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2018-12-29 Some snow, hygge and the crazy wife strikes again

Yet another year has gone and it is Christmas again. It was a quiet but long evening. We were me and Tina's part of the family 10 in total and not children this time. I know it is a sign of a bad character to look forward for one owns presents. But finally Tina and I could unpack the plates from Royal Copenhagen (White Elements) and the cutlery from Georg Jensen. It is only to set, and not yet complete.

It is nice to be able to make a pretty and very stylish table setting at special occasions like New Years evening and our anniversary when we are just us two.

On the 2nd Christmas Day we went to a traditional Danish Christmas lunch at Tina's sisters husband's sister (hope I got that one right). That means eating:

Some snow which went away again

On Sunday the 23. we finally got some snow. The snow quality was very wet. We don't have that many trees around here but one can always use the bikecycles as a substitute when you want to see be beautiful snow. I took the bike to Blocs & Wall and my shoes got completely wet together with my socks.  

Almost a disaster

Usually something bad happens at Christmas. Either you brake a tooth, some water pipe begin to leak, the oven  short circuit or some other important breaks down. This year was no exception. One never know what it going to be. But Murphy's laws indicate it will be bad and not matter what you do to prevent anything from happen, it will happen anyway.

On the morning of the 24 when I was taking a shower, the pump to the drain came with a very nasty sound like "turn me off or I am gonna explode in many small parts".

I had to go under the shower and find the pump and separate it. Inside the pump was this little plastic thing, It turn out, that it was a cover for one of the many lamps inside the shower. But thankfully the pump is a quality item. After I got it all together again the pump worked again.

Then I decided to make a little clean up by blowing air inversely into the drain. The result was some nasty stuff came out - yuck. I also clean up behind the shower and did the annual motion of the water valve, which I always forget and therefore they always get stuck.

The shower is a good example of why one should be incredibly careful about buying products made in China. In Denmark, production companies have a pride in the products they manufacture. Of course, the profit is also important. But in China they do not have this professional pride. The primary thing is to be able to produce and make profit. This means that the quality often falls or is completely missing.

When management fails, it spreads through the production chain. This means that the common worker, on the floor, has a tendency to cut corners and be sloppy. Screws that should be the same, you can see with the naked eye that different lengths and thicknesses and then cost a farmhouse in silicone simply because it is poorly designed and produced. I might one day make a "Shower special".

Some climbing

1 / 6
An easy yellow problem. Only "thing" is, when you have your hands a number 3, you should places your left foot at number 2 and pull yourself to the left using the foot.
2 / 6
Purple one - also an easy yellow problem - not issues here.
3 / 6
Yellow - only tricky part is the hand flow at the top. If you try to cut corners, you will make it hard on yourself.
4 / 6
A very good blue problem I really like. First go to the left, then up and to the right. A very nice build.
5 / 6
Green - a nice blue problem. One really have to put all weight and fate in the foothold to the left and just pull oneself up until the final handhold can be reached.
6 / 6
Yellow - blue problem. FAIL - the the competition some months ago I did it in second go. This time no luck - The beginning  is ok. But before the the end I have to change feet which my mind didn't wanted to do.

What's happing on YouTube?

Lindemann - Mathematik ft. Haftbefehl
Lindemann from Rammstein have being out having great fun. This one is most likely block in some countries. Why would anyone block self irony?
Letzte Instanz - Morgenland
Good music and a strong story. Very much a unique music video they have put a lot of energy in making.
T-Dub - With me
Just love his shadow voice and the dark setup.

Burger King in problems

Source and credit: The Danish Food Administration

Apparently Burger King in Fields has some serious problems. Since the 19. of September they have got three note about lack of proper cleaning (Hint! Rengøring = Cleaning). Of the three marks the two are serious. I guess I won't eat there for a while.

Superior construction / ceiling and rear tv screen over production and storage of unpackaged foods appear dirty with massive dust coatings. The interior of the ice machine appears dirty with red coatings as well as interior and edges of the dishwasher appears visibly dirty with red coatings and lime coatings.
Source and credit: The Danish Food Administration

In Denmark the Food Administration comes on unannounced visit to every restaurant or shop handling any type of food. Each store gets a control report which must hang on a visible place somewhere in the restaurant or shop. When there have been no remarks on the last four reports and no remarks during the last 12 month the company gets a elite-smiley. As a benefit they also gets less inspection.

It is possible via the Food Administration homepage to subscribe to the restaurants and stores you use and get the new inspection report by mail. I like that service.

My favorite Burger King is on Vesterbrogade 2B.

The crazy Wife

I mentioned last time this swan I had see in a shop. It was a kind of expensive (120 Euro) but still. My crazy Tina decided I should have an after Christmas present and bought the swan, which is a goose. It is as ugly as it looks like. I am very happy - but still - I don't know. I didn't see that one coming.

2018-12-22 Almost Christmas, one huge dick and murder on YouTube

Tuesday I went to Tivoli again with some colleagues for an after work beer (wine in my case). Suddenly the time was 7 pm and I had forgot everything about Tina and me making dinner. This is how it went down:

I guess that is how it feels to have found the right one in life. Or maybe I just don't come home drunk that often. After the state of everything had been discussed we went our separate ways. My way brought me by the usual Burger King and a triple Whopper small menu for dinner. On the corner of Holmbladsgade and Skånegade this shop had this awesome swan with light. I already have the small duck. Tina went by and asked for the price - unfortunately it is 120 Euro. But still it could be nice to own.

The huge dick matter

It all started as one of my crazy ideas. Something like this:

Me: Tina - Can you crochet me one huge dick for a colleague?

Tina: Sure - how big is big? Do you want it in gold or natural?

It was meant as a prank like my Trump - but now when it is finish I have got cold feet. After I gave it some more thoughts it might not be the smartest thing to do. Even though it is a man, I have in my thoughts. One can never know, when someone at work is going to have a #MeToo attack or suddenly get a dickphobia.

Other news

I have begun to train on my finger board again. Twice this week. My fingers are still holding on - so fare so good. This time I am really careful and not pushing too hard. Only problem so fare is, that my left fuck finger makes a crack sound when I bend it completely


I decided to change battery in my Zippo pocket watch. It was a kind of hard to find the right battery. But in the third store I was lucky. The battery I was looking for was a 371/370 battery. In Bilka I found a 371 battery and though that will do. I could open the backside of the watch with a knife. All I had to do was remove the white ring, change the battery, put the white ring back and click on the backside. 

The battery cost 30 Dkr. (4 euro) a watchmaker will charge you 60 Dkr. (8 euro) for a battery change. Not a big save, but it was fun to try it out myself. It made me feel a little nerdy.

New Year rockets

Each year I spend 500 Dkr. (65 Euros) on rockets. The last two years I have bought from "Lunds Fyrværkeri". It have been okay, but this year I wanted to try something new.

This year I went for "Thansen" and an offer for a big rocket pack, where I allegedly would save 36 % compared if I bought the rockets separated. I could even then save extra 20 percent, if I joined their firework club. But then they wanted my mobile phone number. My phone number is not a giveaway so I had to say no thanks. I am very protective about my private life.

The main reason I went for this offer was the amount of powder which is 723,6 gram. That is almost 50 percent more when I compare to a similar offer. Unfortunately I remember last year Thansen got known for selling unstable china shit - but lets see how it goes.

Murder on YouTube

I must admit I spend "some" time on YouTube. Mostly looking for new music videos to my collection. Here is three music videos about murder which I can recommend.

Sivan Talmor - Fire
Totally insane well made music video - I simply had to buy the album.
Wolfie’s Just Fine - A New Beginning
A very good inside in children's brains. I simply love it. So many ingenious details and perfect flow.
Circa Survive - Premonition of the Hex
Not the best music - but what an insane setup and story. I totally love it.

The follow-up

Next week is Christmas - time to put away my brain and just enjoy my vacation. But still I am going to Blocs & Walls at least three times.

2018-12-16 There are bad weeks and then there are legendary bad weeks

At one point this week was shaping up to be one of those. But as most weeks, everything seems to work out anyhow or maybe not. But first things first.

I began my Sunday at Blocks & Walls. They have bought a nice Christmas tree. To bad we were not allowed to either boulder or climb the tree. they have become rather snob'ish lately. Tina bought this new doormat. It used to be me buying crazy stuff - but I really got competition now.

On Wednesday we went to Tivoli. I was early so I walk the first part of "Strøget". The only interesting shop for me was "Randers Hansker" because I sometime in the near future need some new warm gloves. After that small walk, I meet Tina at the main entrance to Tivoli. It cost 16 Euro pr. adult (around 18 US dollars).

To be honest - I had to ask Tina, if I sounded like an old grumpy man if I said, Tivoli was boring. This time she concur - it was a kind of boring. Fake snow and some light just don't do it. There was simply too many stands selling overpriced China crap items, which you throws away in January anyway. It was totally waste of time and we left after one trip in the balloons - around 1½ hours. I guess we are hard to impress.

1 / 12
The entrance to "Strøget"
2 / 12
Back at City Hall Square - it is around 2 degrees
3 / 12
The main entrance to Tivoli - a lots of bikes
4 / 12
Some fake snow on some trees
5 / 12
Some more fake snow and light
6 / 12
But indeed nice with those hot coals
7 / 12
Guess fake snow can break
8 / 12
A tree with light
9 / 12
A very good proof of concept - if you don't have enough space for the presents underneath the tree 
10 / 12
A tree and some lights - It was ok cool
11 / 12
Same here - it was okay
12 / 12
Still okay - but this was the last, and we had only spend 30 minutes

Some bad news

On tuesday after work we got this meeting request from our boss, that we all had to be there at 9 am Wednesday, and everyone had to come without exceptions.
Usual that means cutting down the staff (not literally) - Sure enough - one had to find a new job. Good it was only one. From the profile given, I could understand, I was in the clear. Already Thursday at 9 am my boss put a name on the person in question. The hole thing left the offices in a sad mood. Just after noon everyone in the other team, where the college had work, left. The person who was fired had work for here for 38 years.

I am still very worried. We still we have not managed the consequents from cutting down spending on our construction projects - lets see what is to come. Maybe we can make it without reducing the staff anymore - but what do I know? One thing is sure - it generates a lot of overtime.

And this week have really been about overtime, I even had to work Saturday and get things done which I didn't got done during the week. I total I almost clicked 8 hours in overtime. It could be worse!

Friday I fell asleep in front of our television watching Riddick from 2013. Sometimes I joke with a colleague, that other people have real problems and our issues are just ripples in water. However the problems seems real for me, but compared to some poor guy from Congo, who is forced to work in a diamond mine 24/7 or else he will lose a body part, I guess I should consider myself lucky. At least I friday could enjoy a bottle of my favorite wine.

The follow-up

The fact about next is week is, that it is going to be the last working week in year 2018. When I go home Friday the 21. of December I have holiday until the 7. of January. I will properly revisit Tivoli for an after work beer and naturally visit Blocs & Walls.

Youtube clips

Human Human - Lips
Just a very good music video I really like and enjoy watching
Brandi Carlile - Party Of One
Just "fell" over her on day and have been following her ever since. This is her news music video - it is a kind of good
Nebula Rasa - "La Babaduka"
This music video is very bad and pointless. Actually I hate it. But anyway it is a kind of well made even though I don't understand a shit and it makes my ears bleed
Ultimate Montana Truck SUV
This one fits well with the Law of Jante which is an important part of Danish culture.

Sunday at Blocs & Walls

I finish my week out at Blocs & Walls with a monster session with one of my buddies Egil. We began slowly at 10:30 and worked our way up to 6B overhang problems. Before "lunch" at 13:30 we climb this green bastard, which only purpose in life is to ruin your arms and fingers. Or to put it in another way - you get bonus, if you do the right way and you get really punished, if you do it the wrong way.

I have marked one of the crux to the left.

You are standing with you front to the wall. Then you have move you left foot to the right and have your left side to the wall.

Then you have to change your grip on the right hand hole to an undercling and push yourself up. You can then move you left hand to the right, get your right foot up and move your left foot out to the left.

But still it is a little awkward to get going from there - but manageable. Still there is a reason it a grade 6B.

All the moves causes you to be pretty pumped very fast, if you hesitates or

do something wrong.

YES - I don't remember climbing it in one "go" before - but to day everything came together and I finish in one "go" and closed that problem.

At 15:30 after 5 hours of climbing we were like totally finished. I have for sure ruined my body in a way, that is going to hurt tomorrow. But I got all the stress stress hormones  out of my body and are now totally relaxed.

2018-12-08 Bouldering butt crack and almost drunk

Tuesday I went to Sundholm and the old climbing hall for the first time ever. This was the climbing Mecca before Blocs and Walls opened in September 2013. But this Tuesday evening it was reopened for a "hygge" boulder competition. The routes were "leftovers" from a junior competition some weeks ago.

There was around 40 problems - and I made 13 problems in total. The winner of the competition made 25 problems. Again this time I was proud of my effort. My fingers is a kind of numb as I write this - usually that is a good sign I have been giving 100 percent. I will most likely sleep well to night. 

1 / 10
The entrance to Sundholm
2 / 10
Yes - this must be the right door
3 / 10
Clearly they wanted the most out of the space, when they build the walls
4 / 10
The orange one, the girl is on was a total arm breaker with a huge swing from the left wall to the middle.
5 / 10
Some hand holes
6 / 10
More climbing hygge
7 / 10
The usually selfie
8 / 10
Cleaning lady of off this year.
9 / 10
Giving it 100 percent
10 / 10
More 100 percent

Why have no one told me that I am climbing with my butt crack visible and I am losing my hair on top of my head! Argh I am getting really old!

After the competition the pain in my upper left bicep came back and is like ruining my pleasant life - I wonder what to do? 

Christmas tree at City Hall

Again this year and as every year the city of Copenhagen put up a big Christmas tree on the City Hall Square. On the 2. of December the lights were turned on. However the camera on my phone was not that much cooperative. Even though I took 10 pictures, the one below, was the only one that was approximately sharp enough to be used which is not that impressive. I could of course bring buy a proper compact camera. But I am afraid that together with my bicycle helmet and big glasses would make me look too weird and nerdy.

Enjoying online content without borders

Hopefully there will be less geo-blocking shit in the future. EU have made some legislation that prohibits blocking to online services, when you are travelling outside your own country.

It would be nice if geo-blocking would be illegally all together. Living in little Denmark I often encounter those blocking walls to buy stuff and music. That is why I mostly connect though an VPN connection from Germany to get around that kind of blocking.

There can be only one marketplace and it is call the world.

Office Christmas Party

Again this year we had an office Christmas party. What ever happens at Christmas parties stays at the Christmas parties. However I must admit I am not a party animal and I went home almost right after the dinner was over. The noise from 200 people is just not that enjoyable for me. When I can chose, I prefer to be at home with Tina or out in the wild nature.

The follow-up

Next week is probably going to be just fine. Tina and I will most likely visit Tivoli and see the Christmas market. Work is as always a total black box - you never know what to expect or what is going to happen.

2018-12-02 Something cold
I very cold start of the week with temperatures below zero. I might overdo my outfit when I am on my e-bike. When I drive on the bike I don't really get warm or sweaty because of the assistance from the electric motor - therefore it is good to have warm clothes on. But I might look a little like a hooligan.

This week was one of the more stressful ones. Because the government has limited the ability of the local governments to spend money in 2019, we had to go through a major exercise - anyway very boring. We also found out that there were random entries in our SAP economy system, which had been created by our common economy unit. So we had to convince them to roll everything back again. In total a lot of overtime.

Monday two of our nieces came by to help Tina to make sweets. It has become some kind of a tradition. It was very enjoyable. We even ordered pizza from our local pusher. But not before me asking, if they were going to disassemble the food or going to eat it. I think it was last time, Tina made veal steaks, and they just cut it all to pieces and left half of it behind.

It is nice they are helping. It is a big thing for Tine having the family be for Christmas cookies. Friday evening I even made rice pudding to help getting thing done.

Exhibition Cecily Brown

It was good to get away from home, work and all the problems. Since last visit Louisiana has open an exhibition with Cecily Brown - I have never head about her before. Tina and I are not much into art, but is is better that sitting at home doing nothing or watch TV. As it turned out it was a very good exhibition. Not that many paintings, but a lot of wall size paintings where one could spend hour after hour in front of each one.

1 / 10
The entrance to the exhibition
2 / 10
Interesting - most of the pictures was very large at look like projects
3 / 10
A painting
4 / 10
It is a kind of unfair just to use 60 seconds on such a painting. The longer longer stay, more details you find
5 / 10
Same goes here
6 / 10
A very twisted picture. It was awesome to stand and constantly find new details and porn.
7 / 10
yes - kind of Jin Yang thing
8 / 10
The way back to the entrance
9 / 10
A big thumb
10 / 10
Just some random sculptures
First Sunday of Advent

Sunday we had our first Sunday of Advent afternoon coffee and cookie "party". Usually we are 21 people. But this year we were "only" 15 people. Lucky we have furnished our living room so it is possible to have one long table. We have 16 cheap shell chair and three plastic folding tables in the attic. Both setting up and the cleaning afterward is fast.

Most of the cookies Tina have baked during the week. We only had to set the table, make coffee and tea water - the rest was "on stock". It was very enjoyable, but we got both very tired afterward.

The follow-up

I would really have wanted to put more effort in this week update - but time and stress made that impossible. Next week is a kind of black box. It could be busy or it might be just fine. But what I do know is, I am going to an informal bouldering competition and to the Christmas lunch a work.

2018-11-25 Average 5 degrees

Once again a beautiful scene from Langebro over the inner harbor. Most people just drove by probably on their way home or what ever that was important for them. I hope they did notice - sometimes nature comes up with the most unexpected beautiful views - but often one have to look for it to be able to see it.

I have change to my winter helmet. It was a big dilemma - should I continue to use my Bobster goggles or should I begin to use my Spear Dual goggles from Wiley X.

After a larger decision process, where I listed all the advantages, disadvantages and considering matching colors, benefits with larger/smaller glasses and so on - I finally decided to go with Wiley X. I guess that must be, what women experience on a daily basis. I guess I now understand, why women always seems so stress out.

Tina has crochet a Christmas hat for our guard Stormtrooper. He has guarded our front door for almost two years without any problems. I hired him in Bilka on sale for just 45 kr. (6 euro) in January 2016. His normal price is around 35 Euro. He is a very loyal employee without any union problems. But in December Merle will take over until the 25. of December.

I walked the usual path around Amager dike again. On the way down to the inner harbor the sun waved goodbye behind the buildings. Most of the trip was in darkness. For comfort I had my headlamp with me. Fortunately I didn't meet Jason Voorhees or any from his family. But there are still some stubborn and incredible fast cycling riders that I had to keep an eye on. It would not be fun to be run over. In case of an accident, I understand that Newtons laws dictates that I will get most smashed because I am the one with less energy.

I bought this music album from the artist Trailhead. Most of the music is okay. I particularly like these the lines in one song "when your soul needs a vacation take a walk" and "sure you could take a prozac or two or just take a walk". It is one of the reasons why I like these long walks.

In Blocs & Walls there have been a route building course. First - one should always appreciate and support doing things for the entire climbing club - cheers for the route builders. We climbed 7 of the new routes. One was just warming up and was to easy, one was a kind of terrible, two was okay and final three was awesome. Especially the white in the corner is super fantastic. Naturally it helps, that I love corner climbing. The awful one is bad because it is only hard because you have to really stretch to be able to reach. But in total - very good work.

I finally got my new winter tires from the dealer and a  boot liner and some netting. The winter alloy just look so cool. I am very happy for them. However I had to drive back to the dealer because the tiers are 225/55R17. I had expected 225/60R17 as the label indicate on the door. That means, the wheels are smaller than standard.

The dealer guaranteed, that it was okay. According to him, it was not possible to get the right tires before February because allegedly the size 225/60R17 is a kind of at rare size and is not being produced by some many right now. Anyway we agreed that I was welcome to come back, if I experience any problems or an unusually high fuel consumption. Anyway I will probably only drive about 1.500 km. this winter - I guess it will work out or return if it don't.

Anyway the new tires are also great so fare. It feels like, they make much less road noise that my summer tires. 

1 / 10
Friday back in the metro. I was going to City Hall later and didn't want to park my new bike there
2 / 10
After Frederiksberg I had the back of the metro for myself. No - I did not farted
3 / 10
Friday was a very unproductive day with one hour of mandatory PowerPoint about the firms vision and work program for 2019
4 / 10
Lucky me, I had a pillow behind me. Work program is very important. But I see myself more like the "business end" of the firm - where things get done - not planed.
5 / 10
Work meeting at City Hall - yet another opportunity the visit my most hated canteen and "food".
6 / 10
Burger King - only because the Whopper has ketchup and not that much mayonnaise
7 / 10
Only 4 degrees - Summer please come back to me. Tease me, love me, give me warm and comfort
8 / 10
Don't know why, but there was a lot of light on City Hall. Perhaps it was the external audit - or is it bad economy humor?
9 / 10
Yet another hallway
10 / 10
Some doorways have beautiful paintings instead of a door to an offices.


I has been a busy week. Activities  most of the days. At one point I had this deeper thinking about life and the meaning of life. What do one wants to achieve before life is over it is too late to change the outcome? I think, what I want to achieve is, when I sit with a diaper in a nursing home - I don't want any regrets about, what I didn't dare to tried or do. But still when opportunities appears I experience doubt - hmmm life is a bitch.

Christmas parade

Saturday was time for the annual Christmas parade down Amagerbrogade - As I did the last many years, I made a recording which you can see on YouTube (click on picture) - I know it is possible to embed the video, but then my site will get pollute with unwanted javascript and evil stuff.

The follow-up

Next week is going to be equal busy and with our annual first Sunday of Advent cookie dinner where most of the family comes by. We are probably also going to Louisiana and see the Cecily Browns exhibition. Blocs & Walls is going to be interesting - My upper left arm still hurts, my knees hurt, same with my upper left leg and my index finger on left hand which I hurt today.

2018-11-18 Jumping around


This time I really wanted to take some good photos of my new bike. But like on command, the heaven open up and washed away any hope of some multi angle pictures in 4K resolution. Yes - all that was useful was to two pictures below, where the picture of my self clearly is the best one.

I admit, that I have a little fetish for wearing glasses. These are from this summer and my Norwegian trip. The goggles are Bugeye goggles from the US company Bobster. They are okay without being great. When I wore them in Norway they had a tendency to get foggy on the inside which was a very annoying. But when used as indented - as bike glasses they are okay.


I was back a city hall for at meeting about Business Intelligence in the SAP ERP solution we have implemented in the city. Yet another opportunity to take more pictures. The temperature is a little high for this season with a pleasant 9 degrees. City hall is full of small easter eggs of both bigger and smaller pieces of art. All new buildings today is like steel, concrete and glass. Often they lack any kind of architectural art or creativity. I have never been in a so called modern building where a meeting room have its own sink and mirror.

After City hall I went for a "bonus" dinner at Burger King. I took the Double Whopper menu (small) option (12 US dollars or 11 Euros) with two time Ketchup (0,6 US dollars or 0,5 Euro) . It was as expected - rubbish and a waste of money. But still I have a tendency to come back like a little doggy.


No bike today - back into the metro again. Didn't sleep well and didn't sleep much. I was considering calling in sick. But I went to work anyway after some pills. It is best to be at the metro station at 6:30 before the major rush hour begins. Usually there are a lot of people between here and Nørreport Station. Afterward the train is more or less empty. After 7 am the metro is like a pig transport on it way for the slaughterhouse. My train card is valid until Christmas. I is good to have a backup - I didn't knew in august, when I bought until Christmas, that I would buy an e-bike and there is no refund.

After midday my head and nose cleared and I had an okay day anyway. Tina was working late so I had to make dinner. At IRMA I bought 6 tomatoes, 2 red peppers, some ground beef (ecologically). At home we had red curry paste, garlic in oil and a can of tomatoes (just for adding some water). The result became meatballs in a lot of tomatoes and curry paste and rice. It was okay - usually I always use ketchup, but not this time. Next time I will try to add some flavor to the meatballs maybe some kind of spice or barbecue sauce. 


Mostly clear weather. The sun was beginning to wake up, when I arrived at work. On my way home on my new e-bike the sun was on its way to bed over the inner harbor. I took the sunset picture from Langebro. In the evening we went to the shopping mall Fields and Bilka to do our weekly shopping. My favorite wine was on sale. The normal price is 99 kr. (13 euro). The sale price was 41,50 kr. (5,50 Euro). Usually the wine is on sale twice a year, but I can not recall that it has been so cheap. It better not be a fake made in China!


We went for a triple birthday at Cafe Claudio. Seeing the family was rather nice - it has been a while since last time. The food was boring and after two hours I got a little headache because the cafe apparently had no ventilation. We will probably never visit that place again unless someone else pays again.

The follow-up

Still work is a kind of a sleeping chaos. My health is still a concern. Same goes for my climbing fingers. Thursday I was just stretching out for one minute on my fingerboard - almost immediately one of my fingers began to hurt and is still hurting. But aleast the pain in my left biceps is almost gone. Next Sunday the sun will rise at 8:04 am, the sunset will be at 15:49. The shortest day will be friday the 21. of December (8:37 to 15:39).

On next Thursday I will get my new winter alloy wheels and continental winter tires.

2018-11-11 Fast gone but still long week

On monday we went to Georg Jensen to for some cutlery for special occasions like our anniversary or New Years evening. It turned out to be quite expensive. Afterward we went to Royal Copenhagen to buy new dinner and dessert plates. Tina want the series "White Elements", witch I also like. I am looking forward to take a picture the first time we are going to use it.

A little annoying thing was, I had to swap the knives to days after. When we came home, we found out, we had bought knives with a short handles. We thought we had bought with long handles. Anyway no problems - the swap was fast - after a longer talk about the history of Georg Jensen. If you ever come to Denmark you now know, what to find in a random souvenir shop.

There was clear skies on Tuesday morning. It was a kind of life giving to arrive a Flintholm with the sun just behind the horizon. There no many people 6:45 in the morning. But of course it helps, that the metro only have around 1 1/2 minutes between the the trains.

Else the have been a bit cold with little wind. The result have been fog from sunset to sunrise. I find the fog beautiful. I would like my mobile phone to have a better camera. When it is just a little bit dark the camera is rubbish. But that is not on my "to buy" list for the next 2 years. I was out driving last saturday night, because I had problems sleeping. The temperature was close to zero and the salt trucks were making a mess of the motorway. On Wednesday I took the car by the carwash. Now the dirt are gone and the tires are normal black again. 

On Wednesday I picked up my new e-bike. It was a kind of impulse buy - but still something, I have wanted to do for a long time. Usually the plan gets canceled because the bike I want is to expensive. It is hard to find a proper e-bike which still is affordable.

This time a colleague did all the work for me. He had also been looking for a e-bike and found a good pre black Sunday offer for a last year model from Nishiki Bikes. The price was almost 1.500 Euro, which is okay cheap in Denmark. The price included a larger 10 amp. battery and a bicycle basket.

I already had to fix the headlight as it fell off. It might have something to do with me trying to change the position of the headlamp without any tool and me ignoring, when it began to rattle - hey no one is perfect. The handlebars also got lose - but I immediately fixed that problem with proper tools.

I somehow forgot to take photos earlier today when it still was light. But yesterday afternoon I drove to Amager Strandpark and took some photos at the light house.

The follow-up

I am no feeling in good form this Sunday - maybe I am getting a little bit sick or something - Work is a kind of quiet - or maybe not - or maybe I am just hypersensitive. I will try to keep my shit together and maybe not have so many activities. Maybe I just need to relax a little bit.

2018-11-04 November is back - But only 40 percent scary
The long and depressing month is back. The lack of sun and shorter days means less energy. All I can do now is hanging on to my sun lamp and climbing. On Friday the 21. of December it will turn around again and the light will slowly come back. In the expectation of snow I wrote my local about my new Subaru XV (Crosstrek) and winter alloy wheels, tires and some minor things like a Center console tray, car boot liner and so on. I was expecting a prices around 2.300 Euro and incredibly enough it turned out to be exactly 2.300 Euro. However I have to wait until they have the parts home before I can book time.

On Monday I was back at city hall for a boring meeting about accounting, governance structure and compliance. It turned out it be ok, but still not that much value for the money (meaning time).

Initially we should have had this meeting on friday between 3 and 4 pm. But after some firmly "guidance" from me and probably others, it was move to Monday. When tings goes wrong, I am always first in line to do overtime, but in return I expect value for the time spend and this meeting did not fulfilled those requirements on a friday aftermoon.

Rope issue

I had to take the rope home after the session at Blocs & Walls on Tuesday. The rope had been pretty much violated. I therefore had cut off 3 meters from each end. It was obvious that the rope had lost its characteristics. The reason was to many falls and that we "climb the rope" to get up the the same spot, where we fell off. Usually a rope lasts one season - that is 6 months. This rope is only 4 months old. Maybe we should take more care of it.

Louisiana trip

On Wednesday we went to Louisiana to see their new exhibitions. Sorry to say - but this time it was a kind of boring. But the menu at the cafe was as always very good. I had a Creamy onion soup as a starter. Then I had one slice of Slow-roasted beef sirloin and a slice of round of pork with baked potatoes and Pepper sauce. As a dessert we both had apple cake.

This time there was three prime exhibitions:

The first one we didn't notice. I remember seeing a hand full of pictures but that was it. The second one was total waste of time and space. The material was very thin. To fill out, they had even filled out one wall on how they made the exhibition. The last about the moon was okay. All together it was impersonal and not something you would remember for long or discuss later.

The only thing that made impression was a painting series about women military pilots during world war II (first picture). It was very clear to see, that Russian women had more combat missions where the pilots from England and US which was more like a support staff. A lot of the Russian women was KIA, one was even captured by the German and was seriously injured during her captivity. I guess she didn't receive much humanity.

Blocs & Walls CUP 4

I got my ass kicked big time - end of story. But it could have been worse. I ended as number 59 out of 63. I just can't follow the young 20 ish guys LOL. We when out the the hall early Saturday to have a look at the routes. First impression was, they looked very hard. This time the first impression was correct. After 3 hours I had finish 8 out of 24 problems and almost lost all my skin on my poor hands.

My left biceps still hurts to day. I think the pain tells me, that I have to relax until Tuesday. I didn't take that many photos - I kind of got lost into the competition. Anyway it was I good experience even I almost was last. To be honest - the result also match my expectations so I am not crying out lout about that. I also broke the trend about getting sick before a competition - cheers!


If I was living in China I might have broken the law for posting the flag below. One must be pretty desperate and rotten to try to ban a flag.

source: Wikipedia

The follow-up

Next weekend is a kind of uncertain. We might visit Georg Jensen and have a look at their cutlery. I am probably going to B&Ws two or three times - time will tell. Work is still quiet and calm.

2018-10-28 Dark times

Back to work on Monday. I can still see some light in the horizon at Flintholm station when I go down to the s-train. At work they had squeezed four more tables in the office space last week. I guess it now an official cattle farm. Monday the noise was worse than ever – holy crap! But still work have this week been acceptable and I did not get to much overtime this week - only around 1 1/2 hours. I am sure, that the next month is going to be quiet and productive. 

I used Saturday to finish the shithouse project. It was with out any big drama. I painted some stripes some the shithouse door, some stripes on the doorframe and I tried to put some expansion foam down behind some pipes where there is at crater and open to the the floor separation. Unfortunately some paint came off, when I removed the masking tape so I had to do an extra fix.

Only real problem so far is the ventilation shaft. I guess it has never been cleaned since the house was build in 1892. I have tried to clean the visible part of the pipe through the grid cap. Every time it is windy there come black crap out of the pipe. We are going to wait some weeks. If it continues I guess we have to try to make a more thorough cleaning or try to make some kind of filter we can put up there.

Nice night for a walk

My fingers have been a little bit sensitive. Instead of just keep beating them up at B&Ws I decided to go for a walk on Thursday. I went the usual way around the Amager dike. It is almost winter and it gets dark awful early. After 20 km I could really feel my legs. The camera in my mobile phone kind of sucked when it is dark.


In the metro there was it big advertising for Emirates flights and Dubai. I just wonder, who the hell would travel to that racist country, where women are restricted and a wrong word could mean prison hmmm – I don’t get it. I think the problem is - you can’t buy the values earned through hundreds of year of hard work and a fight for freedom with some easy earned oil money and some fancy weapons from America.

That is why I always try in a polite way to teach the young members of our staff about the value of being a member of a union. One should never take ones rights for granted. One should always be alert.

I had another thought at work. When we drive to south to Germany we pass the new prison called “Storstrøm” prison which is located just next to the freeway. When we drove by this summer, I remember thinking what a bummer it must be, to sit there and just watch the life passing by on the freeway. Wednesday I had a similar thought at the offices. I was looking on the road outside and how life is passing by. However it is not entirely the same. I am able to go home after work and I get a fair pay and I am able to travel. Work is necessary to live the happy life – but what a waste of time.

The follow-up

Next weekend we are probably going to Louisiana Museum of modern art some day and on next weekend I am going to B&Ws CUP 4. I just might ask Tina, if she want to film me again. However usually I have a habit of getting sick, when there is a B&Ws CUP, but maybe this time I will break the evil circle.

Below is our balcony after Tina put up all the winter lights.

2018-10-21 Shithouse project and got drunk

It has been a very productive week. I began last weekend totally trashed after the collapse at work. But as always it helped with some alcohol, a good spirit and climbing.

I had this week off from work, so instead of working I have spent most in our shithouse trying to renovating and make it look better. I have made three shithouse specials so I will avoid going into details.


However I used this project to buy new gear – of course. I bought a Bosch PSR 180-10Li cordless drill and some tools to make better offset holes. It was a kind of expensive, but it really a helpful tool. It is fast to change drill bits without any tools and it is totally flexible. I sense I have made a good buy. The only annoying thing is, I can’t find this exact model on – I wonder why – or maybe I should just forget it.

So what else have happened in life? I was only two times out a Blocs and Walls. They have invited to the fourth and last CUP of this year for the 3. of November. This time it is going to be a bouldering competition. I have already paid the entry fee.

Other news - well my bike was flat on Wednesday. Friday I tried to patch it and failed. It was easy to find the hole. I think the cause was some kind of production error. But in the process of patching I think the value got busted. Therefore I had to spend 150 dkr. to get the bike hose changed at a local authorized bicycle dealer. My previous experience on interior gears on bicycles means that I do not mess around the rear wheel. One has to know ones limitations.

On Saturday we celebrated our 16 year anniversary together. We had talked about going out or staying at home. Tina wanted to try and make a three course menu. Naturally I am very supportive when it comes to Tina spending more time in the kitchen. Therefore we stayed at home this time. The menu was:
1. course - garlic soup
2. course – steaks (300 gram each) from the local butcher
3. course – lemon mousse

The follow-up

Next weekend I will finish the shithouse project completely. I have already planed trip to B&Ws on Tuesday. It is going to be interesting to see, how work goes this week. Usually end October and November is a quite time.

2018-10-17 Shithouse special e3 - Last one this week

Almost finish now. Aleast I am finish for this week. I got the light installed and painted the door. Have been cleaning up and removing all the masking tape and old news papers. I am pretty tired now. I think I will sleep one hour.

1 / 17
Install the new contact to the lamp
2 / 17
Install the new contact to the lamp - this time with the switch
3 / 17
Preparing the back panel for the lamp
4 / 17
Preparing the long screws in case there are nothing but newspapers in the floor separation
5 / 17
Up it went - without any bigger deal - surprising
6 / 17
Playing with the wires again
7 / 17
And on the four day there was light - but I am not a god
8 / 17
Then beginning to paint the door. Blue naturally.
9 / 17
After the first coat of paint
10 / 17
After the second coat of paint
11 / 17
And then I forgot to count - this is the final coat before it is dry.
12 / 17
I also painted lists again and removed the masking tape
13 / 17
Another small side project
14 / 17
Finally almost finish
15 / 17
I even cleaned up the hallway
16 / 17
Down there behind the pipes is at crater and open down to the the floor separation. Some day I am going to empty a cane of expansion foam down there
17 / 17
The old lamp left a big cater. But first the filler have to dry.

2018-10-17 Shithouse special e2

The project is still ongoing. But I am now closer to then end than the from two days ago. I have painted the ceiling in a darker blue, to try visual to bring down the ceiling. I had a little accident when I removed the tap, because the paint came off with the tape - but a quick fix solved that issue. I have been looking into the new light I want to install. Unfortunate we still have some old fabric electric wire, which was broken. The core of the wire was visibly. I have to buy new supplies before I can move forward. 

I have removed all the paint from one side of the door. Hopeful I will paint it blue tomorrow. My list for tomorrow is:

1) Paint door
2) Install new light
3) Do something totally random

1 / 13
To bring down the ceiling, I will try a darker blue
2 / 13
The rest is still the same
3 / 13
UPS! The paint came off, when I removed the tape - CRAP!
4 / 13
After a quick fix - aka more blue paint
5 / 13
Hmmm - What to do? Maybe more blue paint will help
6 / 13
Yes - that improved the look
7 / 13
And then to the lists and more dark blue
8 / 13
After the first or second layer - I forgot
9 / 13
Now to the light - turned out we still have some old fabric electric wire - broken
10 / 13
I began the Shithouse door project
11 / 13
The building is more than 100 years old - pretty sure, than is toxic
12 / 13
Is was almost a one day job.
13 / 13
Tomorrow I will spild some blue paint on the door.

2018-10-15 Shithouse special e1

The shithouse project is moving forward. First sanding, then a hole lot of cleaning. Instead of seeking perfection, I just started painting. I guess I have to get used to that blue. But my boss likes it lol. The plan tomorrow is even more painting and maybe begin on the door. Wednesday I am going to install the new light.

1 / 7
First a lot of sanding down - Looked like a dust devil
2 / 7
Before painting - Yres it is a real shithouse
3 / 7
The great top view - I have no imagination
4 / 7
Now with some blue paint
5 / 7
Even more blue paint - looks like an east German hospital!
6 / 7
The head
7 / 7
The top view - the plan is Wednesday to install new light

2018-10-13 Work like hell

The dark picture below is from Monday and the not so dark is from Friday. I took them both about 6:50 in the morning. The first one is darker because of the clouds. Soon there will be not sun at all in the mornings.

Friday for the first time in a long time, I had to work over 13 hours in one day. Suddenly everything collapsed. To make things worse, me and most of my colleagues have next week off. We had to make an emergency plan over what tasks could wait and which tasks had to be finish and then work like hell. Hopefully everything will be better monday or when people come back from their vacations.


Since May the weather have been every kind. These days the meteorologists are talking about an Indian Summer. Yesterday we drove to the local garden center for new winter plants for our balcony. We had the sunroof back and open windows. The pictures below are from Wednesday on my way to Blocs and Walls. I don't mind the warm weather but surely it must end at some time - surely it will.

Blocs and Walls

Thank you my body - the problems with my finger is almost over. It was "just" an overload and 7 days with no climbing helped. Monday I went out bouldering alone. For the first time ever I finished a "red" boulder problem (picture number 2). The problem actually looks a little bit like some kind of art.

On Wednesday I was route climbing. Again I tried the black one I mentioned the 30. September. But still the top is still a problem yet to be solved. The next opportunity will be Sunday. Maybe this time I will be lucky. Is is a kind of a "no guts no glory" route where one have to commit. When one hesitates one gets punished - either falls or gets very "pumped".

Other stuff

Yes - one day we had build your own burger for dinner. Yes - I am still childish after all these years. According the the local garden center it is almost Christmas time. I guess, if someone wants all the good stuff, now is the time to buy. However I would rather have, they upgraded their shopping carts. I ruined one of them with ease. The result of the new plants and Tinas work on our balcony is awesome.

The follow-up

The shithouse project is a go on monday. I will naturally remember to take some before/after pictures. The computer have been running none stop since last Sunday. I have "recovered" most of the lost movies.

2018-10-07 A fast update

First the usual morning photo and maybe the last one with sun for a while. It has been a kind of a busy week. Tuesday I went to B&Ws. We started with two easy one like 5a+b and then we decided to tryout something like a 6c or 7a. The result was unfortunately that I injured one of my fingers. Because of all the fingerboard training the finger was a little bit tried in the first place - I guess it didn't like the overload. No more climbing the rest of the week. Thank god the finger seem ok to day - Sunday. Maybe it will do just a little fingerboard later. My next climbing session will be next tuesday. Anyway next week is going to be crazy with a lot of work. But next Friday I have one week off.

On Wednesday I went for an after work beer at Taphouse with some colleges. I am not a beer fan, but it is always healthy to discuss the world situation, women and so on.

Because of my bad finger - I went for a long walk Thursday instead of climbing. In total around 22 km. It began with some shady weather. I had some rain which was a bummer, because I had forgot my rain pants. Later the sun came for about 10 minutes. It was very beautiful to see, how the sea and dyke lighted up. That is why I appreciate these long walks.


The follow-up

To day has been a busy day. Began painting some steel pipes with primer in the shithouse. Then I tried to install OpenSuse 15 and failed. Then my computer failed. Then I deleted some 4 Tb movies. But at the end, my computer came back to live - but not the movies. I am planning to build a new computer soon. Only one week to holiday and my shithouse project. Lets just say - this week was a confusing one.

2018-09-30 A little dog fight at work

At work the week began extremely wet and cooled. It was raining on my way to work Monday morning. Our work office was only 15 degrees. Thankfully I had a blanket and a good homemade sweater. I was a kind of a good work week as we solved all the major tasks in time. Only mishap was a little fight between me and a colleague who lately have had a bad mojo – guess we are humans after all. But lets us keep the rest private.

At home I did a little cleaning project – cleaning the shelves in our bath. Of course I am a sucker for strong chemicals which get the job done faster without too much effort. I used acetic acid (32 percent), boiling water and just waited 30 minutes. Afterward I coated the glass with auto wax to prevent the buildup of dirt and to make it easy to clean In the future. Maybe next time I will clean the glass wall as well.

I found out that a half a bottle of red wine and a drink of polish vodka totally gets me drunk. First Friday evening. I mixed the Bisongrass vodka with “Stræke Gustav” from Heede Bolcher (Sweets). Just to be sure, I did it again Saturday evening and with great success. I fell asleep in an armchair at 8 pm. As time pass by and one gets older and older, one learn many thing about oneself. Some time it is very important things but sometimes it is not.

I was at Blocs & Walls Sunday, where I was project climbing with one of my buddies. If it is possible to fall in love with a climbing route – I guess I am in love. It has lovely black handholds and is sitting on an official speed climbing wall with a 5 degree overhang. The grade is 7a but who cares. On the first go I had a fair share of breaks just to get my orientation. Second go was on top rope, I made the first 8 quick draws before I got pumped and abandoned. On third go also on top rope, I was able to reach the top – I think it only was about 4 breaks at the top. On the rest I was just cruising my way on.

My training on my finger board is going forward. This week I have used it four times in total 21 time 5 double pullups. One unfortunately side effect is, I have to tape on of my fingers with sportstape.

Maybe my present fingerboard is too hard. Therefore I have also bought an Ocun finger board at Maybe that one is better and more forgiving for my fingers. I have never used a finger board before. I guess I have to be careful not to get an injury which will ruin the coming season. Hopeful it will be delivered next week.

The follow-up

I am not going to cut down a tree this October. Instead it is probably going to be some time next year when the weather is more like summer than winter. I two week I have one week holiday. I am going to dedicate my time to a shithouse project literary speaking.

2018-09-23 Trying to be positive

This Sunday night and day has the same length. Tomorrow it is going to be more dark than light. We have to wait 6 months until the light wins again. It is already very dim when I take the metro to work around 6:40. The only positive thing is the wonderfully skies which explodes in yellow and red colors. One have to enjoy the little things.

On Wednesday we drov to Herstedhøje which is a part of the west forest to see the sunset. We brought sandwiches, drinking and at good Fjeldräven blanket. The plan was a kind of disturbed by clouds. But still it was nice to enjoy one of the last warm days and evenings out in the nature between sheep droppings. The twilight is not very long anymore because of the time of year. The sun was gone but the moon stayed with us until we came home.

And now all the bad stuff

Work has been insane. In june we got Microsoft onedrive and to be honest - it is just not than good. This week the response time has just been ridiculous. One day I even tried to stop synchronization of one of the folders by deleting it locally. As the user friendly software Microsoft is, it warn my, that the folder would be deleted on my workstation but would probably be accessible on the network drive – great - just what I wanted.

After the “Yes” click my onedrive went psyko and totally locked my workstation down – as it decided to delete the folder both locally and on the network – holly crap! It was a kind of big folder and important. I had to leave work for a good cool down walk. Thankfully I don’t trust Microsoft and had a backup. Therefore I could restore everything without calling our shared service center. On Friday had brought a stopwatch. Every time I experienced unusually long response time I turned it on. When I left, in total I had lost 8 minutes working time.

I also hate my Iphone and all that security crap that have been installed on it. We are forced to use Outlook. Every day I have to unlock it with my password. But I can’t see shit without my glasses and the keyboard is for people with super small fingers. The common scenario is, I am going to a meeting and want to check which meeting room I have to go to. Because it is rubbish, I haven’t unlock it. Because my glasses is in my pocket and I have a computer to carry – STOP. Trust me – it is rubbish. Most of the time the phone now lies in my closet. I have turned off all sounds and noise from it. A good working tool have been ruined it the holy name of security.

B&Ws update

Monday fingerboard training. Tuesday B&Ws climbing, Wednesday crying, Thursday B&Ws climbing, Friday crying and drinking, Saturday fingerboard training and Sunday bouldering B&Ws.

But aleast I got closed two blue routes Sunday. However I had to drop to other blue ones. I am still working on the yellow lead climbing route. It has three gates. The middle section, the upper section and the finish. All I haven't done yet is the finish!


Next week is going to be equal interesting. At work we have to finish some major assignments. With onedrive and SAP one never know what to expect. But maybe in October I am going to cut down another tree. It is always great fun.

2018-09-16 Sliced or not to be sliced

B&Ws - Sunday we began at opening hours (10). I climbed the hell out off my arms and fingers. My arms still feel a little numb. All the new routes are in the range from great to awesome. There is a yellow category 3 (6c to 7a on the French scale) which really go my attention. I gave it a decent try but naturally failed. Usually I climb up to 6B on that particular section. But somehow I feel connected to this one - I thing it has potential be a project. Next time it will try and remember to get a good picture of it.

At home I finally got my Beastmaster up on the wall over a doorway. I had to put bolts though the wall to be sure, it would hold. Sadly I was simply to tired to try it out after I had spend 4 1/2 hours at B&Ws. My fingers are simply to ruined.

Friday - Another day with overtime - almost 3 hours. The clock was near 5pm before I left work. After dinner we went to Fields/Bilka for the weekly shopping.

I really hate how the Danish language is being ruined by English. Below is a good example. "Sliced pålæg" means sliced meat. It is just stupid to use that English word. The next row is "Bacon i skiver" witch means sliced bacon. So why not just call it sliced bacon then?

Thursday - I went to B&Ws again. This time for some alone training. I ended on the outside boulder wall witch is a kind of cool. I saw some tree weeks ago, that they were building news routes on the two walls. Guess it was about time to try them out. In B&Ws there is five grades:

  • Green - Beginner
  • Yellow - Easy - but you have to think
  • Blue - Hard - You need strength, guts or technique.
  • Red - Could work - but forget it
  • Black - Forget it even more


The yellow below is a blue grade. Kind of easy because it depends on strengths. All you have to is going for it. Made it in the first attempts.

The red below is also a blue grade. It was a tricky one. It is all slap climbing but I had to be very careful about how I positioned my body. It took some 7 or 8 attempts. The biggest problem was the top, where I felt unbalanced. That was until I changed foot from left to right on the foothold (see yellow mark) and flagged with my left leg.


2018-09-12 Tough week so far

Both Monday and Wednesday I had to work late. In total I got five and a half hour overtime. When I came home Monday a realized, that I hadn't washed the car after our holiday. So it was still full with dead insects and dirt. I really had to pull myself together get it done. Of course the auto washing machine did it's part of the job.

Tuesday the preparing for this weeks competition was really moving on. Almost all the high walls have been striped for handholds. They had even begun building new routes for saturday. I am not going to participate. Instead I will try the new routes Sunday morning

Next summer - I have already bought maps for next years trip to Norway from I have bought cards for:

I already have some projects. But it would be nice to get some more inspirations and goals.

2018-09-03 Strange mood - Big plans but not much achieved - or maybe I did

Working day - This is the first working week after our summer vacation, which went to Leipzig in Germany and Lake Garda in Italy. Unfortunately, I had to spend three days driving halfway because of a possible little cold or allergy. The consequence was, in any case, that my nose started running as soon as I met at work and stopped by noon at first. This of course gave me a lot of fatigue in both the my body and head. Fortunately, it seemed to have been gone since Friday. Hopefully it's over now. Our home has now been cleaned properly. I think it is mostly due to dust and stress, but I guess next week will tell. In any case, the mood is once again high.

B&W's - I was out in the hall twice during the week. Unfortunately, it was not possible to deliver the biggest presentations. The break of 2 1/2 weeks could really be felt in the body and especially in the fingers. Next Saturday there will be competition in the climbing gym. Therefore, bouldering will only be possible next week. During the week the high walls will be cleaned and new routes will be built. This really fits me perfectly, as it gives me an opportunity to train strength and return to the usual level again. I still have not 100 percent decided if I want to participate in the competition. If I participate, it will only be for the fun. But it probably ends with going out in the hall on Sunday morning anyway to try the routes.

The Donald - The embarrassing Claus has bought a cardboard of Donald Trump in full size. When I saw it was possible to buy the figure at, I knew that it would end that way and that I would buy it. Now it has been bought and on Monday he is going with me to work where I will use him for joke with a colleague who turned 50 on Thursday. Afterwards he is going  to our dry loft, where he can entertain us and our neighbors during the cold and dark winter months.

Kullen - despite of a rather hard week, I chose to go to Kullen with a climbing friend. It was something we talk about back in June. The clock started already at 5:45 in the morning. Departed by metro to Vanløse and from there to Kullen.

Like before, we chose Carsten's Rende. We started with "Tøbrud Direkt" after that we climbed "Waiting Time" and finally we climbed the "Swedish Tour" with top rope. Then the clock was unexpectedly over 18 and we decided that enough would be enough. Back to Mölle and pizza the usual place - Mölle Krukmakeri.

I had a small crisis at the top of "Tøbrud Direkt". The only option I could see was to mantle myself up. This was not something I had the courage or desire for. After three trials where I was up looking and trying, I chose to go right where the rock was a bit more friendly.

It was a quite interesting experience. Actually, I would had like to follow the route exactly. But I climb to have fun and not to have a near death experience. So, I'm really pleased with the climbing performance. However, I wish we had climbed some more routes, but things take time and we are now also quite good at talking.

2018-09-03 Back home again
Yesterday Sunday we came back to little Denmark after almost 2 weeks vacation together. This year we first had 4 nights in Leipzig and afterwards 7 nights at Lake Garda in Italy. I am not going to write a lot about it because of privacy.

However I can tell, we went on at one day trip to Berlin and the climbing store CAMP4. There I bought brand new climbing shoes and some pants and some other parts. This time I bought shoes from La Sportiva the model SOLUTION. I am looking forward to try them out tomorrow at B&Ws.

An interesting event was the trip back from Berlin to Leipzig which is around 200 km. We left Berlin and about 37 degrees. When we arrived at Leipzig the temperature had dropped to “only” 22 degrees. It was an interesting drive with a mini dust storm with heavy winds and low visibility along the way.

At Leipzig we stayed at “The Westin Leipzig” hotel in a grand deluxe room. That means, that the room is between the 23th and 26th floor and has a great view over the city center. The price is ok, however parking is a totally robbery with 26 euro pr. day.

This was our second trip to Leipzig and therefore we knew where to get great cocktails

At Lake Garda we stayed at Hotel Savoy Palace which is located 1,5 km from the city center of Riva Del Garda. In my opinion the most perfect hotel in the north of Lake Garda. It is possible to park the car in a decent way, the service is super good, cheap, the hotel is well maintained and the manager is always “on the floor”. He even helped me park my car!

We are probably coming back sometime in the future. One important thing – always remember to book a room toward the terrace or with Lake view. The back side of the hotel is kind of boring.

2018-08-18 Almost normal week and again memories from Norway

I woke up early. The sky was clear and deep blue. So I took off early to close an unfinished project aka the trip to "Midtinden" at 1,620 meters. I had tried a few days earlier, but had to turn back due to the combination of foggy and unfamiliar terrain.

First part was easy enough. It included a drive via Aursjøroad. From there it was about a 5 km walk back and forth.

The momentum was really good from the start, probably because of the rest day before.

In no time I reached first top and from there the top called "Midtinden". I took some super good photos. Over lunch I sat and reflected on new many new projects I could see from where I sat.

But maybe next year and I have to buy some more maps covering the area. The wind at the top was freezing cold. Then back toward the car. A little bit to the right and left, I was I no hurry. Passing by several lakes and snow hills. I tried to take some underwater pictures with my phone. That did not go particularly well. It is apparently not possible to press the button on the phone when it is under water. It was necessary to put the timer on, so I could take the pictures.

The images were not particularly good, but it was worth a try. On the way back I found a big lump of quartz stone (I believe). It was so big that I had to divide it by throwing it against another rock with a sharp edge. However, it was still fairly large. But it was okay to have in the backpack.

When I was back by car the temperature was 27 degrees. In the evening I had leftovers for dinner. Chicken breasts and dry food chili con carne. It was actually much better than expected. Unfortunately I had an Allergy attack and snot nose. Had to lie down the rest of the evening – bummer.

At work

Well - no so much to report. It almost "ever day" again. However most of my colleges seem more relaxed that they were in July. This week I have been three times at B&Ws. One time with my buddy Torben, where we climbed all the short 5's. It turned out to be quite hard at the end of the day.

Next update is going to be in 2 weeks time.

2018-08-12 Some memories from Norway

What a blessing to wake up to fairly clear skies. The fog and mist from yesterday was completely gone. So on with the hiking boots and off.

It turned out to be a really good trip with all the elements of a good adventure. First around the Sandgrov-Eggen and down the side to the Lakes. Almost blue skies all the way and I took some really good pictures.

Then I tried to reach the top again via Ytste Brunåboten (think so) to times. I was very close to the top but had to turn back due to my own safety. If I wanted to go further, I would have had to climb. But in case I fell, I would not have gotten away with it. Anyway back down and off to the large inner Lake at 1,251 meters altitude. Still almost blue skies and good pictures. I even shot a personal motivation video to myself – in case I need cheers up sad day in the future.

At the same time began the clouds really began to come up from the valley. Enough is enough - it was time to turn around and return to the car.

On my way back I chose to walk around the Lakes. At that time, the fog from Valley had grown and was now hiding the northernmost part of the Sandgrov-Eggen. From previous trips, I knew that approximately half way back, starts a trail which leads to the road. This track was my aim and a good way for a quick and safe trip back to the car. 

After having followed this trail a bit, I reached the fog or the other way around. It can best be described as a glove, which removes all reference points, sounds, feeling of distances and one's orientation. The visibility varied between 10 to 30 meters. Precisely for this reason that I always have a GPS with me. But I know that I just had to follow this trail, I would get back to the road and the car.

However, it was interesting to find that one's brain sometimes work against one self, when all reference points are gone. Several times I had the feeling that I walk straight in the wrong direction. But the trail and the GPS told differently.

In the middle of the fog, I meet a Norwegian couple with fully loaded backpacks for a long trip. They had stopped up because of the fog.

Big backpacks isn’t me. I have tried, but it is simply too heavy for my legs and knees. However, they told that the fog stop 500 meters ahead. I first discovered the road, when I was about 30 meters away. After that I was quick back to the car and a late bonus lunch - I had worked up a huge appetite.

After coming back to my camping site, I chose to jump in the nearest Lake completely nude. It was an exhilarating experience and really nice after three days without a bath.

My trip to Sweden was canceled because of rain. Instead we when to B&Ws for some indoor climbing. Maybe another time.....

2018-08-06 The walk to the top of Sandgrov-eggen

Woke up very early. The weather looked whimsically out but I chose anyway to package everything in the car and take drove off to Sandgrov-Eggen. When I was finished packaging was it started to drizzle. That is why I chose to start the trip wearing Gore-tex Peak Performance rainwear. During the entire trip had it on and off. The trip up was to begin with quiet and calm — just as I remembered it, though with less snow. The upper middle section looks more severe out from the bottom than it really is. Nice and easy I came up. The key was to keep to the green areas, where there was Heather – that is to say, the right side of the mountain.

Last year I turned around where I had to climb a bit. This time I was fresh and gave me time to find an easy way of about 20 meters. The rest were then relatively easy.

The top consisted of a lot of loose rock blocks. A larger block was on his way to lock my legs because I used it as a hand grip. Fortunately, I stopped the block and removed my legs. When I was cleared, I pushed it down, so that others would not get the same experience.

I reached the top in good style and got laid a stone on the tower and got sent pictures and text messages.


2018-08-05 Norway

I left little Denmark Monday the 26th. July and arrived at the "Fossa Fjellet" on Tuesdays. On Saturday I drove on to Eikesdals camp where I stayed for a whole week. As something new, I tried to keep a diary of the trip.

I started on Tuesday the 27. with the following lines: "Time no longer has a meaning. My biological clock has taken over. If it's time to go, so goes I. If it's time for a snack, then I take one and if I'm tired, so I sleep ". It is my plan to publish me writings at some point.

But as always time is an issue. I came home last Sunday. This week just went off like a fart in the wind. Back to work – everything is ok on that front. Had to wash the car and then go to the mechanic because something underneath had come off in Norway. Also had to wash clothes, look through 600 pictures and hours of video recordings. I have made two galleries from my trip. One is a normal picture gallery and some text notes. Second is a Photo Sphere with 8 panoramic pictures.

Go to picture gallery
Go to Photo Sphere gallery

It can be a little tricky to change pictures. You have to use the icon I have marked. Thank you to for all the free java script and almost clear instructions.

Climbing news
I only climbed two times this week. Yesterday was a great success – I topped all the new blue routes they build last Thursday. A very important thing for me. I had some problems changing feet on the first one in the beginning. But I found out, if I change my weight more to the left, the foot swap worked beautiful.

 The next update might me late monday as I might go on a climbing trip to Sweden next weekend.

2018-07-15 Through the town

The holiday season has started. There has been incredibly quiet work this week and the heat wave just continues. I therefore chose to leave early from work and take a bike ride through Copenhagen. I had great expectations for the photos I took. But I have to admit that my abilities do not quite meet my expectations.

01 / 29
A very quiet day at work, why not go early and take a bike home
02 / 29
The route through Copenhagen
03 / 29
First stop was Nørrebro Runddel. To the right Assistens cemetery where they currently are building the new metro ring
04 / 29
Same location but down Jagtvej toward Østerbro
05 / 29
Nørrebrogade - a classic street in Copenhagen
06 / 29
Same location but back toward the cemetery
07 / 29
From Queen Louise's Bridge over Peblinge lake
08 / 29
Toward Nørrebro station. At new years eve this is the location for a big open party
09 / 29
Back toward Nørrebro and where I came from
10 / 29
Nørreport station - the flowers are meant as improvised anti terror security
11 / 29
But a beautiful anti terror thing
12 / 29
A look down "Strøget"
13 / 29
National Gallery of Denmark - used to be free entry. That was until all public institutions got there budget cut by 2 percent every year
14 / 29
The old head office for the danish railway company
15 / 29
Nyboder - rows of old houses. They are former Naval barracks but now also open for common people
16 / 29
The King's New Square - still one big buildingground for the new metro ring
17 / 29
The King's New Square - Royal Danish Theatre. I have never been in there - hmmmm
18 / 29
The Stock Exchange - build in 17th-century
19 / 29
Christiansborg Palace - currently also a buildingground because of anti terror measures
20 / 29
The view from Knippelsbro toward Langebro - I miss the old buildings
21 / 29
Toward Christiansborg Palace
22 / 29
Foreign State Department - Nice location I guess
23 / 29
In the background you can see the opera house
24 / 29
The old control tower
25 / 29
Other control tower - Now some kind of culturelle place, where you can buy a cup of coffee
26 / 29
The canals of Christianshavn. They can for sure tell stories, if they could speak.
27 / 29
Lagkagehuset (Cake house) - I worked on the first floor at the library years back
28 / 29
Ancient fortification system from the Middle Ages
29 / 29
And the returning slot for the rented bike

2018-07-08 Charging batteries

It's finally summer at work too. Most of the stress I've experienced has been replaced by a little more calm days. Back is just the press we choose to put on ourselves. But still last Monday seems like months away.

On Friday I took the days off from work. I went with my climbing friend Torben to Kullen National Park to climb traditional. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures again. I only managed to take a few. It was a pure relaxation trip. We found out, that we were about 1 hour for each lead climb + cleaning of the route. That is not very fast.

After climbing we drove into Mölle town. At the local pottery and cafe we had a nice pizza. Afterwards we drove to the club's cabin and shelters which we had ourselves - surprisingly enough. Saturday we drove out to the rock again, but unfortunately we had to return to Denmark earlier than expected due to family obligations.

We climbed the following router at Carsten Rende (some more than one time):

  • The Great Diedre

  • Tøbrud

  • Tøbrud Direct

I hope we will go again sometime in September.


2018-07-01 More summer

At work there are still a lot of challenges. On Friday we said goodbye to a colleague who has found another job. At the same time, we were informed that another, currently in maternity leave, has also quit. All in all, it's currently uphill - enough about it.

In Denmark, the weather is currently amazing. It can almost be described as a heat wave. I cannot remember when it has been so good for a long time. On Tuesday I took the opportunity and tested my roof rails on our new Subaru XV. After reading the instructions a couple of times, they came on without any problems.

Friday became one of our niece students. This should of course be celebrated. In Denmark the young students are driving around on a truck lorry and visit all the classmates. For the same reason, they first came past her parents at 22 o'clock and in a rather exalted mood.

Saturday we went to Amager Strandpark to enjoy the good weather. Life is just more fun when the weather is good. Naturally, I was also a quick tour of the water. But that was a cold experience.

There is not a long time for my Norway trip. Today I tested my gecko camera mount in the car. It went well. My concern was most likely whether installing anything in the windshield would interfere with the car's EyeSight safety system - but no problems. Here are some pictures from this week in almost random order:

Link to Youtube film from the camera test:


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2018-02-19 - First post

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My intentions with this blog-like homepage is to have some kind of memory of my life. But unlike Facebook and other similar internet services, I want to be in full control of the contents and not be subject to censorship, advertisements and tracking.

I hope, that in time, this low-practice html site with some java will become great. One thing is certain, that the result will always match my effort.

I have at few beginner goals:
1 - Try and convert my Facebook contents to this site
2 - Make an update once a week
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Now that will do is a first post. Knowing my self - I give the site a 25 percent chance of success :-)

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