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2019-06-23 - Mostly fails

This week contain more fails than usual. Some of them were kind of big fails, but at the end not a god damn thing have changed.

1. fail - Monday and tuesday I had this two day course in Power BI. It turned out to be a course in Excel Power BI and not Power BI Desktop. That came as a surprise to my boss as we were discussing how I could present what I had learned to my colleagues at a department meeting - ups! But not my fault. I didn't make the booking and I just agreed to take part without knowing the bigger plan. On the bright side, I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the old part of Copenhagen. Still I did learn something new - so it was worth it - I think.

2. fail - Yes - unfortunately Rammstein turned out to be a huge disappointment and fail. We had bought seating and it turned out, it was only possible to see 1/3 of the stage from very long away. Not way that could have a good experience. We decided to abandon ship and went to a cinema instead and saw the new "Men in black". We will never ever spend money there again and fuck them (Parken Sport & Entertainment) for selling worthless experiences. This was also a lesson in, that one, in life must also remember to choose his struggles with care. Sometimes it is better to try to get the best out of a bad situation instead of sit down and cry.

3. fail - concerns something private at work, something I would describe as totally kindergarten - I just don't have time for that.

Something good - did happen. On tuesday I finish this season of climbing with my current gym buddy C. However it is only going to be a short break. We will already begin the next season mid july.

On wednesday I was with the "the guys" out for beer and wine in Tivoli. The weather was perfect and a bird almost shit on me with only 5 cm to spare.

Rest in peace convert2mp3.net

One of the biggest or the biggest YouTube ripper has been killed by the music industry and has now been taken over by The Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Apparently they thought that convert2mp3.net was damaging for their business.

However the way to keep ripping from youtube is very simple. You just download the program Clipgrab and you are back in the ripping game again. I my case things were a little more complicated as I didn't wanted to install random software on my workstation.

One of the benefits of using virtual computers is, that one can have several versions of Windows with different software. That is why I use Workstation from Vmware. I have my daily workstation, where I am very careful on what I install and java is default off, when I web browse. I also have this "have fun" version, where I don't mind installing crap.

I wonder when the true artist take back their music from the money greedy music industry? That reminds me, that I am going to buy the new album from Sivan Talmor - Fire - Live at Bauer Studios when it has been released at Bandcamp - a label with a fair trade music policy.

Founds on YouTube

Jason Hawk Harris "Cussing at the Light"
I see one thing, I hear another thing and just feel like I need a drink from the gin in my bag. This one is good!
Poppy - Scary Mask ft. FEVER 333
At first it looked promising - <spoiler alert> but it turns out to be rubbish. 
NF - The Search
Hey a brand new white rapper - how cool is that. Good lyrics, nice video and I love the background. But maybe a little bit to polish to be genuine?
Halsey - Nightmare
Even though I don't like the concept of this one it is pretty good and I kind of like it. The rage and blood almost seems true.

Saturday evening I took my e-bike for a ride around Amager Dike and around Copenhagen airport. The weather was pleasant and with the e-power it wasn't too hard.

The follow-up and reflections

I am going to take a little pause and not update until the end of july. I might do some unscheduled ad hoc updates. Hopeful with the next update I will write about a awesome trip to Norway and people at work somehow got mature - does the dude write who admit his mental age is 9 years.

2019-06-16 - Some climbing and other fun stuff

First some rain on monday and then some sun on friday. All together an okay week. I was out at the gym on wednesday. We finish climbing at around 10 pm where a large rainstorm passed Copenhagen. With only a rain jacket, I was 50/50 wet/dry. However the wet part was completely soaked when I came home.

Last week at Vang Quarry

Unfortunately it was not possible to climb at Vang Quarry. There was this big gang of big seagulls hanging out. They most also have been screwing around because they had small baby birds at the foot of the rock. Every time we tried to get close they tried to first shit on us and then made dive bomb attacks toward out heads. It helped a little to put our sunglasses on the back of out heads - but still it was simply too dangerous and we left this beautiful rock untouched.

Friday trip though Copenhagen

I decided to take a detour home friday. The weather was very pleasant and perfect for an extra bike ride. I wanted to try something new so this time the trip went by the Zoo and Christiansborg - the home of the Danish Parliament.

On my way to the city Zoo The main entrance to the city Zoo. This year they rented some pandas from China. I would have preferred they didn't do business with such a oppressive country
Opposite the Zoo is "Søndermarken" - I have never walked though the park - yet. This building used to be Museum of Copenhagen. But they moved to save money. Since the building have been empty and for sale.
The back of Christiansborg and the horse track. Very nice that it is open for the public and with out any fee. The front of Christiansborg and the square where the people demonstrate when they are unhappy with something.

Birthday party

And I got one year older - however my mental age have not change and is still around 9 years. This year we have decided to do it privately and quiet. We went to Georg Jensen and bought a gift for us both. Afterward we eat lunch at Illums and went by Louis Vuitton to see their "Chalk Nano bag". However they were kind of clueless about it existence so we left again.

Dinner was garlic soup as a starter and big steaks from P E Larsen a high quality butcher on Amager. 350 grams for me and 250 grams for Tina. With all those potatoes one could argue, that the dinner was kind of vegan friendly.


Climbing marathon at FFK

On sunday FFK invited to a climbing marathon at the outdoor climbing wall at DGI-byen. Weather was perfect and I thought, I would give the young guys one hell of a fight.

1 / 8
The wall is 18 meters high (59 feet)
2 / 8
We kept a scoreboard (me = CU)
3 / 8
Climbers on the way down
4 / 8
DGI is just next to central station i Copenhagen
5 / 8
Some go up, others come down
6 / 8
Most of the day, the scoreboard was in my  advantage
7 / 8
Just chilling out
8 / 8
I quited at 6 pm as number 2 after 8 x 5 x 18 meter = 720 meters (787 yards) - some of the others continued - I was finish!

The follow-up and reflections

Now there will be no more public holidays until Christmas. However I still have my 6 weeks of paid holiday. Next week I have a two day course in Power BI and a Rammstein concert. I will probably also visit the gym a couple of times.

2019-06-11 - Simply too little time

So this time it is going to be short and chronological as the last week unfolded up to now:

Monday walk

The usual trip around Amager Dike. The weather was looking kind of tricky but it only was around 20 minutes of rain.

1 / 10
A little more life at the inner harbor - it was around 23 degrees
2 / 10
At the outer harbor and dark clouds gathering
3 / 10
But still some blue skies left
4 / 10
beautiful poppies on the roadside
5 / 10
For 2 minutes the sun was out
6 / 10
Some rain in the horizon
7 / 10
And a cow is looking
8 / 10
Almost at the end of the dirk
9 / 10
And a look back, where I came from
10 / 10
The road back to Ørestad

Wednesday - back a Langelinje

I had wednesday off because it was Constitution Day. Went on bike trip to Langelinje. No ice cream this time. There was too many people.

Saturday to monday on Bornholm

I had a two day trip with a buddy from the gym to Bornholm. It was mostly to try sports quarry climbing.

1 / 21
The very powerful ferry from Ystad to Rønne
2 / 21
First a walk from Vang harbor to Vang Quarry
3 / 21
But the rock was unclimbable because of seagulls protecting their babies
4 / 21
Inside the quarry
5 / 21
Our rental cabin - Not that great
6 / 21
Me playing wise
7 / 21
A good long a committing 5C
8 / 21
Overview at Moselykken
9 / 21
Overview at Moselykken
10 / 21
Overview at Moselykken
11 / 21
Hanging out at "Undervejsvæggen"
12 / 21
Hanging out at "Bowlingvæggen"
13 / 21
A view over other climbers
14 / 21
15 / 21
Monday - began with rain and a visit to "Hammershus"
16 / 21
Just some tourist pictures
17 / 21
Just some tourist pictures
18 / 21
Guess the wind is kind of powerful
19 / 21
Can we climb here?
20 / 21
back on the road to Gudhjem
21 / 21
Overview of "Gudhjem" and then to the ferry

The follow-up and reflections

Well - this one was a fast update - hope I have better time next weekend.

2019-06-02 - Another week past by

Sometimes life works in funny ways or maybe it is the annual June depressing kicking in. I was sitting thursday evening with nothing else to do than to sit and look at my belly button. I then thought - lets begin this weeks update. But somehow I was kind of totally blank about my whereabouts since sunday or maybe it was the red vine I drank earlier today?

Climbing status

I have been at the gym three times this week + a bonus. Monday I made a Han Solo and just boulder for myself. It was hard session - I forgot to take breaks and it the end my arms were pretty worn out. The route setters have made this awesome simple problem below. You only have to pull yourself up on the big round green volume and then stand up. It took some practice before I was able to reach the top.

On wednesday I got the head of my belay up my ass. I fell after the fifth quick draw and pulled her up to the second draw where her head meet my ass. That is not supposed to happen!! Before I started the climb we were talking about exactly that possibility - because I wanted to test myself and had a high risk of taking a fall. But even though she kept me on a tight rope it happened anyway. To prevent that from happening again I have order a Edelrid - Ohm from Bergfreunde.

Friday was pure hygge climbing with my trad buddy Torben and I had a bonus session sunday at my old climbing club FFK which have both an indoor and out door wall at DGI-Byen in central Copenhagen. On the first run my foot slipped and I got a scraped on my leg.

Subaru XV (Crosstrek) on a short road trip

I had wednesday off from work. After Tina left for work I took the car keys and took our Subaru XV for a short road trip around 100 km each way. I took the county road south until Vordingborg and then the freeway back to Copenhagen.

I was back in Copenhagen around 12. With plenty of time until climbing, I went by and voted for the general election via mail at the citizen offices. I haven't followed election campaign or the press coverage. The current government have been in power for four years. What they have done or not done, cannot be rewritten, just because of the election. If people want more of it, they should vote for them else not. What I vote for is a private matter.

Above some random pictures. First one is about fixing a problem with out fixing the real problem. The second is from the road trip. The third is from Jemtelandsgade where the citizen offices is. Some 20 years ago I work on the ground floor at the library. The last one is a war wound from climbing at DGI-byen.

Saturday I gave our balcony coffee table oil. First I disassemble the table, then down in the yard and sand it down. Then I washed it and put it to dry in the sun. After lunch I gave the all the parts linseed oil and left it for dry for 30 minutes. Finally I wipe off the excess oil and assemble the table again. Since the cloths I used to wipe off the oil may ignite spontaneously, I had to put them in a plastic bag with water.

From OpenSUSE Tumbleweed to Leap 15.1

The 22. of may the new version of OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 was finally out. Since I build my new computer in february I have been running OpenSUSE Tumbleweed which is a rolling version with all new the newest Linux packages. However - that didn't work with Vmware Workstation, which I use all the time. I could not use Leap 15.0 simply because my hardware was to new and not supported. But the version of Tumbleweed which I downloaded in february did work with Vmvare as long as I didn't updated the system kernel.

Anyway The new Leap 15.1 seems to work just fine. The install was a routine job for me and took around 1 1/2 hours including:

  • Backup of data
  • Install of system
  • Mounting additional file systems
  • Rights management
  • Installing additional software
  • Restore user data from Backup

I have done it so many times - it kinds help knowing every step and where things usually begins to go wrong. This is also one of the reasons why I always make a monthly backup of everything.

So far Leap 15.1 seems to work okay. I have had some problems with KMail breaking and the shut down sequence take more time than expected - but so far - I can live with it.

This week on YouTube

This week gave a lot of good new music videos - here is some of those people uploaded and I found.

Sarah Klang - "New Day Coming"
I enjoy her deep voice and the lyric is just so positive. I will surly follow her in the future.
Hot Chip - Melody of Love
I have never encounter them before - but their music is okay and I like simple and very effective effects in the video
Clover The Girl - Even If It Hurts
She seems tired of something - could it be Botox? Anyway an okay video, I might forget it before I fall at sleep.
Rammstein - Ausländer
The third music video from their new album. The first one was awesome. The second sucked just as much the first one was cool. This one is typical Rammstein - a good one.

Rambo 5

This fall is supposedly the last episode of the Rambo series. Very interesting. Have he saved the worst or best for last? I guess to september we will know. I wonder, if there also is coming a last chapter of Rocky?

Burger problems

Isn't just annoying when you have build this perfect burger and you ruin it with the first bite? Further more all the guts came out - all the sweet stuff, that makes life worth living - the essence of living and nectar for your stomach. Motherfucker!

The follow-up and reflections

Next week is going to be another amputated week. I have wednesday off because it is Constitution Day. Naturally I have a climbing deal at the gym instead from opening hours. Next weekend I might take a trip to Sweden - but that is still kind of unknown. I might also go for a long walk at some point.

There is probably going to be a lot of things to do at work - it always seems to accumulate in june because of the coming summer holidays. Good for those who live for their work. I am more the working to live guy.

2019-05-26 - Around Copenhagen, Chicken feet and a good found on YouTube

Another week came and left. The invisible track it had left in my mind has almost already being erased by my memory or replaced by other memories.

My tooth is almost back to normal - the same is my face, which was awkward with this huge swelling. I went climbing thursday and totally sucked. My fingers was numb and even routes I consider easy, turned out to be a challenge. It was completely opposite saturday - where I got some revenge.  

Monday - a little detour on my way home

The weather was great on monday and I needed to do something else than the usual stuff. Therefore I took a detour by "Langelinie" which is a pier just at the entrance to Copenhagen harbor.

1 / 10
A little and exclusive boat pitch
2 / 10
At the end of the pier
3 / 10
My new sunglasses and one big ass soft ice - I got really messed up
4 / 10
The view to Trekroner Fortress at the at the entrance to the Copenhagen harbour
5 / 10
The view to Reffen - at where the climbing gym is
6 / 10
The statue of the little Mermaid - totally tourist trap.
7 / 10
The royal yacht Dannebrog - maybe preparing for a summertrip?
8 / 10
The royal dock
9 / 10
The Gefion Fountain close up from the side
10 / 10
The Gefion Fountain

All the food I ordered for my upcoming trip to Norway came wednesday. It was quite a lot to unpack. Everything was in order except there was one giveaway - thank you Friluftsland. Only down side is, there are still so many days left until nature calls.

Chicken feet project

On my trip to Greece, I meet and climbed with this fantastic Canadian/Chinese women who really loved food. She mentioned the concept about eating chicken feet and that it supposedly should be good. My local GLS pusher is also a Thai food store. Therefore last time I pick up a packed I asked, if they had chicken feet for sale.

First I found this youtube clip about what to do. Then I made my semi own version of the recipe. First I clipped off all the toenails. Then I boiled them for 30 minutes. Then almost 2 hours in an oiled based garlic marinade. Then out of the marinade and in the fridge and ready for eating.

Okay - this was an experiment. I have tried it, and will probably never do it again. It is pretty much only bone and skin. But aleast they taste lovely because of all the garlic.

On YouTube

This week I David Morris publish a new and very good music video else it has been same same.

David Morris - This Town
I totally love this one. It is a kind of personal love story to his home town and about life. If he ever publishes an album, I will probably have to buy it. It is kind of sad, that only 4.832 until now have enjoyed this awesome song.
Madonna, Swae Lee - Crave
Well she is 61 and he is 24 years old. But it is hard to tell. I will grow old with grace - but I guess Madonna has another concept. Has she become a freak?
The music video is not that good. I will probably forget before I go to bed.
DJ Khaled - Wish Wish ft. Cardi B, 21 Savage
I her own word her pussy is getting big. Maybe that explain the many product advertising in the video.
Impressive lyric and rhyme - but not my stile - but not bad at all.
Skambankt - O Dessverre
Everything is in Norwegian even the humor even though the lyric when translated is serious. To much rocky for me - but fun to watch.

The follow-up and reflections

Next week is going to be short work wise. I have time off wednesday and friday. Thursday is a public holiday because of Christ's Ascension (if you believe in that) - but I like a day off. No big plans yet. The weather is currently unstable and preventing planning outdoor adventures of any kind. I guess I will just take one day at the time.

2019-05-19 - Could be worse - I guess
Last sunday the back tooth in my lower right  mouth began to hurt. Monday it began to hurt pretty much. Tuesday had to call in sick and visit the dentist. Apparently an old root canal treatment had become inflamed. Wednesday at 7:30 I had an root tip operation. The surgery took 2 1/2 long hours and left me pretty much fucked up.

But aleast the original pain is gone - bad news is, that it have been replaced by much other pains - but hopeful it will disappear soon, and I will still have the tooth, which I really don't want to lose.

X-ray Recordings - 40 Euro
Root canal treatment - 162 Euro
Root root filling - 228 Euro
Root tip amputation - 463 Euro
Local anesthesia - 38 Euro

I total a bill of 931 Euro - total crap. I really have other things in my life, I rather spend that kind of money on. But done is done - paid is paid. On next wednesday I am going to get the stitches removed.

Thursday - back to work again. I still don't quite understand how fast it all went.

As result I haven't done much this week except sitting in my armchair with ice on my cheek watching movies.

My favorite food currently is eggs with cheese and milk mixed together.

Dinner Norway

Since I had lots of time and nothing to do - as all physical exercises from light to hard is banned - I did an inventory check on what dry food I have from last year.

I have seven times breakfast - muesli with some kind of berry or chocolate and two dinners and two vegetarian dinners. The last two I might have to throw out as I don't eat as a cow.

On YouTube

This weeks harvest

Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care
This is rubbish. All is rubbish, the song, the video, the story - yes everything. The video makes my eyes bleed and my ears wants to go deaf.
Artefutura -LL Natalia - Body art
This one is not a music video. But it was removed from an exhibition at the National Museum in Poland after complaints from parents and school teachers.
Louis Tomlinson - Two of Us
This one is like soft ice. It taste good and when you are finish, you want another one. But after a hour, you have forgot all about it.
Braii - A Girl Who Wasn't There
Very rock'ish - maybe not my style but still a kind of good without being good. hmmm - I don't know!

Walk around Kullaberg

Well the dentist said not hard sport. Sunday I was feeling better and after three painkillers I was flying. On sunday Tina had her knitting club - so off I went to Kullaberg for a walk. The goal was to find the easy way to the Japanese wall (first row, right picture). After that I walked to Carstens Rende which was interesting because of the many deep gorges and thorny bushes.

At Carstens Rende I got a reminder why I always should bring a first aid kit. A middle-aged woman fell on the many lose boulders - head first. Thankful the three climbers she was with took care of her and they had remembered a first aid kit. I always feel uncomfortable seeing people fall and blood in that way.

My tooth survived the little trip and didn't brother me - in any way. Better times lies ahead. At least I hope so.

The follow-up and reflections

My goal of next week is to survive both work and my tooth. After the stitches are removed, I hope it will get better or maybe even normal.

2019-05-12 - This was a good week

My body was fucked of monday and is this sunday even more fucked up. One seven day week - one long walk and three days of climbing. My body is in pain, but no injuries and my left arm is feeling stronger and stronger.

A Han Solo walk n' talk

Tuesday I went for a soul cleansing 21,5 km long walk alone. The trip had several purposes. I wanted a GPS track of the new path I found last time. I wanted to try out my brand new Wiley X BOSS polarized Venice Gold Mirror sun glasses. I have to begin training for to upcoming trip to Norway and I have had a lot on my mind lately both work, life and everything.

1 / 12
GPS track of the path I took
2 / 12
They are preparing for summer in the inner harbor
3 / 12
My new sunglasses - kind of big. As you can guess, it is still cold'ish in Copenhagen
4 / 12
An evening with a lot of fast moving clouds
5 / 12
Someone had a bad day
6 / 12
At the beginning of the dike
7 / 12
Windy - clouds coming and going. But luckily no real rain
8 / 12
The long straight road
9 / 12
Back though the forest
10 / 12
A fast look back - the rain just missed me - hurray
11 / 12
Back to the civilization
12 / 12
The classic - who is looking on who

My new sun glasses are okay. But they have a tend to fog when I rested/was not moving. Next time, I will try them without the removable seal and see if that helps. They sit nicely without the side bars pressing on me head which is annoying after a couple of hours.

Back at City Hall

The occasion was a one day course / presentation about visual communication of financial data and other bone-dry facts.

It is always pleasant to visit City Hall with all it historic. The presentation was okay without being super fantastic. The bottom-line was don't use Excel. Instead try to visual the main messages via graphics.

Kullaberg again

Once again my trad buddy Torben and I visit Kullaberg for some traditional climbing. This time we went to the place called "Stenstugorna". The mission was to try something new and have fun. We climbed "Standardruten", "Østryggen" and a fast go on "Love for Sale" on top rope.

Is is funny how easy it is to cruise a harder climb. But when you have to secure yourself, your leg become to gel.

1 / 12
The playground saturday
2 / 12
The view from the top of the rocks
3 / 12
The way down
4 / 12
My turn to build an anchor and take a selfie
5 / 12
Torben is sitting on a rock
6 / 12
By some magic the sun began to come down and the temperature went down
7 / 12
Another quick look around
8 / 12
A selfie while Torben is almost finish building the anchor
9 / 12
Cleaning time
10 / 12
Not many on the ferry on the way home
11 / 12
A nut in place
12 / 12
A close up - not perfect - but that will do

On YouTube

This one is a collection of new and old ones I haven't mentioned yet. One good one and three others.

NONONO - Friends
This one is the only real good one this week. Still a little strange - but who wants to be normal in this crazy world.
Billie Eilish - bad guy
Hmm - I don't think this song would work with out the video. I think I will move on to the next video instead.
Sankta Kruco - Mother of the Last Lycan
It is more strange the good. But I like this very dark and demonic voice. Maybe the apple is from the garden of Eden?
ShataQS - Światło 432hz
I don't know what they are singing about and haven't put any effort in trying to found out. But the music have a good flow and I am a sucker for beautiful nature pictures.

The follow-up and reflections

Next friday is Prayer Day holiday - only four workdays next week. My climbing partner is still out of town. But still this week I managed to climb three out of seven days + a long walk. Next week I might take it a little more easy than this week. I might next weekend take another trip to Kullaberg - but just to walk around and learn the place of some of the other sectors.

I june we might go on a "bonus" trip to Seglora in Sweden. I have already been there a couple of times. Last time was to or three years ago.

2019-05-05 - Leonidio climbing and something else

We flew to Greece on saturday and home travel the next sunday - in total 8 night. We visit one sector each day except for one rest day. Therefore we only managed to visit 6 out of 58 sectors in Leonidio areal. The sectors we visited was:

All of the sectors had their own beauty. Some had slab, corners, tufas, overhang and so on. But sector Mars with its big tufas stands out. All of the tuba climbs were over my level, but I manage to fight myself up of two routes via back rope and climbed some other none tufa routes and had a yet another great day.

We had rented a house via airbnb called Kathy's Rock House. The location was super and very close to the main street, shops, restaurants and so on. The house was okay for the price - but not super fancy.

The water issue

For some time the water tap in our kitchen have been leaking. Just a little bit, when using the hot water. Therefore we ordered new valves (1 set for 38 Euro) online from billigvvs.dk. I didn't want to change them before I got home from Greece, just in case something unforeseen should happen.

The change itself was easy - the process could naturally be found on YouTube.

However the ball valve for the hot water decided to leak after I opened for the water again. It did so also last time I closed/opened it. But after 24 hours it simply stopped leaking.

Once we had a similar problem in our bathroom and called the plumber. But they didn't want to come, because it is apparently normal with some small leak, when the valve haven't been used for some time.  

Roof time

Our neighbor on the third floor have been complaining about noise from the attic. We have set up a rat trap, but I also wanted to inspect the roof from the outside incase something had build a nest or something. But everything was in order. To be completely honest I don't thing there is any animal problem. The smell on the attic is normal, there are no animal droppings and when you look around the dark places, the dust and old spider webs haven't been disturbed. The sound can be explained with the huge seagulls living around our yard.

Bowling time and other stuff

One of our nieces and her boyfriend had a combined birthday. The game was brunch and bowling at Big bowl Valby. The food wasn't that good and the sheets felt dirty. When we left, there was this stench of fish at the entrance. But the bowling was great.

Back at work - it is business as usual. The next thing I can look forward to is my trip to Norway - but it is going to take a while until that happens. 

News on YouTube

DIE ANTWOORD ft. G-BOY - DntTakeMe4aPoes
It has the crazy trademarks of Die Antwoord. The song really don't make any sense except "don't fuck with me" - okay then!
Sabaton - Bismarck
Nice video, which is well thought through. I think they have spent a lot of money on it and they have really cuddled around the little details.
Skambankt - Skumring
Cool mood, lyric, melody and video. I absolutely love it and want more. I will surely follow this group.
Rammstein - Radio
This one is only good because it is Rammstein. I guess that is my way of saying, that it is rubbish.

The follow-up and reflections

At the gym wednesday I was flying. Six days of dedicated must have given me some new endurance. My climbing partner is out of town for some time. I therefore have to find a substitute - no worries there. To day I had a buddy from 10 to 13. I still had something left in my arms, so after that I just asked a guy who looked as if he were in surplus. We ended up climbing four routes together. He usual climbs/live in Odense and was here just for the weekend with two friends, cool guy and strong climber.

This week I have finish to new routes in one go for the first time. I think the biggest change is, that my left arm is back on almost normal strength again. This is very enjoyable. I have to find a hard project I can puzzle with for the rest of this season. My original goal about being able to climb any 6a overhang route is now fulfilled.

I might take a trip to Kullaberg next weekend with my trad buddy Torben if the weather is okay.

2019-04-29 - Leonidio climbing

I have just come back from a 8 day climbing trip to Leonidio in Greece with two buddies from the gym and an Canadian. The climbing was awesome great. The local food was also great, mostly seafood, lam or pork. The cost of a average dinner was 15-20 euro including tips and wine.

I must admit, I chose to live in the present, and didn't take that many pictures. Below is the best from the worst.

1 / 13
The art of packing
2 / 13
Only 180 Euro for 8 days at sunnycars.com all insurance included
3 / 13
The Greek house for 8 days
4 / 13
And the main attraction just in the backyard
5 / 13
The breakfast
6 / 13
First day of climbing. This one was a tricky one
7 / 13
So many beautiful walls
8 / 13
And many had tufas
9 / 13
A quick look over the MARs sector
10 / 13
Some sectors also had nice approaches
11 / 13
An overview over Leonidio
12 / 13
On saturday it was Greek Easter - watch the video below!
13 / 13
And the Greek just went crazy - I am sure they used dynamite as firecrackers

On saturday all the Greek celebrated Easter and went totally nuts. They must have sent more that a thousand of hot air paper balloons - click on the picture below, and you will understand. 

Click on picture

The only annoying thing was the home trip with SAS. The flight got canceled because of a major strike. I don't mind strikes. But I do mind airplanes companies just leave their customers behind like SAS did to us. At the end, we flew first to Frankfurt, then to Hamburg and rented a car from Europcars and drove all the way from Hamburg via Puttgarden to Copenhagen. The Canadian had to catch her flight to Canada at noon. We woke up at 6 am sunday at Leonidio and I hit my home address at 6:15 am monday. In total I was a wake for 25 hours more and less. Lets see, if SAS are willing to pay for the rental car! I will surely make updates, on how SAS respons to the claim.

2019-04-19 - A short update - More sun and blue skies

Almost blue skies all week, but still close to 0 degrees in the mornings. With last years record dry summer in the back of my head I really miss some good long rainy days. The sun is back on our balcony, even though it is only a tiny part and only for 15 minutes. Now the long bright evenings soon will come. This is a certain sign of summer is coming home.

I just went though Feddeck Dauerwaren to see what to buy for this year Han Solo trip to Norway. The plan is being 10 days up on the mountain and just walk where ever the wind blows. I better begin to order the food medio May. I guess the closer the trip comes, the more it will consume my thoughts and life. 

It has been very quite days at work. Only 5 monday, 4 tuesday and wednesday and the on Easter Vacation. Tina and had my parents by for easter lunch friday. Tina wanted to do it the right way, that meant:

  • 3 kinds of herring
  • Fish fillets
  • Eggs and shrimps
  • Salmon
  • Meatballs
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Chocolate tart and coffee

So the fridge has been pretty full here the last few days. I might need a wheelbarrow to be able to get to bed to night.

YouTube - Die Antwoord - Special

Die Antwoord is a South African music alternative art band of some kind. They do not have any real inhibitions or taboos. If I some day had more money than I could spend, I would definitely sponsor a music video with them. Only one condition - I want to be in it.

Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja
Lovely and completely pointless lyric. They both nail it to perfection
Die Antwoord - Baby's on fire"
Naturally the man is in charge. Satan is hanging on the wall and all the girl wants, is to get fucked just once.
Die Antwoord 'Cookie Thumper'
This one is only good because it Die Antwoord. It is just an insane crazy music video.
Die Antwoord - "Fatty Boom Boom"
The louder the better. How the hell is it possible to come up with a video like this?

The follow-up and reflections

Well not much to write. Nice with some days off from work. My focus is on the next update. Now I need a drink.

2019-04-14 - Food and Kullaberg

I have decided to try and reduce my stress thing about work. Sometimes things have a tend to be self-reinforcing. However it is a thing that effects me quite a bit. But I believe having focus on thing that enriches my life instead is the way forward.

Another thing/fact is, that in the next 9 weeks people usual have 9 times 5 workdays. But because of holidays (both public, own and time off due to overtime working) I only have to work 31 of the 45 days - nice.


Saturday I had the first trip to Kullaberg this season with my trad buddy - what a great trip! Weather forecast predicted mostly sun and from 0 degrees and up to around 8 degrees at around 5 pm and some northern wind. We chose Carsten Rende again. Mostly because we had doubt about the cold weather and Carstens Rende is south and therefore sheltered from the wind and the chill factor.

It became a legendary good trip. The expectations because of the cold weather was fairly low. But as soon we hit the rock the lack of wind and sun almost all day gave us the almost perfect climbing experience. Off went the winter coats, gloves and we had to find our sunglasses. It became a real soul cleansing trip.

1 / 17
The ferry is almost in harbor at Helsingborg
2 / 17
On our way to Carsten Rende
3 / 17
Nice and empty at 9 o'clock
4 / 17
We decided to camp at the same route all day and practice boot climing
5 / 17
Midday a large event group arrived - mainly young female specimens
6 / 17
The route "Tøbrud Direkte" is an easy one, where one confidently can concentrate on placing the gear. 
7 / 17
Most of the event group didn't wear helmets. Maybe they were divine?
8 / 17
The route again without the marker
9 / 17
Pictures with blue skies just look better.
10 / 17
Just a look down
11 / 17
And another look down
12 / 17
Almost time to go home again
13 / 17
Yes, I really need that selfie stick
14 / 17
It has become a tradition to eat pizza at Mölle Krukmakeri 
15 / 17
It look cheap - but it is cheaper not to buy
16 / 17
Sunset over Øresund
17 / 17
On the ferry - almost at Helsingør.

Dinner time

Tuesday I was on food duty. My decided to make chicken pot with coconut milk, yellow pepper and curry paste.


  • 500 g chicken fillet
  • 1 can of coconut milk
  • 2 pic. yellow pepper
  • Some curry paste
  • Rice

First I cut up the chicken into smaller pieces. The same destiny hit the yellow peppers. Then burn the chicken until it is white'ish and combine all the other stuff.  I always use sufficient curry paste. Somehow the strong taste gets neutralized buy the coconut milk. I surely taste better than it looks on the last pictures!!

The follow-up and reflections

I finally realize that patching my climbing shoes with bicycle patches don't work. Therefore I have decided to wear them out. A bummer - because it made me feel nerdy and clever. Sometimes there is a reason why not all climbers do a particular thing.

Next week is only three workdays because of Easter and we are having my parents coming for a Easter lunch.

2019-04-07 - A "normal" week??

Sunday we changed to summer time - at work monday I witnessed a beautiful sunrise "again". Because of a strike at the danish railway company the offices was empty when I arrived. The strike was a big deal and stopped all trains in east Denmark. Thankfully they began in the early morning. It would have been very bad, if they had begun at 1 pm or later just before people was going home from work.

But what did the management expected, when they want to reduction of union representatives from 99 to 41? Good will didn't saved our children from dying in the coalmines. When companies tries to cut down on ones benefits, vacation and salary of course you should fight back.

On my way home, I took a little detour and went over Knippel Bridge and back to Amager. Lovely blue skies but only just below 10 degrees.

On wednesday the new inner harbor arrived together with a bigass crane. It only took one day to put it together. Still they haven't announced when it opens - the current timeline is fall 2019.  

In many ways this have been a normal week even though I already have forget what I did monday. I got our car to service and got the winter tires changes to the summer wheels. I might in the beginning of May give the car a big waxing treatment. The paint love it and it gives me a change to find damage to the paint that need to be fixed.

On sunday it was time for cleaning my e-bike and to give it some oil. The bike wasn't that dirty. The weather seems kind of different this year. It feels kind of dry, but when it rains - it rains a lot. Well but I am not a farmer, so what do I care.

YouTube - "I good found and some satire"

Vilma Flood - Fan of You
This one I really like. Nice quiet song but with an incredible performance and strong lyric. Yes - I fear the day you are no longer here. Go out and have some fun when you still have time.
Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls
"In Love with My Gun"
This one is a funny one - I always like well made controversial satire.

The follow-up and reflections

I haven't seen the crazy guy from last week and I haven't put any effort in seeking him. I still laugh about the hole episode - how stupid. The working forecast for next week is 10+ hours overtime and a hard deadline friday. But all that matters now is the trad climbing trip to Kullaberg and the climbing trip to Greece. Soon it will be May and I will have the summer trip to Norway in the horizon.

I haven't looked into the cpu cooler problem - I have decided to postpone that little project to after Easter.

2019-03-31 - Made a lifelong enemy and hard work

Well - we met the deadline from City hall tuesday - but it was after an almost 12 hour work day. One of my key colleagues was off both monday and tuesday, so I kind of had to do a double up ish thing and skip all other tasks and incoming mails and so on. I really really hope, that the backflow on this one is going to be limited.

I have checked my working schedules back to 2015. Seven times I have had a 11+ hour work day. Of those, six of them have been this year. Wednesday was I feeling like a vacuum after a storm. Unfortunately the consequences are, that other tasks won't be finished on time. It is stressing me out, but still - working more hours will probably not easy the flow of tasks. I guess I have to begin priority again. At least I kept to my work schedule wednesday to friday and left on time. Also I could feel all the computer mouse work in my shoulder.

The fingerboard situation

I already got the first trad climbing trip for this season booked in my calendar. Hopefully mid april I am are going on a one day trip to Kullaberg with my trad buddy Torben. I am really looking forward to get my gear even more scratched.

It is three weeks ago, I begun using my finger board again and still no signs of injuries in my fingers . However this time I am really careful and only do 5 seconds hanging five times, then 30 seconds pause and then again. One session is 5 x 5 and I only do 3 sessions. Maybe next week, after 4 weeks warming up I might expand and do heavy stuff.

The climbing session sunday was kind of "up hill". Saturday Tina and I went to a colleague of mine helping her with moving a wall mounted TV . After business we drank wine and cognac - a little to much. So sunday began with hangover. Thankfully I didn't puke at the gym. 

Wolfenstein is back

Bethesda Softworks have announced a new round of Wolfenstein from the 26. of july. I really like this game series and will most likely pay full price for instant access that friday.

Madness on my way to work

On monday on my way to work I had a dispute with another bicyclist. My experience was that he bumped into me and that he was very upset about it because it allegedly was my mistake. He got so upset that he began kicking my bike. His was very relentless about this being my mistake.

I found it kind of hard to see my blame as I was going in a straight line and he was the one changing lain into me. I had to get off my bike - I don't remember exactly was I said - but the bottom line was "stop kicking my bike or I will take a punch at you". That made him stop kicking my bike and we had a change of opinions. But his poor language and lag of reflection of own doing make it kind of impossible to come to a conclusion of any kind.

I followed the usual path to work and we pass several time afterward. On my e-bike my speed is kind of fixed. To my big surprised he turned off to the same building as me - saying we work at same workplace! I pulled up beside him and told him, that I would come by later to find him so we could discuss his way of behaving. Again a short a change of opinions, but still his poor language made it impossible. But he was kind of nice telling me exactly where he sat, saving me walking about 25 floors.

Well game one - I went over to him! I really felt and still fell, that his way of behavior is totally unacceptable. I kind of hoped that being at work in a professional environment would make him be more willing to have a talk on an adult level.

I will not say going over to him was a mistake or wrong judgment on my behalf. I don't mind assholes - but there are no free rides for assholes when they are working on the same workplace as me. They will be held responsible for their actions.

The result of me going over there was this huge feeling of embarrassment on his behalf and his colleagues. He kind of continued his behavior - Poor language, lack of tact, child'ish and totally relentless. There was no way we ever could have an adult talk. As I said - very embarrassment. His coworkers made him cool down so much that my exit was possible.

In the the above I have tried to be honest, but still it is from my point of view. As a reader, one should always be aware of, that there always are to sides of a story or clash. That made me thinking - this homepage is public! Therefore it is possible that the guy will read this and all about my life I have written about one these pages.

That brings me to some of my primary rules for the internet. Never write anything you don't want to be held responsible for and always assume that your worst enemy, wife and the tax office follows you.

Well - I don't mind or care about this guy reading about my life. However in case you find this page I have decided to give you some advices about life. Actually my list is fairly long - I will only give you top three. If you want the rest you are welcome to book a lunch:

  • Stop bullshitting yourself - Life is to short for one bullshitting oneself. When life goes sideways try to think about it also called reflection on own actions. Maybe if you did some adjustments, life would be more pleasant and fun? 
  • Empathy - Try to feel others. Have you ever tried to imagine another person thoughts and emotions? Sometimes helping other on their way through life is helping oneself.
  • Language - poor language can be a barrier which will exclude you from a lot of fun in life.

If you should be a coworker to this guy I only have one advice - One can only help one, who wants to be helped. If help is possible one should always give as much as possible. However if help isn't possible - life is to short to try.

Since I have begun an advice business - The world can sometimes be a small place. Always be nice to others and stay cool. Most of all because it is the right thing. But still, you never know, when you meet them again. They could be a neighbor, coworker, family or a member of the same gym.


The lyric is okay but the visual packed is totally awesome with all these small easter eggs from the past. I am looking forward to the concert in june and hearing 20.000 people yelling "Deutschland über allen".

The usual trip around Amager dike

On thursday I walk almost the usual 22 km trip around Amager dike. But on my way back to Ørestad I tried a new route which might be my new favorite one. Next time I will bring my GPS tracker, so I can map the route.

The follow-up and reflections

Summer time is coming. Friday was very sunny and almost 15 degrees. Saturday the same but a little hotter. All the Narcissus pseudonarcissus are exploding all around Copenhagen as you can see below.

Work is kind of down for the next week. To much too do and too little time. Saturday I washed the car saturday, so it is ready for service and summer tires. Why haven't any invented the self washing alloy wheel? 

I hope there will be time for another walk or at least two climbing sessions. I might also have to take my new computer apart as the Silent Loop 360mm CPU cooler still makes unwanted noise. I might take it out and take a look at the water level - even though it is new.

This is what BeQuite writes about the matter:"Generally, when the pump emits a rattling noise, it is not necessarily faulty. It usually indicates a small air bubble has become trapped between the impeller and the casing of the pump. Due to this entrapment the impeller of the pump begins to vibrate, which can sounds like it is clattering."

2019-03-23 - Almost the first to come and last one to go

Yet another work week with a lot of overtime - but still I have seen worse. thursday was the winner - came at 7 am and left again just after 6 pm. At that time the offices was empty again.

Actually I haven't done much else than sleeping, eating, working and climbing. To make it "okay" again to Tina we went out for dinner wednesday. At Kastrup is this okay cheap Chinese buffet restaurant called Jin Yuan.  Both food, inventory and service is okay taking the price in account.

But still, Tina is used to me working late from time to time. The doors goes both ways - I am already planning one extra week off this summer

When I look back at my time records it don't really look that bad, especially when you compare the other countries, where people have to have a double job to make it through life.

But one of the the consequences is I really don't have any input for this week. Youtube is broken, so I can't se which new music videos that have been uploaded this week or month.

I had three climbing sessions. I had to repair my shoes again with bicycle patches. One patch cost about 0,3 Euro. A new pair of shoes cost 125 Euro. I won't throw them out until they are completely destroyed by climbing. This par is from september 2018.

The follow-up and reflections

I feel so tired and next week will most likely be like this one. However there is a chance, that around thursday things might normalize again.

My climbing buddy with the foot wrote he was kind of okay, even though he can't walk for the next month or so. We are going to visit he in the beginning of april for some wine or stronger. 

2019-03-17 - Not a good week
Monday - well my big plan about a long walk didn't come though. The cut down in spending now also have to be implemented in 2020 and all the way to 2025. It is kind of good thing - but takes a lot of work.

The rest of the week was kind of tiring. I only managed to make one "event" as a colleague who has been loaned to another unit returned.

Climbing was first okay, then like hell. On wednesday for the second time I managed to finish a 6C grade (french) route. However it was a kind of very easy one. Properly graded it might only be a 6B (+) - but what do I know. It was good to get it closed. 

On saturday it all went to shitting hell. One of my buddies G were climbing this 7a thing and fell all the time. At the top there was this very hard move and clip. He fell a couple of times. But on the last fall, he hit the wall pretty hard and then no more climbing for 2 months for him. As he hit the wall with his feet he damaged his achilles tendon and could no longer support with that foot. I fell kind of bad as I was the one belaying - could I have done differently? But as a another buddy said, I shouldn't go down that road. As we get older, things hit harder and it takes longer to recover.

I hope he gets well before the trip to Greece - but will most likely not - Crap!

Mortal Engines

The world as we know it went to hell because of a powerful weapon of mass destruction (not like Saddam Hussein) People are living in cities on wheels who drive around and sometimes fights. The main story is about one of those cities, London which is on the brink of collapse, because there is no one left to fight and consume. In the city is a power tripping man (same bad guy as in Matrix) who wants to builds one of those old tech weapons from artifact founds. On the other hand are some other people who things he is an ass and really wants to stop him.

In the middle is a strange sideshow story about an ancient robot who wants to turn the main female character into a robot like himself. However this sideshow story have some kind of boring and long drawn scenes.

The movie is great entertainment but nothing else. After some days you will have forgotten about it. That could be a quality as you therefore could see it again. 

Source: Wikipedia
Copyright: Universal Pictures
I claim fair use

Sunday - to get my mind off things, I took the usual walk sunday along Amager dike again. A good 22 km. trip.

1 / 11
On my way down to the motorway bridge
2 / 11
What a little cute little one
3 / 11
And then on the dike
4 / 11
That is just silly - but the wind was damn cold and only 6 degress
5 / 11
Because of the wind, the sea was kind harsh
6 / 11
Keeping it going
7 / 11
Some more sea
8 / 11
And then it began to rain. With the hard wind it wasn't funny
9 / 11
Near the end of the dike
10 / 11
That high tree is a project for this summer - I am going to violate it!
11 / 11
And back to the boring city life

The follow-up and reflections

Next week will most likely be like hell at work. I lot of the work will not generate any value for us. But it won't permanent I guess. Better times is always ahead like the climbing trip to Greece and summer trip to Norway again though the climbing probably will fell a little awkward without G.   

Tina still haven't still not comment about the concert tickets I bought (Colter Wall) hmmmmm

2019-03-10 - My brain tells me, I am going to die - but I don't believe in my brain anymore

Monday - back at City Hall for a meeting about project spending for 2020 and 2021. Still we have to cut down spending to be able to meet the limit from the current government. For us it is probably not going to be further cutting down but more likely keeping the current very low level for the next many years. One thing is crystal clear - we got tons of work in front of us and no one seems to really know, how we shall proceed.

Pipilotti Rist at Louisiana

We both had a thursday and friday off. We am not this great art lovers - however we both like to get out a see new stuff. Therefore we went to Louisiana to see the exhibition with Pipilotti Rist. It was quite good - big dark rooms with a lot of light settings and movie clips on the walls. Naturally we also went by the cafe and the lunch buffet. However this time some must have dropped the saltshaker in the mustard sauce - crap.

1 / 12
A look back to the entrance to the exhibition with Pipilotti Rist
2 / 12
Well - I don't know. But it is big
3 / 12
Nice - breaking a taboo
4 / 12
No - that is just silly
5 / 12
I can't say why it is wrong - but it is wrong
6 / 12
This one I just like
7 / 12
Hey - a new awkward bronze statue
8 / 12
I immediately thought of my mother-in-law
9 / 12
I wonder how they got that one through security
10 / 12
About the bomb
11 / 12
I like this quote
12 / 12
Something about danish culture

Dea Trier Mørch - Røde mor

This picture was the main reason why I don't do farcebook anymore. Allegedly some people got their account blocked after posting this "Røde mor" image. It is just so wrong in so many ways. I really don't care if it offence someone in Australia or whatever - guess this is the flipside globalization.

YouTube - "write something clever and fail"

Grace VanderWaal - Stray
This one I don't know about. My first impression was just another woman with a cutter voice.
Apparently she wrote it herself, and the more I listen the more I like it. Yeah - it is kind of good
Mandella Linkz - Tombstone
Lets go all in. Hole family - yes hole village and when we are at it - what is worth doing is worth overdoing. They totally nail it to perfection. To bad I really didn't understand it all. But I lie to myself until it is real.
Ava Max - So Am I
This is just so good fire and forget music - totally perfect. Even though you have forget all about it 10 minutes later
Irish Moutarde - The Bitter End
An chaotic and hectic music speedo video. I don't really like the music, but the storyline is just so awesome. This is a good find

YouTube special - End of the world

My first YouTube special – yahoo! This song made me think about the world today. How times once were and what is to come.

I made me kind of feeling lucky. These years could be the height of our civilization. The big turning point where earth and us people go to hell, might not be far away.

If we had lived for 50 years ago, it would have been without all our electronic gadgets and we would have been beaten by the teacher in school and raped by the priests. If we had lived for 100 years ago, we would probably have been sent to war and got shoot to pieces. If we look further back, live was simply harder. You had to work to survive or/and you would die when you were around 40 or before – especially if you lived in England and worked in the mine industry.

Johnny Marr - Armatopia
The first and coolest environmental song ever.
So let's dance to the sound of our time running out.
And let us make V8 engines great again

The future might suck as well. Because of global warming and the desire of so called “ecological balance” all the fun things might get banned like meat, sugar, alcohol, plastic, cars, traveling and so on. Or we start new wars about who is allowed to consume and who shall deal with the waste. Or the world might just goes to hell anyway with us people sitting on the spectator rows thinking we can do something when whatever doesn’t matter anymore.

But what the hell do I care? I have lived an okay life until now, and I am going to die within 40 years anyway and hopeful before the world goes big bang. So let us drink to the end of the world and hope it is going to be quick and painless. I would rather die with a steak in my mouth than drinking carrot juice.


Color: Purple'ish
Grade: 6A (french)
Did I made it in first go: Yes
Notes: Good standard 6A route. Straight forward only minor issue - don't go for the hold to the left (Yellow). It is a foot hole. Instead use the undercling (green) to the right and go up further to the right.

Color: Yellow
Grade: 6B (french)
Did I made it in first go: No - have still not made it in one go
Notes: This yellow one is kind of hell on earth and just damn good build. Yes it has a high fear factor and a good crux just before the ceiling, where you have to commit to the climbing moves. The big undercling is totally useless. It is better to go for the edge and the next huge hand hole afterward. But one have to be dynamic. My brain tells me, I am going to die - but I don't believe in my brain anymore. Next time, I will just go for it - like not guts no glory.


The trip to IKEA was horrible - IKEA is a horrible store. But Tina is fond of being there. I would not deny I kind of motor my way though the store leaving Tina out of breath. And maybe is wasn't a nice thing to do of me.

My excuse is like this - Friday was a day off because of all the overtime I had in january. I really want do get things done. But IKEA is designed to be a totally time waster. You walk and walk and walk in this profit optimized environment. This is not clear indicator where tings are and almost no shortcuts. In one section they had even changed the floor to more friction so the shopping cart was harder to push - properly as an experiment to see, if  people spend more time in that section and therefore speed more money. But don't get me wrong - the staff is nice and the products okay - but the wrapping is just awful. I should charge them money for time I wasted.

Sorry - but I had to take the picture from the outside. I it the big thing in the middle we bought.

An active consumer should know, that time also is a product which has a price. Or I am just a grumpy paranoid old man, who see greedy capitalism everywhere I go.

And then a total disaster happen - Tina forgot to buy the shelves. They were not even on our shopping list!! And yes it was HER responsibility. In the early evening and after I had a power nap (for like +one hour) we drove to IKEA once again.

Replanting project

On sunday I went to Plantorama to buy new plant soil for our plants in our living room. There was a lot of cutting down and changing around. I hope everything survived. Two plants I cut completely down - but I hope they will come back to life in a week or so.

The follow-up and reflections

Next week I might go for the long walk around Amager dike again. This time I will bring a proper camera. Work might be like the return of the living dead. On friday when I had the day off, the entire department change seats. From now one, we are not going to work in teams. Instead we are going to work in professional circles - what ever that means. But still, I will most likely spend most of the day looking out of the windows and dreaming of live outside the prison cell. I have been checking my mail - and it look like tons of work is to come.

Tina still haven't seen or comment about the concert tickets I bought (Colter Wall) I guess she is not that much observant. At some point I guess I have to tell her then.

2019-03-03 - Gone neighbor and some sun
On monday I wrote to our neighbor on the ground floor, how it goes. His apartment had all sunday and monday looked closed and like he had left it. He had a history about been hospitalized for his demons. A couple of times I took care of his cat, when he was away. We could see, that the cat was at home. Anyway we didn't want to make an intervention in his privacy if he had been hospitalized. Messenger indicated some kind of activity. But tuesday when I was at the gym, some of our other neighbors and Tina decided to call the police for advice. The police check if he had been hospitalized, which he wasn't.

Because we had help with the cat we had a key to his apartment. After having conferred with the police again, a neighbor and Tina entered and found him dead in his bed. Apparently he went to bed saturday evening and just forgot to wake up sunday morning. Rest in peace Johnny (67).

That was kind of a big shock and left this very sunny week with a shade of sadness. Especially Tina was very emotional both tuesday evening, wednesday and the rest of the week. I guess that makes us human. We had been neighbors since 2003. The family have decide to follow his wish about spreading his ash in Øresund.

It made me remember, that it is important we enjoy the little things in life, and don't waste time dwelling on insignificant problems. It is much better to deal with the problems and get on and enjoy life.

New computer project part 5

My new computer project is now 98 percent complete. This weekend I made the first monthly backup. It was not a big deal, all I had to, was adjusting my existing backup command line script via the rsync command and I was aligned with my portable USB hard drive.

The last 2 percent is some kind of platform, under my working desk, so computer can stand right under the table. I think I will do some kind of wood thing of some sort. I am still thinking about different solutions.

Climbing status

I have dared to conclude, that my arm in back in business. For every session it get stronger and stronger. The session saturday was almost like old times. Still I wear my arm brace just for protection and to prevent injuries. I feel very very happy about me being able to climb again.

If I remember it - I will take some pictures of the the routes that have been set up after the competition some week back. 


Shrovetide is my name
buns I want
If I get no buns
I will make trouble
Buns up, buns down
buns in my tummy
If I get no buns
I will make trouble

On Amager it is a tradition at Fastelavn that people on horses ride from one bar/cafe to the next and simply block it, until they get some alcohol - I want a horse!

YouTube - Dido is back and something else

Dido - Give You Up
Some new songs from Dido and a new music video. Not the strongest song, but still nice with a blast from the past.
Dido - White Flag
One of my favorites  songs from 2009. A very direct and easy song to understand. Beside that she is hot!
Ghost - Dance Macabre
Super hot chicks, party, good rock and a lot of blood. It is simply not harder to make a damn good music video.
Clown Shoes
I don't know, how I find shit like this. When I wrote this the video had around 65 views and three like (one was mine). Maybe I spend too much time on YouTube? Anyway - the video is rubbish - but unique - but in a bad way.

The follow-up and reflections

Next week is work wise going to be short. Only three days and then to days time off because of all the overtime in january. Tina have some holidays left too - so it is going to be great. Most likely we will go to a museum and maybe IKEA to buy new stuff to our bathroom Tina wants. At work there was a restructuring of the organization. It only affects me indirectly. But still it is a big one - the result is one boss less and the one I usually have a lot of contact with and which has a very high professionalism is going somewhere else. But aleast it is good no one got fired this time.

2019-02-24 - Some sun, I throw up and some computer stuff and climbing

Monday I took a detour home past Nyhavn and the Inner Harbor Bridge. The weather was pleasant 10 degrees and blue skies.

On wednesday I walked the usual 25 km tour around Amager dike. On the way I took a photo of the Copenhagen harbor buses and a beautiful sunset. Later on a just as beautiful round moon came up. I later realized it was a supermoon because on that evening the moon was as closest to earth as it gets. Unfortunately my mobile phone is total crap when it is dark, so no pictures. It was kind of a cool walk, began in almost rain, then almost clear skies and then some very light rain again.

New computer project part 4

The new computer is now one week old, so what have I learned?

Noise - It is quiet - as like not making any noise what so ever. Only when gaming it is possible to hear a little fan noise. I think it is a contribution by mixing a noise reduction computer case and the low noise CPU cooler. I did paid extra for it - but it definitely paid off - no regrets on that account. 

OpenSUSE - Choosing the right operating system is kind of tricky and depends on ones preferences. Who are you as user? What kind of applications do you use? How much stability do you want? How much control do you want? Price? And most important - what kind of skill set do you have?

I don't mind taking a risk - meaning the computer gives you a command line prompt when booting up after an update or hardware changes. I like to control thing, remove thing I don't like and create my own layout. I have tried Red Hat, Ubuntu, OpenBSD, OpenSUSE and of course Windows from 3.1 to present day. So far Windows is the best gaming system, simply because it is the only system most premium games support. But for everyday workstation I better like OpenSUSE. With OpenSUSE you are in control. It is your own responsibility to update, you can add whatever you like and you don't get applications like onedrive and skype which is kind of hard to uninstall. And you don't get random software installed against your wish, when you update.

Until a week ago I used the distributions OpenSUSE LEAP 15. However - Linux don't always works. In my case I tried to combine a distribution which was older than the motherboard. The result was, that I was missing a lot of drivers, which made the installation useless. I am not that good in Linux to fix that. LEAP is their "safe" version, that usually works. They also have an advanced version called Tumbleweed. It is less stable but up to date and in my case worked with my new motherboard.

I guess we have to see, this is going to work out. For the same reason I take a backup every month.

Vmware - I know it might sound crazy and overkill. But for internet browsing and offices purposes I use Vmware and a virtual version of Windows 10. The main reason is that the Offices suite is the best. I can also make the virtual computer go via a VPN connection. Therefore when I browse, most business think I am sitting in Germany. When I want to buy anything, I use my browser in Linux. The result is, it is impossible to combine bigdata from my internet browsing and what I buy online and make profile tracking algorithm or whatever.

However on sunday I got the last data transferred from my old computer to the new on. I was thinking about making a home entertainment center out of the old one. But this new one is just so quiet and the old one makes so much noise I might not do that anyway. Maybe - I could turn it into a data backup computer - just need some new hard drives as the current one is from September 2014.

On friday I could see the spring time arrive. When I arrived at work around 7 am, the sun was almost up. Actually I had a feeling about being late because of all the light. On my way home the temperature was around 7 degrees and almost blue skies. The picture was taken at Gyldenløvesgade. The lake is Saint George's Lake. I might some week do a five day picture shootout.

Same evening I drank 3/4 bottle of wine. But on saturday morning I had hangovers for the first time in many years. I even had to throw up and I had like a group of craftsmen in my head working around - what a bummer spending a day like that.

Climbing - Came a little early for the sunday session. But already at 9 am the sun was lovely powerful. I went by the outside boulder wall for a quick photo. On the inside, everything was new because of the competition yesterday - how wonderful. Luckily my worst fear about my left arm didn't come true and I had a good session. But still med left arm gets tired pretty fast - but is holding up. I guess I just have to be careful and work it up slowly.

The follow-up and reflections

Time kind of walks away - like sand slipping away between my fingers. At work I keep thinking if it is the environment or heritage that govern our lives. Both managements and coworkers try our best but somehow the result always stays the same. I bought tickets to a concert with Colter Wall, I haven't said anything to Tina yet, but I left a easter egg on our board in the hallway - lets see how observant she is.

The weather for next week looks okay. I might go for a long walk wednesday and take a proper camera with me. 

2019-02-17 - Some pictures and a new computer

I Thought it would be cool and something new to take a picture over the inner harbor every day on my way home. I guess the winner must be friday with around 10 degrees.






It has been a quiet week at work with most of the staff on holiday. After many weeks with overtime and long days it is nice finally to have some quality time to catch up on thing left behind. Especially those thing that one day will come and bite you in the ass, if they don't get done.

The modern mafia

Found this offer on a website where I was looking for a thing which cost 3.396,- kr. (453 Euro). Apparently I could borrow the money and then pay 198,- kr. (26 Euro) the next 24 months in total 4.752,- kr. (634  Euro). The total cost for borrowing is then 1.356,- kr. (181 Euro) an annual percentage of impressing 40,6 percent -> Totally robbery - shame on Sparxpres.

New computer project part 3

I finally settle on a Rog Strix Z390-E motherboard. The price was around 267 Euro. It is not that much budget'ish. But still I hope it will last for aleast 5 to 7 years.

As something new I have also ordered a WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD - Solid state drive 1 TB - M.2 2280 - PCI Express 3.0 x4. I have never tried or work with one of those. It is my hope, it will make my virtual computer fly and spin like a hurricane.

I also bought a GT710-SL-2GD5 (63 Euro) graphic card to my old computer. I will then recycle that one in my new computer.

Still I kind of hate building my own computer.

I fear that day, where there will be an explosion, when I turn it on for the first time. But lets us pray to Bill Gate, that it wont happen. On friday all the parts came and it did went a little wrong!

I left work already at 1 pm and picked up the packet from our local GLS pusher. I quickly began putting things together. With this new computer case it was kind of easy. The two tricky parts was getting the cooler on the CPU (had to use some force) and managing all the cables on the back.

As I tried to turn it on for the first time, nothing happened what so ever! First I check if the wire was plugged in,and if the switch was on - but still nothing.

No power - therefore I had to take some of the computer case apart again and took a closer look at the power supply. There was this space between the power supply and the computer case, where the wire to the power supply was kind of pressed a lot together. I adjusted the power supply back, so there was much more space.

That did the trick and the whole thing led up - yahoo! Only struggle back was installing Opensuse LEAP and Windows for my games. After that reinstalling Vmware and my virtual computers. But that I have to make a follow up on later.

On monday the weather was cold but clear. That means time for getting all the salt and dirt washed off the car. Not because it looked that dirty, but it have been over to month since last I got it washed and road salt is no good a car.

On wednesday I finally was back climbing again. The bicep brace from Cho-Pat I have bought came monday. Until now I believe they are much better than taping up the arm. The climbing went quite good. No real pain, but still the arm is weak, numb and just isn't up for me pushing any limits for the moment. I am very very happy about I still can hygge climb.

On sunday they had begun stripping the wall for the competition next weekend. However I am not going to participate because of my arm - crap. But I am going to climb next sunday morning. 

YouTube this week

ZULABARD - Losing All My Time
Good song and just as good music video. I totally like story line and she it HOT and will make you suffer to the day you die
Scooter – Move Your Ass!
A blast from the past - he got my respect. Some years ago we went to a concert with him - he was like gold - he is a king!
T.J. Bey "Freedom"
His one and only music video and it is more and less home made. But still it is a little bit catch'ish
Within Temptation - Supernova
It is clear they stick to the formula they know works - and yes it does work. But still you can tell, that this is a standard product with more and less soul.

The follow-up and reflections

Much time this weekend went in making the new computer work. It is going to be interesting how work will turn out.

2019-02-09 - Firing again and maybe something else

This was not a good week!

Another round of firing people (writing as we walked the line)

Monday - As expected, the cut down in spending had to have some kind of impact. Today at 12 noon we were all called to a joint briefing. On thursday the team I am sitting in will have one less. We are 12 in total. After thursday we will be 11 people. On thursday between 9 and 9:15 am on thursday we are all requested to sit by our computers. The note will come by mail. I don't feel especially exposed - I feel I deliver what is expected and on time. But still the 11 others might do the same. I little annoying I can't climb because of my stupid arm. And not alcohol too - bummer!

Tuesday - I total four people is going to be fired on thursday where one is me or one from my team. I talked to a colleague and this person was pretty sure that it was this persons number. It is not good when people remember back and perhaps take things out of context, that was said months ago and use them as some kind of sign. However I guess we all do it in some kind of way. Anyway I am still convinced that I could not have done much differently within reason and if that is not good enough then bad luck!

On thursday, the "chosen one" will be contacted between 9 and 9:15. I might not come to work at 7 am as I usually do. I might come at something like 8:55.

Wednesday - One day left. Actually a quiet and okay day. Left at 14 and went home. Made some popcorn and watched a movie before Tina came home.

Thursday - I decided to make thursday like every other day. Up at 6 am, out of the at 6:30 and walk in the door at work at 6:59 (precisely). At 8:30 I walk up to the fifth floor and sat in a quiet corner and played a lame three in a row app on my phone. I returned at 8:57 and sat by my computer at 9 as requested by the management. Fortunately it was not my number - the rest is private. The rest of the day was kind of awkward. I kind of lock the door to my head and did some Excel stuff I really have wanted to do for some time. Stuff I normally don't have time for. Everyone had anyway written off the hole day - I went home around 4 pm.

Friday  - Almost a normal day. But still a kind of odd mood. I check up on colleagues in other departments. The weather on the way home was still depressing - like just freezing and no sun.

New computer project - part 2

The entire decision-making process about buying a new computer have been totally suspended. In case I still have a job it is going to be solution A. If I should loss my job, it is not going to be solution A or any other solution.

But because I have to rest my arm until wednesday next week that gives me a lot of time to read stuff and find the right motherboard. The important stuff in the beginning was: socket 1151, from Asus, ATX size, supports 9th and 8th Generation Intel Core and must be a newer product (not older than july last year).

Price 244 Euro
Price 420 Euro
First I had my eyes on a Z390-F motherboard. An okay price and seemed to meet my requirements. However after I got my new PC case by GLS and had a look, and then took it completely apart and inverted it, so the glass came on the "right" side, I had to consider my criteria.

The "DARK BASE PRO 900 ORANGE rev. 2" have some USB ports in the front. Two USB 3.0 and one USB 3.1 Gen 2. However Z390-F don't have any USB 3.1 internal connectors on the motherboard. So if I am going to do this right, I have to find a motherboard which also have internal connectors for both USB 3.0 and USB 3.1.   

I am a kind of lame on this point, because I just look for some more expensive motherboards until I find what I am looking for. Unfortunately the motherboard ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO it does not match the concept of this being a "budget" computer. I guess I have to do some more looking then.

Useless facts about three movies

  The Getaway  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Credit Wikipedia

Credit Wikipedia

Credit Wikipedia
Year 1972 2012 2002
Playing time 02:02:49 03:02:31 03:55:25
Intro time 00:00:16 00:01:14 00:00:47
Intro in percent 0,22% 0,68% 0,33%
Scrolling credits time 00:01:54 00:10:12 00:20:34
Scrolling credits in percent 1,55% 5,59% 8,74%

Møns Klint - looking for fossil belemnites

Last sunday I went to Møns Klint (a 6 km stretch of chalk cliffs) because Tina wanted to have a knit and crochet party with her girls. The primary goal was to look for fossil belemnites that constantly washes ashore on the beach. I already have a rather large collection - but it is a good form of mindfulness to look for small rocks.

1 / 16
The path down to the cliff
2 / 16
The view before the decent to the beach
3 / 16
Some years ago they replaced the dirt stairs with wood
4 / 16
The last section before the beach
5 / 16
Down at the beach looking north
6 / 16
Down at the beach looking south and the way I went
7 / 16
Looking back north
8 / 16
The fossil I am looking for
9 / 16
Hope not, that someone someday will have a very bad day
10 / 16
Gray mud is clay and okay. Brown mud is dirt mud and is like quicksand. Some years back I cross a 10 meter belt with brown mud and almost lost my shoes. I had mud well higher that the height of my boots - what a mess - it was like "no shall pass"
11 / 16
An stone offering to the mud god
12 / 16
Two more stones
13 / 16
Yes - it is a selfie. I am serious considering to buy a selfie stick
14 / 16
That was a tight fit
15 / 16
The result of 2½ hours of rock collecting - an okay result. In summertime I usually only find 10 pieces
16 / 16
Some of my fossil collection

YouTube a good found and some crap

Sarah Klang - "Call Me"
A really nice and quiet song. She has a nice singing voice and the music just have a pleasant flow. I immediately subscripted to her channel.
Sarah Klang - "Strangers"
Same as the other one - just some more speed and "voice action".
Netta - "Bassa Sababa"
Pure crap - this makes my ears bleed. This one really challenged my rule about watching every music video I post to the very end. 
To The Future Tony P - Ft. Rose HP
I don't know what to make of this one. He is strange and she is even more strange almost awkward. But it is a free world (unless you live in America, China and so on) and one should be encourage to fulfill ones dreams. I am just not going to listen to it.

Amager dike

Instead of walking the usual path around Amager dike I took my e-bike instead. Mostly to get out and not stress out my poor left arm. I got a little of everything, but mostly clouds.

The follow-up and reflections

This was not a good week in many ways. It will take some time before the damage and trust have been restored. I am look forward to wednesday, where I once again have a climbing session. At work all management have the annual winter Holliday next week. I might try and finish my computer project.

2019-02-03 - Cake and "new computer" project

It is a tradition that the firm buy cake when all the accounts from last year are finally closed and the performance was acceptable. This year three cakes from the Conditori La Glace.

The three cakes was:

And they were just as delicious as they were heavy. I know from experience that they are packed with all the good stuff. I must have consumed calories enough for the rest of the month.

The tricky question is - are they worth it? The clear answer to that question is "It dependent on who is paying"

YouTube lost, found and news

Colter Wall - Kate Mccannon
A nice murder music video with a very American stereotype setup - I like this one, it is a good found.
Lil Wayne - Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACION
Not the best music video but an example why geoblocking don't work. First I couldn't see it though VPN to Germany - they I switch to Norway and I could see it without any problems - why why why?
Imagine Dragons - Bad Liar
An okay new music video. With almost 5 mio. views on three days. Guess it is popular, which not equals neither good or bad. Clearly they have spend a nice sum of money on making it. But it is okay!
AURORA - Animal
A Norwegian singer. I don't really like her - but still she have made a new music video. 

New computer project - part 1

My current computer from around 2011 is getting old and need a replacement. The motherboard is a P6X58D Premium from Asus with an Intel core I7. It is actually working perfect since I upgraded to SSD drives - but the main issue is, that the Vmware Workstation I use not longer support the old CPU. That means, that I at some point soon will be unable to update software any further. And with that age, one must expect some kind of melt down at some point, probably at a very unfortunate time.

First - what do I need? I need a quiet computer, that can be left turned on for days. Sometimes I need power for processing movies from my camcorder. I need a lot of RAM for my virtual Windows installation, which I use as my daily computer and I need to be able to play premium games like Far Cry and Wolfenstein.

The first parts have been ordered. The PC case is going to be from the Germany producer Be Quite and is called "DARK BASE PRO 900 ORANGE rev. 2" together I ordered a 850 watt power supply called "DARK POWER PRO" (sometimes I mix up dark power with dark matter hmmm - not literally)

It is my hope, that this new computer is going to be much more quite than my current one. When I am finished building it, I expected it to last aleast 6 years. However quality cost money, and I am a kind of low because of the trip to Greece and so on. I might have to violate my credit card and credit line.

I really like this computer case. It look very flexible and spacious. It is possible to invert which I might want. It does cost around 70 Euro more than my initial thoughts. But if it last 6 years it is only 1 euro extra each month (70/6/12 = 0,97 Euro) - but lets see, if bullshit walk or it is a good choice. To save money somewhere else, I am probably going to reuse my current graphic card (ASUS Strix GEFORCE® GTX 970) and maybe one of the two SSD drives.

Arm issue

My left arm is still hurting. Not that much anymore. It is more like a bubbling under the surface which is just waiting to come back. This week I am trying to do some arm exercises to try and strengthen the arm and muscle. At the same time I have the arm fixed to my hip when I sleep to avoid I am sleeping on the arm - I guess Tina sees herself as lucky these weeks. I have had two climbing session this week - but still only "hygge" climbing for me.

But still on thursday I began to get heating sensations in fingers, which is a very very bad sign.

Next week could very much be like fasting and no climbing at all. I have bought a bicep brace from Cho-Pat. Hopefully that somehow will help - or aleast I hope it will help.

The Phantom Of The Opera

Last friday Tina and I went to the theater to see the old classic Phantom Of The Opera at "Det ny teater". It was a kind hard because I have had this long work week and was awful tired. I am not that much into doing theater and musicals. I found it a bit long and maybe to much singing - yeah I know - it was a musical!

However the hole setup was super fine. Both the scene and the costumes were incredibly beautiful.

The follow-up and reflections

For the most part is about getting my arm back in business. As I already wrote, next week is going to be really quiet about physical activities.

I had this deep thought about kindness after I drove from work home and out to Blocs & Walls on my bike. In Copenhagen you often see other bikers being more and less thoughtless. But in that same moment I was standing there waiting for my coffee at Blocs & Walls, some guy handed in a lost phone he had found laying around where it shouldn't.

Sunday I went to Møns Klint (a 6 km stretch of chalk cliffs) because Tina wanted to have a knit and crochet party with here girls. I took a lot of photos, but that must wait until next update. 

2019-01-26 - A short update

As expected this workweek was a fairly long one. Worked monday from 7 am to 8:30 pm, Tuesday was again from 7am to around 6:30 pm. But we managed to finish all the accounts and the result was kind of good. Both monday and tuesday the firm bought dinner for us. First pizza and tuesday sushi.

The long working was okay. We also had time (or took time) for some small walks around the building and enjoying the light snow coming down. Unfortunately it all rained away on sunday.

Both the long working hours had it price - me being very tried. However I did climb saturday. It was only easy climbing because of my arm. All week I have used Voltaren three times a day and I have tried to rest my arm as best as possible. It seems to have worked. At least it doesn't hurt that much anymore, but it feels like, it might take some weeks before it's back to normal. I guess I still have to climb easy and take care of it.

Right now my skin on my upper arm looks kind of funny - like all dried out. The place where the sports tape took the skin off haven't healed correctly. Hopeful that will heal now when I have stop using Voltaren.

The trip to Greece has become more and more real - I am really looking forward to it. I even have bought the flying tickets.

On thursday I discovered a proper pimple on my front left shoulder. I haven't had one of those for years like +7 years. I felt a kind of young standing there in front of the mirror pressing and seeing the contents ending up on the mirror. 

The follow-up and reflections

It is going to be more work next week. But aleast I have planed two sessions at Blocs & Walls and I might sunday go for a long walk like +25 km. Tina is going to have a knit and crochet party. She very politely told me to be somewhere else.

2019-01-13 - Work work work

But first monday - once again some strong wind and even snow in the air. Unfortunately I was on work from 7 am to around 17 - so no fun for me. Still it was not that much snow.

I had a real bad start monday. Some evil son of a bitch had change some setting in our ERP system. The consequence of that was, I had to improvise some new Excel Kong-Fu. Frankly people ought to get shoot for  changing vital settings one week before complete the financial statements for a hole year.

Actually, I got fairly angry and had to cool off by eating 4 times 6 centimeter of Giant Turtles. And it also redirected the anger to a pain in my stomach.

On Thursday it went sideways again. Apparently when you combine SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office and Microsoft OneDrive, it is possible to get disconnected

from the cloud without any clear indication of something is wrong. In my case my last save of an important document was around 9:30 - however I had been working in the document all day long until 18:15, when I left for home. When I open the document at home around 20:00 to continuing working I got a kind of shock seeing all my saves during the day was gone. I really had to put my shit together.

Luckily I had made copy of some of my changes and had send them out by mail to other people - still it took over 1 hour to restore it all from memory and those copies. Lucky I found out friday the sequence that triggered the error, and I could repeat it to our cloud nerd.

Lesson learned must be, never to have a document open all day without closing it once in a while. My working time is average 37. That means I over time have to work 37 hours pr. week. Still we have these repeating peaks, where we really have to do a lot of hours. This week I have worked almost in total 49 hours.

Usually we will take time off at a later point, like we did at Christmas. If that is impossible, we sometimes can get the hours paid.

Dinner chicken and potatoes

1 / 9
First 4 chicken wings in the oven for 45 minutes at around 200 degrees
2 / 9
Peel potatoes for two people
3 / 9
Putting Dolmio together with marinated garlic in a pot
4 / 9
Chickens out of the oven
5 / 9
Remove all the skin and bones - and only have the meat left
6 / 9
Add some curry pasta - But not to much, else Tina is going to be angry - safety not guaranteed
7 / 9
Like so
8 / 9
And when the potatoes are finish - it will look like this
9 / 9
And dinner is served


On saturday I was almost the first to arrive. I used the opportunity to take this panorama picture.

My left arm have been bothering me a lot. On wednesday I only did easy stuff to spare the arm. For three day I have my arm taped up. On saturday I began to use something called Voltaren - hopeful that will take care of the pain together with easy climbing. Next week I will probably only climb in the weekend. 

I have bought the climbing guide book for Leonidio and Kyparissi. Some buddies from Blocs & Walls and I have this plan about to go to Greece for 8 days in the spring.

Something like renting a house and just destroy our fingers like totally until the finger bones is visible. How hard can that be?

This is really something I am looking forward to. I haven't been proper rock climbing for almost 1 1/2 year. Nice to finally to get the opportunity again

The days have begun to get a little longer from 15:37 around the 20. of december to 16:15 on friday. I must have missed the sunset by 10 minutes or so.

Anna von Hausswolff on YouTube

Anna von Hausswolff
Ugly and vengeful

This is a 20 minutes long song about a girl complaining about a man who wants to take her virginity
Anna von Hausswolff
The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra
A 7 minutes long song where she finally tells the man to fuck off

The follow-up and reflections

It is going to be more work, work and work and like 12+ working hours a day. On tuesday at 20:00 the accounts for 2018 will be closed. After that point it will not be possible to make more changes. But still we have a lot of paperwork. Climbing is probably only be next weekend. 

2019-01-13 - Same shit - first week at work this year

Monday I was back at City Hall for a meeting about some financial things. From now I will only use my new e-bike to and back from work. That means no more metro and train and of cause that I am saving the money for their services. Luckily City Hall have inside parking for bikes.

My new bike cost 1.350 Euro. The train/metro/bus service cost 53 Euro each month. So if the bike don't break down before 25 months it will pay off. If it last more than 25 months, I will save money on this decision.

I found another cool feature in City Hall. In some staircases the ceiling has a kind of 3D effect as well as some pretty nice hand painted decorations. I really appreciate these small details that one can no longer find in new and so-called modern buildings.

Friday I went to the Administration for Technical and Environmental at Islands Brygge 37 for at meeting about how to handle cross-cutting project regarding climate investments. The meeting was not that much productive. But we discussed the matter and agreed, that when the right time comes, we will make an effort. 

Many years back I worked at Islands Brygge when the administration for the libraries in Copenhagen had offices there. For almost a year, I for the only time in my life, had my own office room for myself. It was I kind of a sad story, because the woman who had the offices room before be killed herself and no one wanted to sit there, because she probably have been sitting there and planning it all. Anyway - I came as an outsider and didn't mind. I don't believe in ghosts - but shit does happens.

The trip to Islands Brygge took me once again over Langebro and the beautiful view over the inner harbor. 

Most of the week have been had work and some long hours at work. We are about to complete the financial statements for 2018. Tuesday the 22. of January is the last day for any changes. As a result I have only been eating dinner with Tina Monday, Wednesday and the weekend this week. Either I have been at Blocs & Walls or she have been partying. But I don't mind. Friday I therefore had to do the shopping myself.

Because I now always is on a bike, I have to use big boots when it rains or worse. Therefore I needed some easy shoes at work. In Bilka I found the par below.

I chose these shoes because they seemed like easy shoes - without shoelace and  a kind of elastic on the sides. I hope it will be quick to take on/off. About the price:

  Dkr. Euro Dollars
Price tag on shoes 349,00 46,53 53,94
Discount 40% -139,60 -18,61 -21,58
Total Price 209,40 27,92 32,36
Taxes included (25%) 41,88 5,58 6,47

Saturday I went a little crazy at Blocs & Walls and spend almost 5 hours. One of my many nemesis have been this pink 6a. I have climb it before, but always a little unsecure at the roof section. Most of the times I got really pumped. But this time I got it and most of the moves perfect - it was almost enjoyable.

After this busy work week I really needed to get my mind off things. I had even planed to work at home this weekend, but that is probably not going to happen now, as I waste my time away trying to forget work. Anyway it was not all that great - my upper left arm began to hurt again - most likely from over load - crap.

This week I won't do a YouTube. I simply don't have the time and there haven't been that mush new on YouTube worth remembering or passing on to others.

The follow-up and reflections

Next week is going to be even more work and long days. But still I will priorities at least one good evening at Blocs & Walls and maybe one day in the weekend.

The Next update could be a little bit tame, because lag of time - bummer.

2019-01-06 - New Year, bakery, a little "storm" and so on

Again this year Tina made Kransekage to the hole family and one old colleague of mine. I really admire her effort and the result is awesome. It is almost a three day project for her. Thankfully she has a faithful helper in her 1600 W Bosch kitchen machine which does all the hard kneading work. What can I say - she know her shit.

1 / 6
The ones without nuts have nougat inside
2 / 6
For the three towers
3 / 6
Kitchen aid
4 / 6
A little cleaning up - she won't miss the one I took
5 / 6
Tina takes a picture
6 / 6
And I take a picture

New Years evening

2019 checked in and one year later checked out again.

We always keep to ourselves on New Years eve. Tina don't like all the firework and I don't like big party. After all these years the following has become a tradition:

  • 5:30 pm - Dinner starter
  • 6:00 pm - the Queen's New Year's speech
  • 6:15 pm - Dinner main course
  • 7:00 pm - movie number 1
  • 9:00 pm - movie number 2
  • 11:30 pm - The 90th Birthday (link)
  • 11:55 pm - The tower bells
  • 00:00 am - We drink a bottle of Martini Asti
  • 00:10 am - Fireworks
  • Until 01:something - loud music
But first we always bring out our champagne glasses we bought in Lisbon in 2005. They were not like totally expensive. But back then it was it was a kind of money. We only use them this one time each year and then it is back in the closet. Back in 2005 I had long hair for the only time in my life.

The movies this year was:

  • Bird Box - An okay movie for a NetFix. But it didn't succeed in making the end of the world great again! (you got it - right?)
  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout - Just a standard mission impossible - I have already begun forgetting what is was about. But great entertainment at the moment.

After the movies we always see The 90th Birthday - it is tradition followed by the tower bells. The fireworks I bought turned out to be the best so fare - there was no quality issues what so ever . Next year it is probably going to be Thansen again.


We had a storm passing by New Years day with wind between 24,5-28,4 m/s (48-55 knobs). We were just doing the laundry and nursing our hangovers from New Years eve. The wind came from north, that means the water was being pressed down Kattegat and into the Baltic Sea. The result is flooding. This is the exact reason why Amager has a dike. The top picture below is from 21. of June 2018. The bottom picture is from Wednesday - the day after the storm. It is not the exact same place and direction - but still the consequences of the storm are clear.

I took the usual way on Amager dike. Both to clear my head from the alcohol fog, enjoy the sunny weather and to see how much water that have come during the storm. It was around 1 degree combined with a 10-15 m/s wind. Those combined it was a kind of cold. Luckily I had tailwind 2/3 of the 20 km I walked.

On YouTube

Not that much going on right now on YouTube. Three of the videos below is old ones. In some strange way the all contain elements I appreciate.

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor
With this one, Jean-Claude Van Damme certainly have to look out - he is not longer the only cool action guy around.
Naughty Boy - One Chance To Dance
Maybe a little to much "music for money" concept video - but I like it anyway. It is important to follow ones dreams what ever that means.
Emergency Tiara - Explode
Pure music for fun. They just do what ever they like and think is cool - totally like them.
alt-J (∆) - Fitzpleasure
A totally wired one. Not the greatest music but wins a lot of points for it alternativeness

New at Blocs & Walls

One of the coaches named Peter has built this new pink route on the club's structure wall.

It is listed as a 6A. I finish it in first attempt Thursday - which was good and expected. Even though there are a lot of pink hand/foot holes, you still have to use a fair amount of the structures. Most of the holes are meant as foot support.

The route don't have a nasty crux or any special hard sections. I experience getting a little bit pumped in my arms because I have a stupid habit of "over" gripping the structure and hand holes when I climb a new route for the first time. On this one some of the clipping is awkward because you most of the time is to the fare left, and the clipping is to the fare right.

This one will most likely feel more and more easy, because you learn all the good spots on the structure. I climbed it again Sunday, when I was used and tired without any issues because of the good resting points.

The follow-up and reflections

Soon it will be one year since I did my last Facebook update and I begun this blog'ish thing. I am pretty happy about how the site is going. Therefore I will only make small adjustments. This site is mostly for myself and I kind of like the simplicity. Sure I could find some more cool java and so on - but for what? "Keep it simple" works and I much better like writing content instead.

Work have the the potential to become something like an art deco nightmare. With this new SAP system, the cut down of projects and probably staff as well and people who is still trying to figure out what to do (me included). The rest rest of January has all the ingredients to become some interesting shit. But as always - all there is to do, is to try our best and hope it will work out - just the way I love it.

Tuesday is going to be tricky - should I go to Blocs & Walls, or FFK or should I go for at long walk. Weather might exclude the walk and I might have to do some overtime -- I don't know.


Missing posts or want to read more? Take a look at my archive:

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2018-02-19 - First post

First of all - I am Claus Ulstrup, born 1972. So I am beginning to be pretty old but know my way around the internet. I live on Amager, Copenhagen the capital of Denmark. I have chosen to make this site in English because the world are just bigger, when the language is other than Danish. For the last many years I have been living with my wife Tina (Not entirely true, as we are not legally married). I currently work fulltime at Københavns Ejendomme og Indkøb.

My intentions with this blog-like homepage is to have some kind of memory of my life. But unlike Facebook and other similar internet services, I want to be in full control of the contents and not be subject to censorship, advertisements and tracking.

I hope, that in time, this low-practice html site with some java will become great. One thing is certain, that the result will always match my effort.

I have at few beginner goals:
1 - Try and convert my Facebook contents to this site
2 - Make an update once a week
3 - Try a make some kind of java image gallery
4 - Try and make this look nice - but still keep it as simple as possible

Now that will do is a first post. Knowing my self - I give the site a 25 percent chance of success :-)

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