I spend both monday and wednesday playing Path of Exile. I have crated a new character and begun all over again from the beginning. I also passed over 1.000 playing hours!

Tuesday we tried to go to Louisiana. However the queue to get in was long and the car park almost full. Therefore we decided to abandon that plan and went for lunch at Old Humlebæk Inn.

After lunch we did a second try at Louisiana. But the car park was even more full. I just don't want to spend vacation standing in line - when we can come back later.

Thursday was gym day - man that was hard. I was totally wasted afterward. I had yet anther go on the yellow one and came by the tricky part. However I still need brutal force for the rest.

The next update is kind of uncertain. Tina and I have vacation and we might just go somewhere to have fun.

2020-08-23 - One hot week again

I began monday with the usual morning selfie. I was the first to arrive and took a quick picture. Monday was hot as hell with temperatures up to 30 degrees. Since June we have changed places in the building and are now sitting on the sun side and the building have no air-condition.

At 2 pm I pulled the plug and went home. I asked Tina if she wanted to join me on a trip to the beach. She would rather sit in the shadow on our balcony. Instead of going to the beach, I took my bike and drove to Amager dike where I jumped In the pleasant cold Øresund. I was very nice sitting on the dike – when it became to hot, I just got chilled in the water.

Tuesday was the same – very hot. However I had to stay are work and closed down before my vacation. But still the I went home around 3 pm with only 35 minutes overtime. In the afternoon the weather began to change a little. Still hot but more clouds and wind. Therefore I took a powernap instead of jumping in Øresund again.

Wednesday I had a course in quality standards. It was super relevant but very slow. I was booked from 8:30 to 2 pm. But in reality the course began at 9:10 and a lot of breaks.

Both wednesday and saturday I was at the gym. On wednesday there were so many people at the gym that it just ended out being a workout. However on saturday I once again tried out my new yellow 6C project route.

Thursday was a great day - I finally decided to cut off my hair and return to the normal haircut. This long hair was simply to annoying in the morning. I want things to be quick and efficient.

Later in the evening Tina and I went to the cinema at Fields where we saw Train to Busan 2: Peninsula. The film was okay - but not great. I better like the first one. As we left the shopping mall. We were almost the only people around.

Both friday and sunday we helped cleaning out my uncles house. After my parents have decided to have some professionals to make a total cleanout we are mostly just looking around to find anything of any value or worth saving. The last "untouched" place in the house was the attic. However there was absolute nothing worth not throwing out.

On friday the paper dumpster was emptied. But with the help of Tina and gravity it was quickly filled again.


We have taken four lamps back home. Two old oil lamps and two other ones, where you can fix electric light. We have also taken some very old tram furniture. I have made a quick clean and gave them some leather shine.

Next week is both open and a black box. I know we are going to Louisiana and I will most likely go to the gym twice. The big IF is, if we are going to buy tickets for Greece. It all depends on thursday, where the danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs updates their travel guidelines.

2020-08-16 - One hot week again

The weather have been exceptional pleasant - lots of sun and temperatures up to 30 degrees.

I had a harsh monday. I woke up with a little cough. This is not uncommon for me and usually I would just go to work. But this chinese Corona makes it all very very complicated. It is just not a smart move going to work with a cough even if it a little hygge cough. There is also the other thing about social shaming and pissing off coworkers or putting them at risk.

I quickly got the car and drove to work and picked up my computer and went home. At home I wrote my boos about working from home. The funny part was, that the 45 min. drive with AC made the cough go away. On tuesday I decided to go to work as normal even though I was a little concern if I would get any comments about 2 weeks of quarantine. I was happy to learn, that people respect being careful and be cautious - but there is no reason to panic. All went well.

On wednesday I had a climbing session at the gym. After I have finished the pink 6b+ project I have begun working on this yellow 6c as my new project. I will try and remember to take a photo next time around. beginning to climb these (for me) harder routes have resulted in random pains in my fingers. I guess I have to start using tape again.

Some of the buddies from the gym decided to make an impulse climbing trip to Sweden. However I had to decline because Tina and I had this dinner deal with one of my coworkers on saturday evening.

On my way home friday I went by my favorite wine shop and bought a box of Barbera D'Alba Doc and some other impulse shopping. The dinner saturday evening was great. It was the perfect gathering of imperfect people - like being home. I got drunk and as Tina and I went home after midnight I left this garlic flute in the metro. Sometimes things just don't make sense - not even to me. 

The danish prime minister had a press conference early saturday. Usual that means more bad news about the chinese Corona. From next saturday warring facemasks will be mandatory on all public transport in Denmark.

Tina is now on vacation from work and on wednesday I too will go on vacation. We have no urgent need for buying masks right now or aleast we can wait three weeks.

2020-08-09 - One hot week

Finally we gone a real good summer week here in Denmark with temperatures over 30 degrees. Driving to and from work have been very enjoyable. I began monday with the usual monday selfie. On my way home I took a picture over the inner harbor. My climbing buddy was away until sunday - but that has never been a problem for me. On tuesday I climbed with my trad climbing buddy and did some catching up since we haven't been seeing since all this chinese Corona came and our trad season have been ruined. I drove directly from work though the city center to the gym.

On thursday I had yet another climbing session. I was able to work hard on this pink 6b+ I wrote about last week. I had three attempts and failed. However the last attempt was mainly because I was tired in my body. However I managed to do some tweaks to my climbing flow and I have high hope for my sunday session. 

All week I have been eating my lunch outside. At work there is this bench 5 minutes walk away. I really appreciate this quiet moment. I am still sad about the two coworkers who decided to quit their jobs. In 1 1/2 week Tina and I are having our joint holiday.

We haven't planned anything yet as it in the current fluent situation is impossible.

I am almost finish with my subpage about my Norwegian trip. All I need now is to make an epilogue of some kind or maybe a list of my travel expenses.

On saturday we went to my uncles house again to help cleaning it out. We have found these weekly magazines going from 1959 to 1982. The collection is complete and in good condition. I am going to try at sell them on Lauritz. I have never done something like that before - but the alternative could throwing them out.

Next could become a little fuckup. I have already committed myself to climb both tuesday (big wall) and wednesday in the gym. At work there will be lots of things to do.

Another issue is, that the chinese Corona numbers are rising in Denmark as people come home from vacation and/or have stopped working from home. I wouldn't be surprised, if we once again was asked to work from home. Time will tell - it always does.

Anyway - I will enjoy the sun the rest of this sunday and head for the gym at 6 pm :-)

2020-08-02 - Climbing 80 meters - great fun

This week was kind of intense. Actually so intense that I have forgotten most part of the week. Anyway lets do this chronological.

Monday was time for the usual selfie at work. This week I had two workdays at home. My boss wrote, that we are supposed to be at our workplace the whole week. But on request we may work from home. The next two weeks I will only be working from home on thursday.

Me and my climbing partner took this multi pitch course last year because of Amager Bakke. Now it has finally opened and on tuesday we did our first ascent of the four stage multi pitch. It was great and we will surely do it again soon. however the route setting was perhaps not that great. But I will wait until we have climbed it some more, before I begin to complain.

Both last sunday and on thursday evening at the gym I have been working on the kind of easy route (red) (6a+) but still a tricky on.

On sunday I was still shaking on the route. The biggest problem is when to clip and how not to put too much pain in your fingers. Somehow I feel afraid and out a lot of afford in hanging on with my fingers.

On thursday I had finally persuaded my body to do the climb in one go. This time it actually felt okay and I had even more power left as I clipped the top anchor.

I guess I have begun to develop some kind of muscle memory. One of my goals is, to be able to climb every route in the gym up to 6a+.

I immediately continued on my real project which is a 6b+ pink. It's an all around route working both fingers, strength, balance and naturally endurance.

On saturday it felt like, that I have all the movements. I just need to put it together is one go. I have to be quick and execute  it all in a perfect climb.

I guess next time I will have a go on it will be on next sunday as my buddy is on vacation from work and climbing.

On friday Tina and I visited one of my climbing buddies for homemade pizza and wine. He is from Italy and he did his mothers recipe. We eat around 9.

On saturday I was back at the gym (again). Sunday was kind of sad. Tina and I began by visiting her father grave. Sunday was his birthday. Usually we didn't come to his birthdays as he never invited anyone. Most likely because of my mother in law. Anyway - now we always come. We cleaned his stone and trimmed the grass around his stone.

Afterward we went to my dead uncles house to help my parents cleaning it out. Oh man - there is still so much left. Hopefully next week, we will be able to coordinate who is doing what and who is trying to sell what. 

2020-07-26 - I wish I had more time
First week without my el-bike. That means a sweaty bike ride to and from work. That is just fine with me for now. Anyway I don't have any money any more. I got the Mastercard statement for july. I total I spend almost 2.000 Euro (2.200 US dollars) on my little impulse trip to the north cape. All my short term savings are hereby gone. That figure does not include road taxes and food which I already have bought. If I have time next week, I will do a total financial state on the trip.

It have been a quite and at the same time a busy week. It is still very quite at work. I finally got time to do some catching up on things. Wednesday I  had a climbing session from 10 to just after 1 pm. I work from home from about 6:30. The plan was also to work afterward. However in the real work, I was just too tired and had to take a powernap.

I had long workdays both tuesday and thursday to compensate. On friday my Subaru Crosstrek was at the mechanic. It had been recalled from Subaru for some safety check and replacement of parts.

On saturday I had a combi day. First I did a long walk with a coworker. The goal was to find three hidden and forgotten giants. I was an awesome 17,5 km. long walk. After the walk she, me and Tina had dinner. Later yet another coworker of mine came by for wine and drinks.

1 / 10
The first 15 km. we didn't even had to cross a road
2 / 10
Finding the first giant
3 / 10
Meet the Giant "Small Tilde"
4 / 10
Some random text
5 / 10
Meet the Giant "Thomas on the mountain"
6 / 10
Some random text
7 / 10
A very scary tunnel
8 / 10
Someone had a dinner
9 / 10
Meet the Giant "Friendly Teddy"
10 / 10
Some random text

You can find the route on ViewRanger. The hidden giants are the work of Thomas Dambo.

On saturday I had a session at the gym around 2 pm. I left the gym around 7. I am totally finish now.

Next week we a most likely going to try out the climbing at Amager Bakke. That is most likely going to be cool. Else it is going to be work.

I have added day 5, 6 and 7 to my Norwegian trip page. Hopeful I will have time next week to add more days.

2020-07-19 - Back home in Denmark again

Back home in Denmark from my 15 day trip to Norway - back at work and an almost normal everyday.

The trip to Norway didn't go as expected. I left sunday the 28. of june. I did an allday drive to around Bjorli where I drove over a 1.000 meter up on the mountainside. However the path was block by even more snow than last year. But instead of turn around I just made my campsite right there.

In advanced I knew the weather forecast not was in my favor - The two first days were actually just fine and good and clear'ish weather. The third day was rest day to spare my old body and knees. However on the third day the temperature went down significantly and I had snow/ice on the tent. The weather forecast said, there would be much more of the same.

Therefore I decided to pull the plug on the fourth day at drive up to North Cape instead of camping in a tent in ice rain and snow. I had three overnight stays on my way north. I had two hole days at Honningsvaag. Still with rain and clouds of cause. I did one long monster hike 32,4 km to Helnes Lighthouse and drove to the most northern point of Europe the other day. For just a short while, I was the most northern asshole in hole Europe - that have to go on my curriculum vitae.

I took five driving days to come back to Denmark. In total I drove 4.500 km in my Subaru Crosstrek over 15 days.

Well that trip didn't go as expected. But aleast I had a huge experience and a great time even though the weather sucked. You can read more on these two following pages:

The rest of the week

Coming back to work was both easy and hard. It was easy because everyone else had left for vacation. No stress or a mailbox with tons of messages. It was hard because two of my coworkers had quit their jobs while I was in Norway. This is like the 8 person either to get fired, replaces or quit themselves the last couples of years . And our department is like under 25 people. This is too much but it don't change, that I am very happy and enjoy my job.

Also the hole week I was haunted by computer problems. First SAP has some kind of malfunction which influences the way you create new projects in the module PPM. I had to write our helpdesk and City Hall. On the 3. all of our project have to be created in PPM with correct master data. That is kind of hard, when the system don't work.

Then my left and right arrow key stopped working. Totally annoying - after some time I located the problem to the extra Logitech software which have been installed. As soon as I did a ctrl+alt+del and terminated the program the keys worked again. Then after an Offices 365 update, the Excel sheet we use for our flextime stopped working. And to all that -> the response time has been greater than my patience all week.

Monday - finally back at work. Much had change. Instead of fix seating we now have activity-based working. I can therefore choose where I want to sit depending on what kind of day it is. In the morning it was back on taking a morning selfie. Monday was also Tina's birthday - in the evening Tina and I went out for dinner at Cooks & Cows. I was kind of tired and accidentally ordered the vegi burger Treehugger. Holy crap - thankfully Tina didn't notice. I just saw the word "aioli" and just went for it!

On wednesday I was back at Blocs & Walls and climbing - that was nice. On friday I cleaned and washed my car. After two weeks and 4.500 km in Norway it had to be done. I noticed, that it got a stone chips on the hood I have to fix soon. Next friday I have to drive to the mechanic. I got a letter (yes a real psychical letter) from Subaru Nordic about a recall. I could understand on my mechanic it was a lot of work or maybe they just wanted the car the hole day instead of my sitting and waiting and giving them stress.

The penis incident

Think it was thursday I was standing in line in our local Netto store. In from of me was this mommy and little boy. Suddenly this little boy decided to  drop his pants and underpants and began to fumble with his penis.

Heh heh his mother was cool enough and told him not to do that in the middle of store. Up the pants went again! I simply didn't know what to do - Should I laugh? Should I look away? Yeah - what to do? #MeeToo! Thankfully we are very relaxed to nudity in Denmark.

The e-bike is dead

On sunday as I left Blocs & Walls my e-bike made some funny noises. Then it made even more noises and went dead. It has been dead ever since.

It had a feeling, than it would happen at some point. Already after two or three months I could feel, that this bike was not a quality product. It was confirmed last november where the motor was change. I am not going to get it fixed this time. I just sense that other stuff is failing too. The bicycle crank make funny noises, the gear works and the wheels are a little off.

Until winter time or I change my mind, I will be using my backup city racer bike from Kildemoes


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