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2019-12-28 - Christmas and a lot of reading stuff

It has become a tradition we have christmas at Tina’s twin sister in Hvidore. But first we went by the cemetery to setup a light at Tina’s father’s grave. We also had an old stick light we hang in the bush.

Again this year the menu was long-roasted pork and duck with potatoes, caramelized browned potatoes, potato chips and hot red cabbage and brown sauce and some other food for the rabbits (salad or whatever it is called).

My sister in law had really done it all perfect. Both the pork and duck was juicy and tender. It all came together like a beautiful symphony of meat. After this orgy of food we finished off with risalamande.

Christmas at Blocs & Walls

On monday we had the last climbing session before christmas. As I was warming up I got hijacked to participate in a christmas photo. When we left just before 10 pm, there were only two other climbers left in the gym.

The long walk

On friday two coworkers and me went for a good long walk along Amager dike. The deal was, that they would stop just before 16 km at Kongelunden. I would then continue the rest of the way to metro station "Øresund".

1 / 28
On my way down to Islands Brygge / inner harbor
2 / 28
Arrived 5 min before time and had therefore some time for taking pictures
3 / 28
I even had time for a selfie
4 / 28
Then the long walk began - first the way out of the inner harbor
5 / 28
Then along the first part of the dike
6 / 28
And the beginning of the second part of the dike   
7 / 28
The weather was perfect - sunny and around 3 degrees
8 / 28
Some birds or duck was camping out
9 / 28
And then just walking, walking and walking
10 / 28
Some fishing poles
11 / 28
For at short moment the sun was covered by clouds
12 / 28
Us three standing on the dike - I lot of water behind the dike I would say
13 / 28
At Kongelunden my two buddies from work quitted as planed. 15,7 km. is a good long walk for them. I continued at took almost the second stage 
14 / 28
I took "Fasan" path through Kongelunden
15 / 28
Even though it only was 2:30 pm the sun was low
16 / 28
I have a fondness for sunsets
17 / 28
Along the dike are some expensive houses. I check a real estate agent and the prices are around 9 to 6 mio. kr. (1,2 - 0,8 mio. euro)
18 / 28
In the background you can spot the bridge to Sweden
19 / 28
Sometimes the path was more rough
20 / 28
Still some sun left - nice
21 / 28
Selfie time
22 / 28
The last of the sun for that day
23 / 28
A sea water bath at Dragør
24 / 28
The final shot after sunset
25 / 28
After 32,5 km I quitted at the airport. My knees was not happy about doing the last part and it was kind of dark and boring walking.
26 / 28
The entire path - the red circle was where my two coworkers stopped 
27 / 28
Some random numbers
28 / 28
Some more random numbers - the high peak in speed is correct as I dropped my sunglasses as I said goodbye to my two coworkers and had to go/run back

The glory lift and dead of a CAT S60 mobile phone unit

The phone unit went online 6. july 2017. The hopes were high and the disappointment great. It thought it had a battery time like at least one week (7 days). However as soon wifi was on the battery was gone. My intended use for hiking and still be able to be in touched with Tina. I soon learned, that the only way that would work was to be on fly mode and only be online when I wanted to use to phone. Else the battery would be drained in just one day. It was an odd feeling walking around I Norway with a two week old phone, which lost all the battery in one day – just by being online. I think the cause was, that when the mobile coverage is poor or not existing, so it used enormous amount of power to either keep or find a connection.

The dead itself was on me – I am the one to blame. I had bought this replacement battery from CC (Crappy China) and followed this Yube video on how to replace the battery. But in the process I tore a cord. The battery was kind of glued to the back of the phone. Instead of looking I just yanked it out with full force and tore the cord. May the phone rest in peace – I will always remember it as an awful phone.

The glory birth of a CAT S31 mobile phone unit

As I realized I had broken my phone had to punish myself with buying a new one of those hateful units. This time I refuse to pay premium money as whatever I buy, most likely will have the same flaws as the dead CAT S60. That sounds like an easy task for a normal person – however I am not a normal person – yes I am fare for normal.

Nearby we have this “El-Giganten” store – a large outlet for TV, computer, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and phone. I could see on their homepage, they should have at cheaper CAT S31 phone home (2.199 kr. – 293 Euro – 330 US dollars).

However some 5 years ago I was refused to buy a tablet in the store because I didn’t want to give them my private information. I really don’t want to share mail address, phone number and address with companies when I am a customer – unless it is an online buy naturally. Those 5 years ago I might had been a little unclear in my communication. I refused to give my information but then I combined it with wanting a discount for my information. The sales man then focused on the discount and not the fact that it was because I didn’t want to share information.

With this learning in mind I was very polite and first asked, if the phone was in stock. Yes – it was. Then I asked again very polite, if I could buy it anonymously. He was kind of honest and had to check, as he had never done that before - WTF – I am the only one trying to protect my private life? They most likely have half of Denmark in their computer or more. People just give away their information instead of asking themselves why or for what the information is used – those stupid hobbits.

Anyway – It was possible. We agreed on selling it to Jens Jensen (aka John Doe) and I have just bought myself a brand new shit phone. Thankfully Google have remembered that I have disabled everything except auto backup – so they still know everything.

News on the Tube

DJ Paul Elstak x Klubbheads - Memories
It is like being back in the 90's. It a good "fire and forget" video. It is entertainment for 3 min. and nothing else.
LINDEMANN - Ach so gern
I guess you have to see this from a more artistic angle. I would not be surprised if Louisiana one day would do an exhibition with him like Die Antwoord.

But is it any good? Maybe libido is the keyword here. Yes yes - it is okay, but it is fare from becoming a gem in my collection.

2019-12-22 - Just one work week left this year

The last work week of 2019 has ended. Today sunday the 22. of december is the shortest day of the year. From now on the sun will begin to break the spell of the darkness and bring us light again. The main dates of the beginning of next year are:

  • 10. january - sun goes down at 5 pm
  • 9. february - sun goes down at 6 pm
  • 29. marts - summertime again

As expected this this week just went by with the speed of light. At work some things got done and some things have to wait to next year. On friday I simply left at 1:30 – pretty precise. I did that with a good conscience and knowing that January with come with a lot of overtime and frustrations until all the accounts from 2019 are closed around the 22. january.

The first picture below is from the inner harbor Tuesday, where I managed to leave before the sun went down a 3:30 in the afternoon. On Friday I went by Ludvig Bjørn’s Wine Store to pick up my own present from my mother in law a Grappa di Barolo from Marolo. I was climbing both wednesday and saturday. I have begun on this 6c problem on the big overhang. It is kind of painful for my fingers. You just have to do the moves as intended and the handholds are simply not that good. Both days was just training and founding out the sequence.

The coming week will be in the name of christmas. Dinner christmas evening and christmas lunch 2nd christmas day. Two colleagues wanted to join my walk project but in a less ambitious version. They will probably stop a Kongelunden after some 15 km. I will most likely continue the rest of the route some 20 km - but lets see. Weather could be a factor as well.

News on the tupe

Trailhead - Hold on to your love
I like his music and bought his album Keep walking almost a year ago. This one is okay - but without being great.

Galactic Empire: The Rise Of Shredi
This one is like "what the fuck" and it don't get any better from then on. It is not even funny - it is totally crap

2019-12-15 - Just one work week left this year

This was a long work week. I think I did around 6 or 7 overtime hours. But no worries as I am able to convert the overtime to holidays. On monday I invited all in the unit (around 25 people - give and take) to join me on a 35 km (21.7 miles) walk around Amager on friday the 27. of december. So fare two and a half have shown their interest. The half person was thinking about quitting at Dragør. It is still unclear whether they will commit - but lets see. It could be fun not to do the walk alone. It think I will give them a deadline around next thursday or friday.

I haven't been bouldering for like forever. On monday I finally gave myself time to go out to the gym alone and try some of all the new boulder problems they have setup after the latest competition. Either I am fat and lazy or the problems were kind of hard.

However I managed this blue problem with green hand holds. For me the route is like this:

  • You begin cramped down a number 1 and the feet on the black macro

  • You fast go for number two

  • When you go for number three, toy will get off balanced. Therefore I toehook the big start hand grip.

  • You want you left hand one hand hold number three. That makes the move to number four much easier.

  • Before going for number four, I first align myself on the wall relative to to my center of gravity.

  • Then put the right foot on number two and go for number four.

  • Then the rest is kind of easy. The only thing to remember is to get your feet with you.

In other climbing news I also finish yet another 6b overhang route. The crux is right at the beginning. The rest was kind of acceptable.

Two days in a row I have received spam mails to my homepage e-mail address (one, two) I can see that they apparently both come from the same region I China, Zhejiang and the city of Hangzhou. This is of cause a very common problem and predictable. In a way I am surprised that I only have received four spam mails I total over a two year period. If this Hangzhou person continues I was thinking about editing the spam mails a little like "we seek supporters for the protest in Hong Kong" and make a complain the police I China and attached the mails – yes – the free world is a bitch.

News on the Tube

The HU - Wolf Totem feat. Jacoby Shaddix
of Papa Roach
I like this one. They do not play the traditional music instruments and this make the beat different in a good and very enjoyable way.
Highs & Lows - Hillsong Young and Free
A strange but good long music video. Yes of cause I love the nature scenery.

Next week

Most of next week have already been allocated to all kind of events or working overtime. Two times at the gym, shopping and christmas dinner at my mother in law at her nursing home. I only have two evenings of free time. Yes that is the way I have begun loving it.

2019-12-08 - Kind of back to normal

My health is almost back to normal again which is a big relief for me. However several other coworkers had to stay home because of the flue. This naturally means climbing full power again. It is very enjoyable to see, how I just one year ago was struggling on 6a routes (French system) and today it is more 6b routes. Next week I am probably going to the gym one time alone for bouldering and two times for route climbing.

Took a new picture of all the christmas decoration with my work phone – that photo is much better. I still don't know exactly why they do it - except it is a strong tradition which even the top boss at work cannot control.

This week they have collected all of the waste bins because of the new waste sorting system. Naturally I had to bully a close colleague and block off his table. That didn’t work! They came from FM to collect the bins before he met at work – damn. However I manage to steal one and I now have a hidden waste bin in my working cabinet. That caused a big laugh, when my colleagues found out – hah. But still I think many or some are kind of envious of my genius – hah hah. I refuse to go to the kitchen very time I want to throw something out.

On wednesday I went to “Færge kroen” in Tivoli with some from work and old colleagues. That was kind of fun and hygge. This time I didn’t get totally wasted like last time. For the same reason I had taken the tube to work. It has also been very nice to see the sun again after those many weeks for darkness. In less than two weeks there will once again begin to come more daylight.

On the Tupe

Tiger Army - Mi Amor La Luna
My Spanish is a little rusty or maybe not existing. But the song is kind of intense in a cool way - definitely a love song. The lyric can be found on
Erdling - Wölfe der Nacht (feat. Chris Pohl)
Very easy to relate to. Nice flow and you can almost deduce the meaning of the German lyric. However a beat that is very easy to forget even after a short period of time.
Kesha - My Own Dance
I don't about this one. She have put a lot of effort into the making (which is good) - but I really don't know (I don't buy it), if I would call it good. Maybe I will just forget about it and move on.
Asian Doll - Stank Walk
It is totally hilarious is many ways. The lyric makes no sense and her tits looks kinds of funny. The only reason I brought it was the the poor green scene effects which just looks so funny and 80'ish. I still don't get, if she a black asian?

Next week

There is going to be a lot of things I guess. I am going to do some overtime, so I will be able to take a long christmas vacation. Most likely we will have yet another small christmas party on saturday with people from the gym. I don't know how many, but I think it is going to be hygge anyway. And then three times at the gym and one christmas shopping day - yep - it is going to be a fast week.

2019-12-01 - Something good, something bad and something badass

This week was kind of like the movie Groundhog Day. I stood up very day coughing green slime from my throat and nose. Then off to work. When home again I took a powernap, eat and then off to bed.

However the working days were slightly. Some of the building technicians on the ground floor had spent the weekend decorating for Christmas.

However the picture from my crappy mobile phone CAT S60 really doesn’t justify their effort. It awesome and they have all these small details and large setups.

On tuesday I took a picture of the coffee machine at work. That picture I will save the future me from seeing again hah hah. Our sofa was finally delivered after two and a half months.

Yeah – it looks cool and you sit very comfortably. But still it was incredibly expensive. At work we got those modern waste sorting containers which stands in every kitchen on every floor. At the same time all other waste baskets have been removed. That is not cool, when you have a running nose.

On thursday we were all on a team conference. Or more precise - half a day of talking internal competency resources in the department and half day of building a chain reaction. The first part was like whatever. But the chain reaction was totally cool. We had the first table and had to build something 2 meters high.

We failed of course, because we were too many leader types. But in the end we finished with something cool. The high Lego tower was my creation.

On friday Copenhagen I took a detour home. The weather was cold but clear and lovely after so many days with clouds and rain.

The first picture is from Queen Louise's Bridge over Student Lake. Both the second and third pictures are from The King's New Square overlooking Hotel d'Angleterre and the Royal Danish Theatre. The last picture is the view over the inner harbor.

On sunday we had the annual christmas cookie party. Tina has been baking all week, while I was at work or sleeping. This year we only were 14 people, usual we are around 20 people.

So what's up?

My health is going better – but long from good or perfect. Next week will probably have some long working day. Beers with some colleagues I Tivoli on wednesday and some climbing naturally. Yes - this was not rocket science.

2019-11-24 - Not the best week I guess

Monday and tuesday was okay but then the green snot and slime arrived for real. That meant going to work like a zombie, home again and sleeping the rest of the day way. For the same reason this update is going to be very limited.

But first the good stuff - I found out it kind of helps working out while being semi sick. Saturday morning was like cough and such. But after a lot of coffee and painkillers I had a fantastic session at the gym.

Else the rest of the week was like fake it if you can't make it. There is now only four to christmas and 2 weeks of holiday. I predict, that it is going to be a hard journey.

News on the Tupe

Lindemann - Knebel
This time he threw the bloody vagina card. I guess nothing is off limited anymore. If this is supposed to be chocking and can't wait for the ultra chocking video. The Youtupe version suck - so I had to look elsewhere to find the original version.
Jade - Piirrä kartta minuun
I don't understand finish - But I like the song anyway and the nature is the background is fantastic. It is definitely worth watching and listening to

The coming week

The program for next week is work work work and even more work. Green slime, snot and misery. Yeah - I am going to commit to that program. Maybe begin to take pictures again. On tuesday our new couch will arrive. I will most likely go to the gym twice. On sunday Tina is going to have our annual christmas cookie party. I really have to work my shit out!

2019-11-16 - Back in Denmark, sick and so on

The last three weeks went fast - but now I am back. The climbing trip to Leonidio went okay. Unfortunately I managed to get sick friday evening and missed the last day of climbing. Back in Denmark I had to take a sick day monday from work - I am still a little bit ill. This weekend we have empty my mother in laws apartment and made it ready for cancel the rental contract. I might not have the greatest motivation to do this update - anyway - here we go:

There were 5 of us. We had rented a Airbnb apartment with 3 bedrooms, living room and kitchen. We also had rented two cars. We paid 160 Euro for a VW Polo for 9 days which turned out to be a crap French Citroen. We only had one day with rain. The rest of the days were sunny and around 25 degrees.

1 / 12
Living room
2 / 12
The view up to the closest to the town
3 / 12
View over the city
4 / 12
Sector Mars - nice - but very hard climbing and many people
5 / 12
Just some random climbing
6 / 12
Do I look fat?
7 / 12
Some more random climbing
8 / 12
Some more random climbing
9 / 12
Leonidio and the Mediterranean Sea
10 / 12
Climbers and the goat shed
11 / 12
Some more random climbing
12 / 12
Some more random climbing

More Ikea crap

We went to the hatefull Ikea concept and bought Milsbo Showcase. I don't why we always go there - when they treat us like like a hamsters in a running ring. Anyway after we renovated our living room, we didn't have anywhere to put all our small memories and Tinas giraffes. 

Next week

I really hope, that I will get better next week. On wednesday we are going to decorate our staircase for Christmas and on saturday there is the annual christmas parade on Amagerbrogade.

2019-10-27 - Concert, work and a little tired

All week I felt like being in a constant rush. As a bonus wednesday I had a 12½ hour workday and a co-work is down with stress. I always seemed to have something to do. Next week is going to be the same. Going to Tivoli for beers with some close co-workers, going to the gym, going by the car dealer and change to winter tiers, dinner with my climbing buddies and packing for my upcoming climbing trip to Leonidio. That means being away from Tina for 9 nights. For the same reason I really don't know when I will do the next update --> Yes I am a little stressed out - I guess I sound like a spoiled old man who don't have any real problems in life except a light middle age crisis.

Alex Cameron

Monday I was to a concert with Alex Cameron at the concert place called Vega. The warming up was a guy who had time traveled from the 80 to the present called Jack Ladder. Anyway he was kind off cool and his music was cool enough and I even bought his latest album on Bandcamp. Then Alex came on the stage and just partying for the rest of the evening. Sorry - my pictures suck - but you can see the official pictures on this link.

The week in snapshots 

On friday we went to Fields and Bilka for our weekly shopping. Last week someone had forget their coin for the shopping cart. After I had used it, I thought it would be funny to leave it behind. But I didn't leave it in the shopping cart. Instead I left it on top of the sign by the shopping carts. This week it was still there - cool. I am looking forward to see, how long this game can go on - yes - you should always enjoy the little things in life.

On thursday I went by Salomon at Copenhagen Hill to buy new t-shirts for the climbing trip. I was kind of disappointed with the selection - there were no cool ones. It felt like I had to settle for second choices. But I found three shirts and got 20 percent off because of discount spam mail I got some days ago.

Being at Copenhagen Hill gave me a chance to have a look at the new 85 meters climbing wall. Hopeful it will open spring next year and hopeful it will be Blocs & Walls who will stand for the running of the wall. I have high hopes.

Climbing news

I finally finish the blue 6B overhang in one go, I wrote about the 13. october. This might not sound humble - but from the first climb it was clear, that it was only a matter of time before I would get it. Just some warming up, knowing the sequence and the right mindset was all it took.

On saturday I forgot my bicep braces - it was only after 4 climbs I found out. But not because of pain, it was more like just the felling of missing something. But everything went perfect and I didn't miss it or needed it. I guess my arm after 1 year finally have recovered enough. I remember trying the same 3 months ago - and that felt very wrong in the arm.

On the Tube

Ashnikko - STUPID Feat. Yung Baby Tate
Usual chicks, blood and a good beat is a good recipe. However this one does not have a good beat and the pussy is not strong with this one
Emergency Tiara - 2 KOOL 4 SKOOL
It really don't matter what she does - it will always be cool and besides that she it hot too.
Jadon Day - Want Me Back
This one is want you can call a low budget music video. I am totally impressed how much they got out of so little - so cool and original - even the camera has a pixel error. Make no mistake - the creativity are brilliant
Camila Cabello - Liar
Wow 54 million views. This is one of those - which is not bad but is it good? You can tell the record company have spend million of dollars in making of this one. Anyway the song and story is funny and okay - but I have a felling, that I will forget all about it before I fall asleep to night. 

2019-10-20 - Some stress, anniversary and other stuff
In the mornings the sun is tired and sleeps longer and longer. In the afternoon the sun escapes the skies around 6 pm. In a week it will be 5:45 and then the real dark months begins with winter time.

And time is flying. At work many had holidays. In Denmark many have one week autumn holiday this week. That gave quality time to get things done. But still things have a tendency to go sideways like we are lost in the middle of nowhere.

To get my mind off things I went to the gym on wednesday for climbing. After warming up, I tried this crimpy 6c route which totally fucked up my arms.

Afterwards I tried a standard 6A on the overhang which I totally failed - my fingers like didn't want to work and opened op like magically. While climbing that naturally causes obvious problems. On saturday I was back in the gym and tried that crimpy 6c again. This time with better luck - but still a lot of takes - but as pumped as last time.

On thursday I went for the usual 22 km walk around Amager Dike. At first the weather was kind of bad. But after the Kalvebod bridges the skies cleared up and I was able the see the sun go down and the beautiful lightshow just after sundown.

Car incident

Last sunday when we drove on the freeway there was suddenly this gigantic bang out of nowhere. The dashboard didn't indicate any problems and the cars behind us drove like nothing had happened. Later we found this stone mark on the sunroof. On tuesday I drove to Kongelunden to study the damage. Beside the two marks there is nothing else to see. If it cracks at some point I guess I have to have the sunroof changed.

17th anniversary

On saturday Tina and I celebrate our 17th anniversary. This year we decided to eat at home. Tina made this three course menu. Our local butcher did not have any lam so we went for calf ribeye instead. But first a potato and leek soup and for dessert ice cream.

For drinking Tina open a bottle of Moscato d'Asti 2018 from Prunotto,

I drank a bottle of Barbaresco 2015 from Cantina Vignaioli. I must admit, that I might got a little bit drunk by drinking that bottle alone and being a little bit grumpy sunday morning.

News on the tube

Josh Olsen - Sex With a Stranger
This video is absolutely fantastic. Who even came up with this story should have a prize of some sort. However the song is kind of boring.
Elizabeth - Meander
Another very good music video. This one is both worth watching and listen to. It is almost artistic. I might have to look her new album after it has been publish.
Dillon Francis - Still Not Butter
This is not my kind of music - it almost made my ears bleed. However the video itself is AWESOME. It is almost completely psychotic - it is just so well made.
I don't this one. 67 millions hits in just 15 days. It could have something to do with, that I don't understand shit they are singing. I guess they must be great somewhere in the world?

Follow up and next week

Tinas father is now in his final resting place. I still real don't understand it all and how fast it all went.

On monday I am going to a concert with Alex Cameron. I have totally high expectations - one thing is youtube videos. But real life is the best.

Very soon, I am on a climbing trip to Greece. I have already begun being stressed out about it. I have so many things, that have to be done at work and I also need to buy more clothes for the trip.

I will most likely go to the gym twice and I might take another long walk.

2019-10-13 - Up down and sideways and a lot of pictures

You can tell, that it is getting darker. Both monday and friday I used the metro to get to work. At Flintholm station it was clear to see the difference. But still there was more clouds on friday - but still.

On tuesday was was on my bike to and from work. The weather was quite nice and almost to hot for my winter helmet. The view over the inner harbor was as always lovely in the sunshine. Soon I will have to change to winter tiers on our car - Subaru Crosstrek

Our upcoming anniversary

Next weekend is our anniversary - yes Tina and I have been together since 2003 - for 16 years. Instead of buying (spend and throw away) presents to each other - we buy something together that will last forever. That means going buy Georg Jensen and buy a supplement to the cutlery we bought last time. Then had 20 percent of, so we decided to also but our christmas present as well. Afterward we went to Kultorvet and Ristorante Italiano Pompei for dinner.

Around Amager Dike (again)

On thursday I took the usual 22 km. around Amager Dike. I had a lot on my mind at needed some time to relax and be alone.

1 / 11
The inner harbor while the sun still was around
2 / 11
The new buildings - an apartment here cost around 1,2 million euro's. Just too bad, that people use the quayside for parties in summer times
3 / 11
Some old concrete silos
4 / 11
On the first part of the dike - still some sun around
5 / 11
Rain in the horrisont
6 / 11
Some if you a looking for 6?
7 / 11
A view over the flatlands behind the dike
8 / 11
The clouds got a little bit closer
9 / 11
The sun over the ocean
10 / 11
Some fishing poles
11 / 11
At the final end of the dike just before going inland again.

The climbing

I got this little 6b climbing project in the gym. Last time I made it with only one fall. The build is very good and it got everything from jugs, slopers and volumes. The builder have maximize the climbing moves as the route first goes left, then right, then left, then right and straight up. It is kind of tricky around the triangles - but the last section is full of big nice jugs. It look scary, but is in a way kind of forgiving as long as you follow the sequence.

The cemetery

On friday the urn with my father in law will be buried. The stone is already in place.

Tupe news

The quality goes up and down. This there was only one good one.

Fat Joe, Cardi B, Anuel AA - YES
Oh ass up face down - that is an easy lyric. Cardi B is still yelling. In a short and direct term - this is rubbish. However it would be cool the shake ones ass like that.
MXMS- What's My Name
I very much like this one. The atmosphere, the locations and lyric have been put together in a beautiful symphony. This video has a soul and is worth watching. 
MØ - Red Wine
Oh well - it is a pop music video. It's okay - not bad and not fantastic. It one of those you don't love or hate and have forgotten after a short while.
Melanie Martinez - Wheels On the Bus
I thought Sia had a patent/rights for that kind of colored hair. I still don't get, why there are green men in the back of the bus. I am in great doubt if it is the choreography, lyric or the bus that is the most lame thing. Ass up face down?

2019-10-06 - Funeral

On tuesday we had funeral service for my father in law. We meet at 13 at the chapel for a private ceremony. A priest gave a short speak about my father in laws life and we sang some hymns. To the song "om lidt blir her stille" we all left the chapel. Afterward we went for coffee and cake just around the corner, where we had rented a large room. Now he is going to be burned. In two or three weeks time, his urn will be buried.

Climbing news

Life still goes on. My regular buddy is back and we climbed both friday and almost 5 hours sunday. I don't fell like 100 percent. I was also bouldering wednesday but got cold while I was sweating because the doors was open.

I might beginning to get old, because my body really don't like getting hot and cold and so on. It gets kind of hard to breathe deeply and my shoulders hurt. But it helps to climb and get warmed up. Hopefully it nothing bad again.

Computer problems

I use Opensuse Leap as my primary operating system. Usually it works fine. But still occasionally things goes sideways. I was doing a routine update of the Kernel. But afterward my Nvidia driver went nuts and only worked with a very low resolution 720 something.

I tried to reinstall the driver, and another driver but no luck. After a reboot it seemed to "forget" the settings. I even took it to runlevel 3 and tried reinstalling by command line. Anyway the solution was kind of a lucky shoot (meaning no because I am good at linux commmand line). After uninstalling the Nvidia completely and installing a downloaded version I was able to change to runlevel 5. There I was able to install the "recommended" packets from Nvidia. After yet another reboot everything worked again.

This is the reason why I each and every month make a backup to a USB drive of the computer.

Other news

Its now so dark in the mornings that I have to find my winter glasses. It has also become quite cold like 5 degrees. Winter is coming for sure - hopeful with some snow this year.

Next week I have to buy a new rope for the gym and some chalk. Tina and I also going to buy ourselves a present for our anniversary. We are going to visit Georg Jensen. We will most likely buy a supplement for our "New year" cutlery collection.

It has become a tradition, that we every New Year we cover a fine table.

On the Tube

Rick Berlin - "How Can I Hate People I Don't Know?
This one is straight forward. You get the message right up in you face. It is very well made, but not quite my style of music. But still I like it.
Ed Sheeran - South of the Border
It looks like a million - however I am in great doubt if that makes it good. Cardi B is also staring - she still don't know how to sing and is just yelling. Handsome men and big boobs does not add quality in this case.

2019-09-29 - Maybe a little weird week

It has begun to be dark in the mornings for warring sunglasses. Anyway on monday I returned my bike to the mechanic again to get it fixed. Nothing happened all week. On thursday I went by the shop to remind them about my existence. Finally on friday they called. The bicycle company will send a new e-motor for the bike. Because it is less that 2 years old, it is free of charge. Hopeful I will get it back sometime next week.

That means back in the metro - oh my god how I hate it. So many people and so little space. On tuesday I took the long 20 km. walk along Amager dike. First down to an almost empty inner harbor and then just following the coast line. Of cause it had to begin to rain. I had forgot my rain pants, but thankfully there was almost not wind and it was only a light rain.

I was back at the gym both thursday and saturday. On thursday it was only bouldering. On saturday it was lead climbing. I got a taste of the new routes which are awesome. The ones I have tried are very progressive - meaning getting harder as you climb and forces you to commit to the movements. On sunday we visit my parents in Albertslund.

News on the Tupé

Disco Shrine & UNBLOOM - Alright
This one is awful from the beginning to the end. It will make you ears bleed. I am clueless about how this creation ever saw the daylight. It is that bad.
ROANOKE- Where The Heart Runs
Pretty okay music video. Definitely worth watching several times or put it on at playlist. I like it.

The funeral

The funeral ceremony for my father in law will be on tuesday. Both Tina and I have taken the day off. It is probably going to be pretty emotional. It is like a wall - before and after. It is kind of hard to think after tuesday until the funeral service is over.

2019-09-22 - My father in law died

On thursday between 14:15 and 18 my father in law died. He sleep in quietly in his armchair. My mother in law is currently hospitalized. She was worried because he didn't answer his phone and therefore called Tinas sister.

Her and her husband found him. They called Tina and she called me. however I was at the gym, so she called the gym who called me over the speakers.

I was fast home and drove to pick up Tina at her work. Then we all drove out to my mother in law - Tina, me, Tinas sister and her husband.

Friday Tina was in heavy grief. I had to call work and take an unexpected day off. We all decided to meet in our apartment and the began a family trip - first to the funeral home, the bank, the cemetery, stonecutter and then out to my mother in law again. The funeral will probably be tuesday the 1. of october.  

Climbing news - In my gym Blocs & Walls all the routes on the world cup walls have been taken down. During the week they have been building new stuff to the competition this weekend. I am not going to take part. Mostly because my body hurts so much afterward and I will anyway get between the last 5. But I am looking forward to climb the new routes next week, if I can find a replacement buddy since my current one is traveling.

My bike was at the mechanic monday/tuesday. The front wheel and electric motor had begun making funny sounds. The mechanic thinks it just need some service - that was the nice version. The other version is something like - they will not accept my complaint unless I play for service, as they think it just need some lubricant inside the e-motor. Anyway - on monday/tuesday it is going to the mechanic again for service - and it better spin like a spinning top - else I will make a scene.

The Tube

I have been watching new music videos, I just haven't had time to write anything. Her is 6 highlights from the last 3 weeks.

LINDEMANN - Steh auf
I am a huge fane of Lindemann. This one is kind of okay. But I will probably forget its existence before I publish this. 
2 Kool 4 Skool
Emergency Tiara just have to make good songs and videos. This one is quite catchy and might stick around your head for some time.
Sarah Klang - "Creamy Blue"
She make my brain go "creamy blue". I certainly don't hope this is the end. If she ever comes to Denmark, I will surely buy tickets for that concert. I even have to buy her album coming out the 25. october.
Mikael Fahre - Top of The World
Well he has a long way ahead of him, if he wants to be a successful singer/artist. He is actually not good at all. I wonder how much he paid for that one. As I write this only 151 views. 
Liam Gallagher - One Of Us
Liam from Oasis still have the craftsmanship to make a hit single. However it kind of lack soul and originality. But good it is - but not worth throwing money at.
MONOLORD - The Last Leaf
What a sad music video. I just had to find the lyric, because it could not be more sad than the video. But it was - Yes - what a sad sad story. Very very good and well made video - I like it.

Follow up and next week

Well on monday I will handover my bike to the mechanic. Else the week is kind of open for eveything. I will probably go to the gym a couple of times - else I don't have any plans.

2019-09-15 - Saturday evening finally finish

On saturday evening we finally kind of finish our living room project. Meaning all the electric are done, same is the internet. The best of all is, that we no longer have these many wires and power distribution boxes laying around.

But still we need to buy a new couch, coffee table and some kind of china cabinet for all our travelling memories. But that are Tina's projects - not mine. In a week or two, when I have more time, I will try and make a renovation special and write some of the more funny parts and some of those "how did happen?" moments.

I am really grateful that all the hard work is over. The last week I have been every impatient to get it completed and return to normal everyday life.

Some climbing

Climbing have been both up and down. I finished I new quick project on the big overhang just before they change all the routes. It was a 6B grade with a pumpy beginning, then a crimpy section and then again a pumpy finish.

The downer was friday where a guy almost hit one of my climbing buddies in a fall. The same buddy who torn his achilles tendon just before summer. I can not think about he might be some kind of Jinx?

Anyway I kind of lost the desire to climb. Next week the gym will change all the routes on the world cup wall - meaning no climbing next week except bouldering.

Follow up and next week

On monday I might have to visit the bike dealer where I bought my e-bike. The bike have begun to make some funny sounds from the front wheel.

Climbing will be kind of impossible. Next weekend is time for B&Ws Lead CUP 3. Therefore they will strip the entire world cup wall + some more.

My regular climbing partner out of Copenhagen the next two and a half week. Anyway next week is going to be quiet and most likely only one or two bouldering sessions.


2019-09-08 - The beginning of the end

Finally I have had some more time to put an effort in updating my journal. Monday the 2. of september Trump - the president of USA was supposed to visit Copenhagen on an official trip. However he cancelled because he is an immature, untrustworthy and unfit president.

The people behind "Bring Trump Baby to Denmark" thought we should not be cheated for the balloon and chose to bring it to Copenhagen anyway and raise it. Together with Trump a danish version of some was also made. It was a fun geek and laugh on a busy monday.

It has begun to be chilly in the morning, buy still way to soon to begin to think about my winter helmet. On thursday the weather was lovely just 5 minutes after a heavy rain shower. I just had to take yet another picture over the inner harbor.


Once again my trad-buddy and I went to Kullaberg for some climbing on saturday. Nice to get my mind off things.

Toe business

Some people at work have noticed, that one of my toes have been and still is a little bit black. Therefore I have taken the consequences and painted it pink with glitter. Also note my big toe which have been ruined by climbing.

Follow up and next week

Well - that was what I am time to write about. Next week will work wise probably be insane. On thursday Garant will come by with our new carpet for our living room. Finally we will be able to put things back in place again.

2019-09-01 - Yet another fast update

We began the week with three nights in Leipzig else we have been working like hell all week to finish our renovation project in the living room. The picture below kind of sum things up (all the paint stains on the floor is not ours).

Tomorrow it is back to work again. Less hard work I guess. Anyway the status is, that all we need, is to buy a new carpet. Until that is done, it is impossible put thing back where they belong.

Hopefully that will be done in two weeks time.

2019-08-24 - Could be worse I guess

This is just a fast update. All week we have been fighting with our renovation project in the living room leaving no time for anything else. The result so fare:

  • Walls - Done
  • Ceiling - Done
  • Stucco moldings - Done
  • Floor - like hell
  • Edge moldings by the floor - I guess we know what to do

But this is only half of our living room. Next week we are going to paint the remaining half.

1 / 11
The wall after sandpaper
2 / 11
My own invention - I really wanted the wall to be even
3 / 11
After we put up wall paper and primer
4 / 11
After I begun paint the ceiling - but the old and new paint began to fall off
5 / 11
After the ceiling was painted with a primer
6 / 11
Yes - It works - women just loves it
7 / 11
After painting the walls
8 / 11
Time to remove the carpet
9 / 11
And the plastic film
10 / 11
We know it would be bad - but not worse than very bad
11 / 11
I guess we have to buy a new carpet after all.

2019-08-18 - If it sticks it stays

Most of the week have been dedicated to our renovation project in the living room. Went on holiday on wednesday from work. Every day since we have been dismantling two walls in our living room to the bare wall.

First the wallpaper had to come off. Then a lot of filler - like around 30 liter. A lot went to cover the two old doorways. But also old screw holes and old repaired holes that seems to fall apart. The goal is not to get everything dead straight. The goal is to get everything just even.

Hopefully the wall will be ready for sandpaper tuesday or wednesday. Then we will put up some kind of wall tissue Tina wants and then pain it all. Until now I have been four times to Bauhaus. Lets see how much this project evolves.

1 / 10
Tina removing wallpaper
2 / 10
First we took the outer layer of the wall paper off
3 / 10
Then we used water to loosen the old glue
4 / 10
Old wall plugs made of wood. Huge - and left some pretty big holes.
5 / 10
The collection of old wood wall plugs
6 / 10
Still in progress of playing with filler
7 / 10
This one is going to be a nightmare
8 / 10
One wall almost there
9 / 10
Same is the other
10 / 10
The only thing left are the large holes and the small details


We didn't go to Seglora in Sweden for rock climbing this weekend because of too much rain. However after two good sessions this week, my faithful climbing partner is currently down with back pains and is also going on some holiday. This means a two week break. Kind of perfect for me, as I am also struggling with pains in my shoulders - however that is going better and better. Lets see what comes up on the meat market. Usually in these situations things go crazy climbing wise.

What is on the Tube?

Alex Cameron - Far From Born Again"
Just bought ticks to his concert in Denmark. This one is a typical Alex video - yes he is doing porn again. It's an okay video but a lot of talking in the middle.
Tik Tok Song TikTok
Okay turning your girlfriend into a bird because she use too much time on her mobile phone - okay I buy that one. Else didn't understand anything but cool and positive music

Follow up and next week

Next week is going to be dedicated to the renovation project. Next weeks update will surely contain an update. Else I predict, that not much else is going to happen in my life.

2019-08-10 - Yet another climbing project finished
I finished the yellow route I described in my previously update from last week. I was not without drama.

I decided to do the clip from 4bR instead of 3R. That means going higher up and clip from a more forgiving position. However last time I did that with my regular buddy, I pulled her up to second clip where we collide in mid-air (a polite way of describing, that her head went up my ass). But still better clip means more strength and energy later on.

To avoided a collision again I used my new Edelrid Ohm. However, when I came to that section again my mind betrayed and I got nervous - my legs literally went off like Shakin' Stevens. I positioned myself wrong for the movement the 4bR and the fall was inevitably.

The Edelrid Ohm did the job and there was not mid-air collision like last time. But it left me like a loser on the ground, because it was obvious that this was a mind problem and not a climbing problem. The good thing was, that my mind got fixed - as the fall wasn't that bad as last time - I could relax more (or aleast that was my hope).

After my buddies turn I went on it again and went for 4bR before clipping again. Yes my mind was fixed and I did the section without any problems. Second time was perfect. At the top I remembered to down climb the exact opposite sequence after clipping the last quick draw and therefore was in complete control. After a long rest with shaking and switch hands I went for the top and finally closed the route. This one is then my second true 6C (5.11b) route I have closed. This was a big moment for me!

Else it was a boring week

Else the week was kind of uneventful. I guess it must be because of all the climbing, that my body hurts a little. Not like injured hurt but more like abused hurt. Also the weather have been very unstable lately. The big thing was, if the climbing trip to Kullaberg in the weekend was possible or not. On thursday the status was no go on saturday and sunday maybe. At the end, we decided to skip saturday and go on sunday. I will write more in the next update.

On friday I took a detour home over Knippel Bridge. At 4 pm, I had to drive at pick Tina up from work. But because of a traffic accidence on E20 on the way from Amager every other road away from Amager were in a dead lock. To put things in perspective - the bus line 5C have 41 articulated buses of the type MAN Lion’s City GL CNG. From where I stood, I could se 9 of them. They were just piling up on Amagerbrogade.

What is on the Tube?

Katie Dey - "Stuck"
This music video is very disturbing and on the same time no that good. This one I will probably never see again in my life time
Pitbull - 3 to Tango
No deeper meaning or hidden motives - just a playboy making good entertainment.

Follow up and next week

Still only 4 people have see my You Tube video about tree climbing. Next week is only three workdays and then 2 days and 2 weeks of vacation. Next weekend we might go to Seglora in Sweden for rock climbing. Weather - the always present joker is going to be the decisive factor about whether we go or not. I haven't been in Seglora for 2 years, so it would be nice to go back. We are probably also going to begin out living room project and finally going to fix two blind doorways properly - lets see.

2019-08-04 - We are hot and we are cold and some Rose Gold (poo)

The beginning of the week was pretty hot and very humid. Monday it was melding hot with around 31 degrees. After work I took a ride on my e-bike to Langelinie. There was kind of empty with less people than expected. I went for the big soft ice in a cup (way less messy). Maybe because it was monday and no cruise ships there was so quiet. 

Then home to Tina and doing nothing on our balcony. We even shipped making dinner and call the local pizza pusher - even playing solitaire on the phone made one sweaty.

However on wednesday it was all over and back to the good Danish summer with rain and just below 20 degrees again.

Pinky poo deal

I have been looking for these BOSE quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones. But I don't want to pay the full price because I think they are way too overpriced.

Therefore I have created agent at Pricerunner to give me a notice when the price got under 1.600 Dkr. (215 Euro) which is still way too much. Anyway - I got a mail, that they were on sale at El-Giganten (that is a terrible store, once they would not sell me a tablet because I wanted to buy it as anonymous person - but the sales man insisted he needed my name, phone and mail. After some discussion I had to leave the store without the tablet. I even offered they could buy my information - lol lol - anyway - I bought the tablet somewhere else and anonymous)

.......Back to the headphones - I followed the link and yes - the headphones was one sale for 1.599 Dkr. However when I changed from this crappy pinky color (rose gold - yeah - poo is poo right?) to black, silver or blue the price was 1.999 Dkr. (270 Euro) - WHAT? How can a pinky poo color be almost 55 Euro cheaper than a normal color. No buy this time and I got hypothesis confirmed about, that these headphones totally overpriced.

Another climbing project

This yellow 6C have been up for almost 5 months. At first it seemed a little bit psycho. It is going to be removed medio september and I decided to give it an extra shot.

The first five clips are okay easy. It is mostly large positive handholds most of the way and you move back and forward the corner.

Just before the roof it becomes tricky. It have tried to describe the route than for me is most optimal (for now)

I stand with right hand on 1R and left hand on 1L.
-> I move right hand to 2R
-> I move left hand first to 2aL and then swing out to 2bL. (Usually shorter people match on 2aL, but I have the reached to do it without matching)
-> I move right hand up to 3R and do the clip 6C
-> Then I match 3R and it becomes 3L
-> I immediately go for 4aR with my right hand.
-> I have my right foot on 1L and my left on 2aL
-> I move my left foot to 2R and put my right foot all the way out (support on the blue macro)
-> I then move my center of gravity to the right so it is possible to catch 4bR with my right hand in a fast movement. That one is very good at deep. When I got it, I am safe.

The hard part is matching 3R/L which drain my energy and fingers.

After than it is very forgiving. I can almost stand with no hands on the to blue macros (yellow)
I can then climb up and do the last clip and climb down again to rest.

The last three are kind of hellish. But again my high helps me.

-> First the bottom left with my left hand
-> Then the bottom right with my right hand
-> I reach with my left arm to the mid upper blue macro
-> I put my feet in place, so I can do one big swing from right to left and reach the last and final handhold. Than one is also very god and no way I will let it go.

On thursday I had two goes. I made it with one fall and one pause. On saturday I also had two goes. At the first go I fell after clipping the last quick draw and as I was descending to the blue macros for at rest. On the second go I fell on the move to the last blue macro. I was totally offline when I made the move and deserved to fall. But next week I already have two gym deals in the calendar. 

New work phone

I got a new work mobile phone on thursday. Mostly because the old iphone 5C had broken because of the heat and partly because it was so old, that out IT share service center had wrote me, that after september I would no longer be able the connect to mail and calendar as it would no longer be supported.


The new one is a Samsung A40 - The mail and calendar works and that is all I need. I have already put it on silent mode. Damn how I hate those phones and their eagerness to invade my privacy. 

What is on the Tube?

Yola - Shady Grove
This women shines as Stephen King would have said, if she was a character in the Two Towers. I don't know why I love it - she just shines
LORD OF THE LOST - Till Death Us Do Part
Well - to be honest the lyric is kind of repetitive - however I totally like it. They should come to Denmark at play live. I guess we all have felt love for something which hurt us in the end.
Katja Krasavice - GUCCI GIRL
This is rubbish from the beginning to the end. There is not one single good part - not even 2 seconds. Instead watch her sex tape.
Avril Lavigne - I Fell In Love With The Devil
In a way I don't those mainstream music videos because I question the music companies motives. Music or profit? However this one I like. By the way Avril is HOT.

Follow up and next week

Only 4 people have see my You Tube video about tree climbing. That is not impressive but expected. If the weather allows it, I am going to Kullaberg next weekend for trad climbing. For the moment the weather is unpredictable with sun, rain and clouds. Work is still pretty much calm and still many is on holidays.

2019-07-28 - Some climbing and something else
I have had this climbing project at the gym for some time and I finally finish it this sunday in one go. Here is my thoughts about the route:

First problem is to get to number one with the the least effort. Usually I use a crimpy handhold on the black box to the left. However the solution for me is to go straight up because of my length.

Next problem was to get to number 2 from the green handhold. Again because of my length I always get unbalanced and therefore over grip and lose precious energy. My solution is to put my right foot all the way out to the triangle. That means I have three points at all times which helps my balance.

Next problem was around the gray macro. Usually I went 1-2-3-4. However the move from 3 to 4 always means a "big" swing up and that my hand gets number 4 kind of precise. Again this involves some amount of over gripping. My solution is to match number 3 with both hands and then go for an okay crimp to the right. Then I can push myself up to number 4 with primary my legs. This feels much more stable and I am able to push myself against the wall as I go for number 4.

The rest is straight forward. It is a big overhang with some rather long moves - either you have it in your arms or you don't. That is why it is important to get the sequence at the bottom correct and with the least effort. 

If I am pumped at number four I will not make the top without a pause on the way - meaning sitting in the rope.


I have been playing a little bit with adding video clips to this site. It is actually very easy via HTML5. The video below is my first try. However even small clips does fill up space, which in my case is limited or cost extra money.

The clip is a time lap of my campfire on my last trip to Osby. I have also uploaded it to YouTube in HD definition.

Last time at Osby I also tried to make my own YouTube movie about the tree climbing element in the trip. In the end it became a fairly long 28 minutes clip of me talking. A first it seemed like a cool idea. But afterward when I clipped it together it all feel a little awkward seeing and hearing myself. In a way it all feel a little inadequate. It is actually very very hard to make good stuff. Anyway now it is publish and that is final.

Yes more climbing again

I spend three evenings at the gym participating a multi pitch workshop. It was kind hard with 5 hours each evening. But now I will be allowed climbing Copenhagen Hill if or when is opens - hurray!

The other picture is of my hand after a 5 hour trip to the gym. The fingers was almost polished and I had this buildup of skin certain places.

Some random pictures and thoughts

This week have been a hot one. most of the days more than 25 degrees. Tuesday I went for at lunch at a nearby bench and just enjoyed the heat and sun. Friday morning this guy first decided to ignore the red light. In the middle of the intersection he changed his mind and waited for the green light - could it be, that the only car in the picture was law enforcement officers? The last two pictures are just random - a morning selfi and a view over the inner harbor.

Follow up and next week

We haven't done much about our our living room project except taking some shelving units apart and carried them up on the attic. The primary reason is the hot weather we currently have. The hot weather might end wednesday next week, if the weather forecast come true. Some maybe next weekend we will begin.

I will probably go twice the the gym. At least I have one deal in the calendar. Yeah and work might come a live again as people come back from their holidays. Almost all last week I was able to go before time for a change - Nice.

2019-07-21 - Something very deep

The last weeks I have been thinking about this site, what I write, what it has become and what I wanted it to become. It turns out, that my life is full of repetitions and therefore I often have a tendency repeat myself.

Sometimes life don’t work out as I wanted or in my favor. That’s come to work, private stuff or when we go on trips. Usually I don’t write about it, because it is a negative energy. If it concerns work, I also often have to be loyalty toward the firm. The last 2 month I unfortunately have had what I feel like several setbacks.

I might have realized, that my life might isn’t that interesting that I had hoped. Anyway I know as a fact, that I am not special in any regard. I am just an average person trying to navigate through life and have the most fun out of it – just like most people.

I don’t know if that means that the next half year is going to be more boring than usual. But maybe I won’t feel like obliged to present new stuff with every update or get a “downer” if I don't find or do something new or interesting. I am still going to write about things that I find interesting and what goes on in my life.

So what has been going on? I had the annual “hall pass” from Tina to go on a mountain trip in Norway. However that trip didn’t turned out as good as I had hoped. I knew from the start, that the weather could turn out to be a critical factor form the forecast. I already had our car summer ready - that means summer tires.....

The forecast turned out to come true. The night of tuesday (tirsdag) the first snow began to come down from the skies. I would not allow myself to be caught on a Norwegian mountain with up to 40 mm snow in a car on summer tires. Therefore I decided to drive down again. Without any hope of better weather in the forecasts I decided to terminate the trip and take the 12 hour drive home to Tina's warm lap.

You can click on the pictures!

It also helped, that the temperatures in Denmark was around 20 degrees and I could do some tree climbing instead. I spend one dag here on Amager tree climbing and a three day ride to Sweden - here are some of the pictures:

1 / 22
I have been up this tree several times, but never lead climbed it. That was the mission of the day
2 / 22
First task was to unpack and gear up
3 / 22
The first branch is about 10 meters up
4 / 22
But no problems going 10 meters up with no branches, when you have a throwing ball.
5 / 22
I made a "base camp" on the first branch. I don't want anyone to take my stuff :-)
6 / 22
Lead tree climbing means climbing making belay points as you go. Often you are over last belay point - meaning don't fall else it could get ugly but you don't die.
7 / 22
Just chilling out at the top of the tree. I brought my lunch and had a pretty good timeout
8 / 22
But still it wasn't the highest tree
9 / 22
Time to go down. I usually just put the rope around a big branch.
10 / 22
And use a figure 8 as break on the way down
11 / 22
I took my fateful Subaru XV (Crosstrek) on the 175 km trip to Sweden
12 / 22
Of course it began to rain in the afternoon. But cool to see the water dew afterward
13 / 22
The target was the highest tree
14 / 22
That one. I had to shoot an arrow with a line to be able to get up in the tree.
15 / 22
The view is very enjoyable
16 / 22
Again I lead climbed the tree and used slings as belay points
17 / 22
At the top there was a branch which could be used as a bench
18 / 22
Selfi time of course
19 / 22
After I came down, I measured the rope. The top was around 25 meters high.
20 / 22
A little shoe guest
21 / 22
The mandatory campfire. Somehow it always seems to be bigger. The official forest fire index was none to zero, so no worries. I really helps to have a chainsaw.
22 / 22
The next morning there were still enough heat to light up a new piece of wood

Here back in Copenhagen the evenings are long. The picture below was taken after 10 pm sometime after sunset. All the light is so life-giving. I really like this season of the year.

On wednesday we decided to drive to Louisiana both for dinner and to cruise around and see the new stuff. Because of the summer there wasn't that many people - nice.

1 / 6
There was no price tag on those. I wonder, if the experience will last? Argh - come on - this is not art!
2 / 6
Made by Petrit Halilaj and is about the suffering in war in the former Yugoslavia
3 / 6
Made by Birgit Jürgenssen - This one is from 1978, where I only was 6 years old!
4 / 6
Pilotti Rist - a revisit though her very impressive and enjoyable setup
5 / 6
We also went though the garden and enjoyed the warm evening
6 / 6
The underwear is a  part of Pilotti Rist

What is on the Tube?

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Ménage à Trois
This one I really like and it is not just because of all the violence and tits. I even bought their album to get more sins in my life. They say there is nothing left but I might disagree
Shrimp - doll
A kind of wired one. Maybe he feels way to much or is hurt? Anyway I though it was okay - and that's it

What to come the next 6 months?

Until end november we are going to do some renovation in our living room. The building is from 1892 and we have two blind doorways which we have to fixed. The plaster on the walls are lose some places and have to be fixed. We also have this arch of cardboard and veneer sheets which have to be replaced by oak beams. Surely this is going to fill up my news stream the coming months.

Surely climbing also is going to fill up in my news. I might have a climbing trip in my calendar sometime in november - but that is still a little uncertain. Hopeful Copenhagen Hill will open sometime this fall and yet another opportunity for taking even more photos.

I will probably not write so much about work. To be honest and as I already have wrote - things don't go as well as I would like. This fall and winter might bring even more changes, that will require new ways of thinking. As a pawn it is hard to make the ship change direction. But I am going to be the "Yes Guy". Should the changes turn out to be for the better, I can always look in the mirror and call myself a bitch. Should the changes be worsening, I just have to climb it away.


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