Gallery - 2017 Sicily

Last update 2018-03-09

From the 21 of october to 28 of october 2017 I was with my climbing boddy Casper on a “man” trip to San Vito Lo Cape on Sicily. We stayed at El Bahira Camping Village. The main goal was sports climbing – nice and easy – nothing fancy and nothing about trying to push our limits or realize ourselves. I guess we climbed something between 5b and 6a+ UIAA. If you ever come to Sicily – remember, their specialty is fish. Never ever order beef unless it is lamb. Beef is like an old bag – fish is like heaven.

If you ever come to San Vito Lo Capo for climbing, remember to visit YMCA Climbing House and give a donation - for all the good work they have done. I can also recommend the climbing guidebook "Sicily Rock – San Vito Sport Climbing Guidebook".

Some thoughts about the trip: Remember what you paid – When you pay low dollar you can’t expect top dollar. Often you have to accept the concept of “that will do” – but not on restaurants! The camping site ok value for the money – but not luxury in any way! The climbing is great but with some loose and sharp rock. The selection of climbing routes is awesome! Whatever kind of climbing rock you are looking for – you will find it here.