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2020-06-27 - Last update before my first summer break

On friday after finished work I went on two weeks of vacation. Here in Denmark you have 5 weeks paid vacation and 1 week, where you can either take the time off or get paid.

At work thing have been pretty tense - but all came together beautiful and without too much stress. On friday I put on an auto reply and closed down my work laptop with a good conscience. For lunch I decided to spoil myself and bought a pizza from Vagabondos Pizza Bar. This friday could be the last working from home day for some time. After my vacation I am supposed to work from the offices buildings as normal.

On saturday I drove though town to Fjeld & Fritid to buy the last couple of things before my trip to Norway.

Below are the pictures from this week.

On tuesday I helped the danish animal protection service to rescue a bird down from a tree. That was a sad story. The bird was a common magpie had got some cord around one of it feet. The cord was then tangled around some branches. It was completely stuck. Further more some ravens had arrived waiting for the bird to get completely exhausted so it could become dinner.

I managed to get it down from the tree. With some help from some young girls who came by, we managed to also cut all the cord off the birds foot. However the foot was so damaged and broken from hanging in the tree, that I, after having consulted with the animal protection service, had to put it down. This is the second bird I have had to put down within two months. 

But still I comfort myself buy saying to myself - that it still was better than be eaten alive be ravens or starve to dead because bird could not walk anymore. 

2020-06-21 - The last chinese Corona week for this time - Week 15

On monday I had my 48th birthday. We celebrated by visiting the chinese Restaurant Long Feng at Christianshavns Torv. For the price the food and service is very good - yes it is a cheap worn out place and we love it. They have - and always have had an elite smiley - meaning their kitchen is in order. 

The week was kind of stressful. Most of monday to wednesday I had back to back meetings with most of our project managers. Just before the summer holidays we have to give an estimate of the total spending for the hole of 2020.

Wednesday I went for climbing. On thursday I tried to raise my new Outwell Arizona 300 tent in our common yard. Never have I spoke with so many of my neighbors before. There was no instructions so I had to guess most of the way. In total is was okay easy to set up - however it is a 2 person task - but it can be done alone. After setting it up I took it down again and started again. Under perfect conditions it took 7:51:37 min. to set up. I am not sure it will work in Norway because of the sometime high winds. But I will put it to the test. 

On friday my boss had invited the whole department for lunch and social stuff. That was cool and enjoyable even though I might have forgotten the few social skill I had. On friday Tina and I got this awesome idea - Why do you always have potatoes or some boring salad with a burger? Why not have a beef as side dish with the burger? This is just so brilliant! Saturday came and went away by cleaning out my uncles cellar. I am very sure about - that next time - it will be cleaned out.

What about the Corona?

All the Corona restrictions are almost gone. On monday the gym will open as normal as before the Corona crisis. I am supposed the begin working normal on thursday. As we return, we will change to Activity-based working - meaning we have no fixed seating. However that don't work with Corona - where you need the same table for the hole day to minimize spread of corona infection. But now there is not enough disks - saying it is going to be a kindergarten for adults. Hopefully I can still work from home thursday and friday - then I have two weeks of vacations.

2020-06-14 - Finally back at the climbing gym - chinese Corona Week 14

Things finally seems to come together again. Last sunday I went to Saltbæk Vig to check out, if it was possible to, at some point, to make a walk around the lake. I have high hopes but it is most likely be around late july or august.

On monday I took the usual walk around Amager dike - nothing special except an extraordinary nice sunset.

Because of the easing of the chinese Corona rules the climbing gym has now reopened. However - one have to book time and you can only have one active booking at the time. It is only for active members and it is not possible for at passive member to become active before the beginning of july. This means, that members who have paused their membership in the crises and didn't contribute to the club - have to wait even longer. So fare it has been to sessions in the gym.

On friday me and some old coworkers went to at allotment hut at Ballerup. The agenda was both state of the world and barbecue - and no - we are not vegans. That was relaxing and very enjoyable.

Saturday I went down to Lolland to visit an old internet buddy. I think it must have been around the beginning of 2000 we meet on usenet, mostly in a group you could describe as the danish trashcan of usenet. We have kept in touched ever since. Every year he usually have this "summer" party for new and old friends.

About the chinese Corona

All pubic employees can now return to "normal" work. For me it means back to work on the 25. of june. Before that date , there will be an internal moving around in the offices buildings. This means the end of working from home.

As I wrote earlier the climbing gym have reopen. The Norwegian health department have a new recommendation about transit travels though Sweden. As long as one travel without unnecessary stops and the fastest way - you don't have to have 10 days of quarantine. This is very good news. I finally think, that my trip to Norway will come true. Only little thing - my passport has expired. The passport is not 100 present necessary because of the Nordic Passport Union. However it would be nice to have a valid passport. I expect heavy border parole on the way especially at the border to  Norway. But I am more than willing to take a chance. Maybe I can get an extension of my current passport - the next two weeks will tell.

This week in pictures

1 / 15
From by driving trip to to Saltbæk Vig
2 / 15
The view from the Great Belt south
3 / 15
And north
4 / 15
The outlet from the inland lake 
5 / 15
The stream going to the lake
6 / 15
The monday walk on the dike
7 / 15
The monday selfie - this time with headphones on
8 / 15
9 / 15
Just a random picture from the dike
10 / 15
Nothing that I haven't posted before
11 / 15
Down the dike
12 / 15
The inland behind the dike
13 / 15
A very dramatic sunset over Avedøre Power Station
14 / 15
The gym almost looks the same - some walking lines and so on
15 / 15
More climbing fun

The Beard is gone:

2020-06-06 - Some tree climbing - chinese Corona Week 13

The chinese corona update:

I am still working from home after being sent home thursday the 12. of march. I guess I should consider myself lucky when my biggest problem is, that the climbing gym have been closed since the same day. Especially when you think about what happens in both Spain and Italy.

For the last weeks, the danish Prime minister has slowly opened up the danish society. Now they are talking about opening fitness centers from monday - I hope that include the climbing gym - I have high hopes but think, I still have to wait some time.

Tree climbing

Monday was a public holiday because of Whitsun. I have for sometime wanted to climb the highest tree along the shoreline, when I walk Amager Dike. Monday was the day. First asked for permission to tree climb at the Danish Nature Agency. That was okay - so off I went.

1 / 10
Can you see the highest tree? Right in the middle
2 / 10
And then I found the zoom bottom
3 / 10
This was the monster from the ground
4 / 10
A midway picture break
5 / 10
Yes I cut my self up climbing though 
6 / 10
At the top looking toward Amager Dike
7 / 10
Looking toward Øresund
8 / 10
Confirm - It was the highest tree in the wood
9 / 10
And a selfie of cause
10 / 10
Down again and cleaning up
What I didn't knew, was this tree had a lot of big boils filled with wood juice.

It smelled very strongly of spruce. It was impossible not to push holes in these boils. My hands got pretty sticky and even my camera too. Lucky I could clean the camera with alcohol when I got home.

I guess it must be some kind of tree defense system.

The robe also got tree juice on it. But no problems - I have for some time been thinking of discard it and buy a new one.

The rest of the week

On tuesday I took my bike for a ride around the dike. My legs still hurt since my walk last week, where I had extra 4 kilo on my back. On wednesday I went for climbing. It was an okay session - but a little short.

On friday was yet another public holiday Constitution Day and the last one before christmas this year. For the rest of the year it is overtime or eating of my 6 weeks of vacation. On friday we went to my uncles house to continue the clean out. It is still fairly easy as most of the stuff in the basement just is rubbish.

When we are finish in the basement, I think the clean up will be harder.



Next week

In these corona day you never know, what next week will bring. One thing is for curtain - in three weeks I will have two weeks of vacation and try to drive to Norway. The path will probably be because I have so much to do at work. If it gets too crazy - I guess I just have to ask more time off because of overtime - lol.

News on the Tupe

AURORA - Exist For Love
I know she can create music on her own - but this one is a little to fancy for me. It is well made - but I don't like it. 
Starset - Trials
The message that the trials make us how are is true. But I think the video is too much pop and the video has no sole. But it is good background noise.
Russian Village Boys
Romantic & Jackass

First I though it was a joke. Then I realize it was real. I just love it, when people just go for it and try to get the best out of what they got - this one should aleast get gold. This one is very good!
It is a riddle how so many people have so bad taste?
This is a boy masturbation video from the beginning to the end. Is is just so bad and it has no quality what so ever.
Shawn James - "Through the Valley"
It is a good and honest music video. What you see is what you get - and it is good. I really love his firm and strong voice.
Daniel Reeves - Into The Sun
Yet again a good and honest music video. So sad it only got 88 views because it is just so good and well made. Very time I find music like this it makes my so happy. This is what Youtube should be about - giving small musician a chance in life instead of all the add/profit approach they currently have.

2020-05-31 - I don't really know - Corona Week 12

Another week went by. Kind of same shit as every week in fact nothing special happened - end of story and this post.

The long story

On monday I did yet another long walk. This time from Dragør and home - around 26 km (16 miles). To make it even harder, I brought extra 4 liters of water - around extra 4 kilo. That almost overwhelm me. In the evening I felt sick - even the day after on tuesday I was kind of sore and exhausted. That was kind of surprising.

Wednesday the wall at DGI-byen was open again for a climbing session. That was cool - how ever I might have developed a little fear of falling. Maybe so much, that it affects my climbing. Next time I better take some huge falls to get rid of it.

Friday evening I met with some old hardcore climbers from the gym. One of the guys live in a villa where he have build a mini bouldering wall on a indoor terrace. That was cool - even though I could not keep up. I kind of hurts being last all the time - but that is life.

Saturday Tina and I did yet another tour at my uncles house. This time we cleaned out to aisles in the basement. We finished the cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. It is really nice to have a surplus vacuum cleaner you really don't care about the all the heavy and dirty cleanup.

I have made a new page with my favorite music videos. It only three for a beginning. I just need more time and lust to expand the list.

About Corona

The chinese Corona virus is losing it crib on Denmark. The danish prime minister announced, the the borders to Norway, Iceland and Germany will open by the 15. of june. This means my almost planed two weeks in Norway could come true. All I need is to get my passport renewed. This could be a challenge as all non essential in Copenhagen still is on lockdown including public services. But I have a plan - lets see how it goes next week.

This week in pictures

1 / 18
The old streets at Dragør
2 / 18
Still with the old cobblestones
3 / 18
Narrow streets with no cars
4 / 18
More of the old towncenter
5 / 18
Walking along the coastline
6 / 18
some random canal
7 / 18
Still walking alone the coast line
8 / 18
Then though the woods at kongelunden
9 / 18
The way home - from here around 18 km.
10 / 18
A tourist map
11 / 18
The beginning of the dike, when you come from Dragør
12 / 18
The view over the dike and the power station in the background
13 / 18
Looking back on the dike
14 / 18
Looking back on the inland behind the dike
15 / 18
Hey - finally selfie
16 / 18
Walking the inner dike - the opposite direction that usual
17 / 18
Some trainee boats in the inner harbor
18 / 18
People going on a hill

2020-05-24 - Just a normal week. Nothing special here - Week 11

On tuesday the curfew on outdoor climbing was canceled in Denmark. It happens - that I am also a member of the small climbing club which has this 18 meter long outdoor climbing wall. It is rare I climb in this club because the climbing walls are very much limited. But I pay the annual membership fee which is just under 55 euro and once and a while I join the climbing on the wall. The climbing was kind of limited but very enjoyable. I got totally pumped climbing this black 6b. Very nice to be able to fell my fingers and hands again.

On thursday we continued cleaning out my uncles house. We got the first room cleans in the cellar. So far it is easy going, because most of it is rubbish. As we come closer to the living rooms and 1. floor I guess it is going to get harder and more emotional.

I had both thursday and friday off. Thursday because of Feast of the Ascension - like I care. Friday was just time off - because of all my overtime. On friday I made yet anther long walk - but this time with a coworker. She had been talking about working both thursday/friday and the weekend - so I made an intervention. It is nice once in a while to walk with someone. I think we both had a great time.

Once again I have gathered all the pictures for this week in one big slideshow.

1 / 9
Me destroying a old shelf. It was so heavy that I had to take it apart to get it outside
2 / 9
It was a lot of dust it the air. I guess, that is the reason for all dots in the picture. Dust reflection in the camera flash
3 / 9
Status just before we left
4 / 9
All nice at newly vacuumed - maybe for the first time in 40 years. 
5 / 9
The beginning at Vestamager metro station
6 / 9
Just a random panoramic picture
7 / 9
A heron on the hunt
8 / 9
On our way to Ishøj station, we found one of the forgotten giants
9 / 9
The climbing wall at DGI byen

News on the tupe

I'm totally behind with all the videos I have seen. Some have just been deleted from my list and some you can read about below.

Sarah Klang - Endless Sadness
This video is slow, beautiful and endless. It is perfect music for those quite moments where you sit alone and reflect on life and everything.
Da Tweekaz x Harris & Ford - Moskau
Looks like they had great fun in making it. From my point of perspective, I would nominate it to the best background song when cleaning and vacuuming. Don't get me wrong - it is a good song and video - but only when you clean out the house.
Psy.P - King of the Jungle (feat. Melo)
I am totally in love with that green coat. The rest really don't make any sense except that have a problem with their Maserati.
Songs For Sabotage - Drifting
Great son and video. I can't wonder, if I also are dreaming of the right words? Am I also a disaster? Yes - sometimes it feels like I am drifting alone. A very good and deep song - I like it very much. 
Jade - Maailmanloppu
I still don't understand a shit Finnish! However her voice has some kind magic - and it compensate a lot. I guess it okay.
Ane Brun - Song For Thrill And Tom
A very artistic and alternative music video. And it works - the result is just phenomenal. I super like the lyric and her voice which just make everything 100 percent perfect. I am very grateful for have seen and heard this one.
Lenny - Wake Up
I feel no connection to this video. It just runs in from one ear to the other. I sense not quality in both the video or the song - sorry - but this video don't work for me.
Corrosium - Bleeding Starlight
Strange music video - at first it was like WTF - but then I got kind of amazed about how much they got out of that low budget. Not saying it perfect - but it okay. Thumbs up and respect.
Elle Limebear - Honesty
It is okay - It is not bad nor good. Maybe I just sense, that the force is not strong in her. But who am I to judge other people?
Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me
It is real bad - like at disaster bad!
Both of them must have earned more money by now, that they can spend in a life time. But still they agreed to participate in this producer crap - click bate shit! They should both know better!

Next week

Well I haven't actually been thinking much about next week yet! I guess work is going to be quite - maybe some more climbing - if they open the walls? Maybe a long walk? I really don't know yet.

2020-05-18 - A late and fast update for once - Week 10

Yet another week went away. Both monday, tuesday and wednesday became long working days as expected. But everything was okay. On monday evening I took my bike for a ride. It was kind cold and need my winter jacked. On thursday I stopped working early just after 1 pm and went for a long walk again - this time again the inner dike and then onto Ishøj.

My kind of alternative hair color have almost faded away - some kind of color that isn't cool anymore. On friday evening I tried to bleach it again - but that didn't go well. Now it is very girly pinky. Tina had a great laugh. We also went out to Fields shopping mall which finally have fully open again - I even bought two new pants - cheers - for the first time in many many years.

Saturday we went helping my parents emptying my uncles house again. We are still carrying tons of stuff out just to throw it out and we are not even close yet to be done.

On sunday we visited an old college of mine and her husband in their newly built house up north. It was so enjoyable time just flew way and we in the end had to order pizza. It became a late departure but very nice to finally see her again.

I have gathered all this weeks pictures in one big mess including some "bonus" pictures from monday.

1 / 26
The sun on it way down
2 / 26
The usual monday selfie
3 / 26
Pretty much a deserted dike
4 / 26
From my thursday walk - DR Byen - they broke the budget totally building it. Since then - they have been hit by a lot of cut downs and change of management
5 / 26
A view over Amager Fælled
6 / 26
So kind of bird hunting down a frog
7 / 26
The dike selfie
8 / 26
It was a very windy walk.
9 / 26
A tourist map
10 / 26
highway bridge over to Avedøre holme
11 / 26
The usual picture over the dike
12 / 26
Very windy but else a pleasant sun
13 / 26
The rebellion of the nature - breaking the wall
14 / 26
Breaking the wall - all over the dike
15 / 26
The channel behind the dike
16 / 26
One of the huge wind mills
17 / 26
More nature
18 / 26
on my way down to the beach
19 / 26
Why not yet another selfie
20 / 26
The beach going north
21 / 26
The beach going south
22 / 26
The beach is a public park area
23 / 26
The new dimension of my hair project
24 / 26
Tine having a laugh
25 / 26
Cleaning my desk and closet
26 / 26
Hey - some more maps of Norway. This year a will make a full-hedge and drive further, if the weather should be crappy

News on the Tupe

BHAD BHABIE - That's What I Said
This one is just one huge joke. She was on the Dr. Phil show - then some record label gave her some money to play their music. Who is the prostitute now?
David Morris - "Snakeskin"
This one got me a little confused. I kind of don't like it. I but I must respect how much he got out of so little. The more I watch it the better is gets especially the lyric.
Headhunterz - Dragonborn Part 2
He don't make many music videos. But those he make are usual very good. I love the base and the rhythm. The louder the better - so awesome on our 65 inch tv.
Arilena Ara - Fall From The Sky
An X factor Albania wonder. Well she didn't write the song - but it is okay and was supposed to be song at Eurovision Song Contest 2020 which was canceled because of the chinese Corona. The song is what it is and nothing else.

2020-05-10 - Darn - We still have the chinese Corona - Week 9

It has been very busy at work this week with a lot of overtime. We are currently closing the accounting period for april. I had to prepare for economy follow-up meetings next week. Friday was Great Prayer Day and a public holiday in Denmark.

The danish government have made a plan to reopen Denmark after the chinese corona virus. Who would have thought a virus from china could make all this havoc on the world. China should pay compensations to the world because of their poor handling and because they let the virus out of their country.

For me - it is kind of a half plan. There is still no date on when my work/job get normalize, no date when the gym reopens, no date when the borders opens up and no date on when our Ministry for Foreign Affairs change the travel advices. We are still pretty much confined to Copenhagen.

But still - shopping malls, restaurants and much more can now reopen which is good for the danish economy.

On tuesday I did a long walk. Began on the dike on the inner harbor, then by Avedøre Power Station and the wind mills. At Ishøj I boulder some outdoor art sculptor and took the s-train and metro back home.

On wednesday I tried to change my hair color to purple. Than failed - like a catastrophic failure. To compensate - I have bought even more blonding for my hair to make it look okay again. Luckily I can't see my own hair, that reduce the pain to almost nothing - poor Tina. We had a great laugh friday where one of my coworkers came by for some wine including her boyfriend. It was really nice to see just one of my coworkers again.

Friday evening I tried once again to play with my hair. This time it was a great pink success. However it might be a little to "girly" for my taste. Lets see how long it last until I go blond again.

On sunday I did yet another long walk. For a change I have made a profile at Viewranger and saved the walking path.

I have collected this week's pictures in a large series below - enjoy.

1 / 37
The usual monday selfie
2 / 37
The beginning of my tuesday walk though Amager Fælled
3 / 37
Then the usual way down the dike
4 / 37
Onto the highway bridge. From here there is a very good view of the outer dike
5 / 37
You can see the power station, which I will come by later
6 / 37
What is a highway bridge without a highway?
7 / 37
From this dike you can clearly see the areal behind the dike is below sea level
8 / 37
The huge windmills behind the power station
9 / 37
A view over Brøndby marina
10 / 37
Just walking the path
11 / 37
Map over the beach and inland
12 / 37
All the clouds decided to go away - very joyful
13 / 37
Time for a selfie - the tree behind makes my hair looks funny
14 / 37
A look over Ishøj harbor
15 / 37
The art I was bouldering - that was a good feeling
16 / 37
The marsh between the beach and the mainland
17 / 37
Ishøj station - a typically suburb
18 / 37
Me playing with hair color wednesday
19 / 37
Well it was fun to play with the hair dryer
20 / 37
And again on friday
21 / 37
This time it got real pinky and girly
22 / 37
On saturday I took the car for a drive to Møn - the view over the Farø Bridges
23 / 37
In the background you can see the old Storstrøm Bridge
24 / 37
Møn is not as flat as most of Denmark
25 / 37
A nice small country road surrounded by fields
26 / 37
Not bad for a 2.0 gasoline engine
27 / 37
The car was kind of dirty and need a wash. The guy on the right really put muscles into that brush - it must have left some scratches!
28 / 37
Another selfie - That hair is just too girly
29 / 37
From the long walk on sunday - down to Dragor harbor
30 / 37
The harbor itself
31 / 37
A bunch of gangbangers
32 / 37
33 / 37
Walking along Öresund
34 / 37
It was a little bit messy
35 / 37
Walking on water or standing on a bridge
36 / 37
Walking on the dike - again
37 / 37
Déjà-vu - Another selfie - That hair is just too girly

On wednesday we had the annual test of the air defense siren. Because I work at home, I went up on the roof to record it - kind of boring video. 

Next week

I got a lot of shit to get done on monday to wednesday at work. Next week will most likely be the most crazy week home so fare.

I have decided to drive to Norway again in the beginning of july. Both the Swedish and Norwegian border is open. I have already bought all the freeze-dried food needed. I really need something to look forward to.

I have also asked for permission to tree climb in two weeks at the wood a King's Grove at the The Danish Nature Agency. Maybe I will ask some one from the gym to join.

2020-05-03 - Yet another wired week - week 8

Not so much about the lockdown this time. The lockdown is still in effect and both Tina and I are forced to work from home. Next week could be interesting. We are supposed to be back at work on tuesday the 11. But that seems very unreal. I guess our prime minister at some point next week will make a television speech - lets see. 

On tuesday I took the usual trip around Amager Dike. First I had to cross some of Amager Fælled. I got a little angry when a car came driving on the dirt path for pedestrian. I had planed a little "standoff" with the car and they were not in doubt. However it was a civilian police car checking that no more than 10 people were gathering. I therefore lost the standoff - but it was for my own good.

1 / 13
As it got warmer many have begun to fish from the dike
2 / 13
Not so many people out after 8 pm
3 / 13
Not a photo album without a selfie
4 / 13
Two swans doing their stuff
5 / 13
It is beautiful view with the sun in the back
6 / 13
The skies do a foreplay before sundown
7 / 13
Two swans were playing around. The water was very calm
8 / 13
Back and forward just in front of me and the sun
9 / 13
Same swan but with a little zoom
10 / 13
The last sunlight for tuesday
11 / 13
And then the skies did a colorful after play
12 / 13
A view back from the last birdhouse
13 / 13
And the the dark skies began to come

Tina and I spend friday and the weekend helping my parents emptying my dead uncles house. As I wrote last week, he was some kind of compulsive collector. Yes we did fill one dumpster. But it was mostly what was on the outside. Tina and I are trying to convince my parents to hire some professionals to help us. But until they give in - it is hard work for us.

1 / 9
The house - three floors and a large garden
2 / 9
The primary objective - emptying the carport
3 / 9
The back of the house
4 / 9
One of the living rooms
5 / 9
The kitchen - which is more than 60 years old.
6 / 9
Another living room
7 / 9
Down in the basement
8 / 9
The container is almost full
9 / 9
And so is the carport

After three days hard physical work my body kind of hurts. In a way I am looking forward to sit a home at just work in front of the computer. On sunday just before I published I took the picture below of the moon.

Next will be more hard work at work. I might have to do even more overtime simply because we have so much to do. We also have to close an accounting period and all the work that follows.

2020-04-26 - Yet another wired week - week 7
Work wise it has been an okay week. A lot of major decisions have been make the last many weeks. Now is the time to implement the decisions. Create the new projects in SAP and enter all the master data so things are ready for our project managers. Things have kind of cooled down at least for a while.

The official date, where we may return to work is currently 11. of may. But I must admit the date seems more and more unlikely. Even my boss talks about "after the summer vacations" meaning around july. 

For the first time ever in my time frame the oil prices were negative meaning you would get money (37,63 dollar) for buying and storing oil. It is truly strange times.


After having bleached my hair I though it was time to color my beard black.

All the black color was impossible to wash off my skin. Again I looked like a moron. In my own humble opinion I look better now than before. But it is not over yet - I have some plans about even more alternative hair color.

On saturday my buddy from the gym and another one joined together to do a 20 km long walk called "Trampestien" at Stevns. We drove in two cars to Rødvig. We teamed up in one car and drove to Bøgeskov harbor where we began the walking path.

1 / 19
I was first at Rødvig harbor
2 / 19
so why not take a selfie
3 / 19
Then we drove to Bøgeskov harbor, where we began the walk
4 / 19
The first stop was Holtug chalk quarries
5 / 19
A view over the cliff
6 / 19
Then we came by an active quarries
7 / 19
You could say, that all the buildings were dug down
8 / 19
Another cliff hanger
9 / 19
At Stevns lighthouse
10 / 19
A quick view from the lighthouse
11 / 19
A quick view from the lighthouse inland
12 / 19
13 / 19
In front of the old church. It was build between 1250 and 1300
14 / 19
The church is no longer in service because of the risk of falling in the ocean
15 / 19
The pulpit
16 / 19
On our way again
17 / 19
Old artifacts from the cold war
18 / 19
The three hobbits
19 / 19
Arriving at Rødvig and a view back

Next week and so on

This evening I might take my bike and drive somewhere dark and try if I can see the Starlink satellites. Else I don't have any plans. Next week Tina and I are going to help my parents empty my uncles house. We have rented a large container and will try to throw it out the worst he had lying around. My uncle was some kind of compulsive collector and had a lot of stuff lying around.

Work wise I think it is going to be nice and easy.

News on the Tupe

Woodkid - Goliath
Hmmm I am not a huge Woodkid fane. The video is more than okay - but I simply don't like the sound and rhyme which is typical Woodkid. 
This one make absolutely no sense. Only the dancer in the background survives! Totally crazy and fantastic. I don't understand a shit but the video is so good, that I don't care. I really like the dick in the ass scene. 
Evanescence - Wasted On You
I have always liked Evanecence. It has been a long time since they have made new stuff. This one is okay. It is good to hear her voice again.
Gealdýr - Jötunheimr
A slightly occult song. I just love the mountains in the background. The music is okay and relaxing. I could be good work music?

2020-04-19 - Still working from home after easter - week 6

Monday was a public holiday because of easter. The weather was okay so I took the car for a long drive. Tina didn't wanted to come, but that was fine as I needed some time alone. I took the old country road (the road before the freeway) to Vordingborg and crossed the old Storstrøm Bridge which will be replaced by a newer one in 2022. This was the way we took, when I was a child and we wanted to do border shopping in Germany.

1 / 18
Driving down the long country road to Vordingborg
2 / 18
A field with rapeseed
3 / 18
And the long road continues
4 / 18
The rest area by the highway and Farø Bridges
5 / 18
6 / 18
The other way opposite the bridges
7 / 18
And a monday selfie of cause 
8 / 18
The rest of the pictures are from my thursday afternoon walk around Amager Dike
9 / 18
I guess most of the pictures are the same as last time
10 / 18
Some one on rollerblades
11 / 18
A nice and pleasant sun
12 / 18
And a selfie (again)
13 / 18
Coming toward the end of the dike
14 / 18
I have a plan about climbing this three. But I will wait until the forest has sprung. Then I will have more cover from people
15 / 18
This could look a little bit home made - yeah I am pretty sure
16 / 18
The sun on it way down
17 / 18
A lot of parked airplanes
18 / 18
The pinky route I took

Tuesday evening I made dinner. Rice with meat sauce. First I brown the meat in a pan, cut up most of the tomatoes and just squeezed the juice out of the rest. Cut up the red pepper and onions. I really hate the onions because they make my cry - but I might have found a solution for that inconvenience. I mixed it all together and then it was ready to eat.

Thursday I did yet another variation of the Amager Dike walk. It turned out to be a 24,4 km long walk beginning from the metro station at west Amager and down to the Dike. Then though the woods and back home via Englandsvej.

On saturday I did my hair project. For some time I have been wanting to do some thing drastic before it is too late and all the hair is gone. After I have begun following this tupe channel by Elise Ecklund I decided now was the time to act. For a beginning I wanted to be blond (yes - more is to come)

I have been laughing ever since - this new hair color is just so hilarious. I just wish I had more hair.

Work wise the week have been pretty stressful. Both thursday and friday I simply had to pull the plug and turn off the computer, else I would have been working until 7 pm or more and still not finish. I am looking forward until monday the 11. may. This is the current date, where we hopeful can come back and stop working from home.

To finish off the week I decided to try out something new and 26,8 km. long. Enjoy the pictures.

1 / 34
First the route map based on my GPS tracker
2 / 34
It all began at Karlslunde station. Approximately 45 min. away with public transport from Amager
3 / 34
It was a very quite station
4 / 34
A road sign on the way down to the water
5 / 34
Hmm only 24 km.?
6 / 34
And then the trip began for real. Walking up the beach to Ørestad and then with the metro home
7 / 34
In the fare horizon you can see Avedøre Power Station which I will pass on my way home.
8 / 34
There was this awful smell from the sea.
9 / 34
Time for a fast selfie
10 / 34
After some time, the water got clear - a very lovely beach
11 / 34
There was even a bathing pier - still in winter mode
12 / 34
Hundige marina - I have been at the restaurant several times
13 / 34
Photo of one of the inner lakes
14 / 34
And down to the beach again. This one had dunes
15 / 34
A stone pier
16 / 34
Still getting closer to Avedøre
17 / 34
The entrance to Arken
18 / 34
I think this was Vallensbæk marina
19 / 34
Yeah dinner :-)
20 / 34
An island with a lot of noisy birds
21 / 34
Finally at Avedøre
22 / 34
A view back at Brøndby marina
23 / 34
A look back from where I came - fare away in the horizon
24 / 34
Some very large windmills
25 / 34
So why not take a selfie?
26 / 34
A look up on one of the mills
27 / 34
Finally in front of Avedøre Power Station
28 / 34
On my way down to the highway bridge and back to Amager
29 / 34
A quick look back
30 / 34
A look at the highway bridge
31 / 34
The fast way to and from Amager
32 / 34
A beautiful view of my usual Amager Dike walk
33 / 34
And the inner dike, where I usual come from
34 / 34
Almost at Ørestad. After 26,8 km. my legs kind of hurt and I was eager to get home again

2020-04-12 - Weird week and I am getting fat - week 5

Yet another weird Corona week here in Copenhagen. I had all week off from work. I literally slept monday away - I might have been a little sick or something. After breakfast I took a powernap and woke up after 2 pm. I got a little confused and fell a sleep again until 5 pm. At that time I was fresh again.

Could it be, that all the walking, push ups and other exercises have fucked up my body? On top of that - I think I am getting fat. We are eating all this food - but don't move around like we used to do. Or maybe I just have a imaginary fat syndrome.

Anyway this week we finish our kitchen project. The only thing missing is me patch some holes with a small brush, so the old orange color completely goes away.

On monday our prime minister held yet another pres conference at 8 pm announcing a slowly reopening of Denmark. The 14. of april will school grades from 1 through 5 can begin school again. The rest of us have to wait until monday the 11. of may - meaning everything will be closed down  - like shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas and so on until then. It was kind of predictable. I have a plan about reinventing the way I work from home. Something like working from 7 to 12 and then again from 2 pm to 5 pm hmmm - I don't know yet. I wonder how this summer is going to be? Can I go to Norway again or are we limited to Denmark? - guess time will tell. It always does.

My bike suddenly had a flat tire - on tuesday I patch that up so I again can take a long trips on my e-bike with less effort.

Friday I took a detour on my usual trip around Amager dike. Instead of a 22,1 km walking trip it became a 25,7 km trip. I is funny that haw only 3,5 km extra can be felt in the legs and feet.

The water lock in the South Harbor of Copenhagen

The picture from the week that has gone in history:

1 / 26
Our kitchen is now green and we have moved back in
2 / 26
Yes - it is my finger on the left - not my nose
3 / 26
Some more green kitchen
4 / 26
Me - sitting on the rooftop tuesday
5 / 26
Selfie time. No wind meant it was kind of warm
6 / 26
I tried to take a picture of the moon
7 / 26
Me patching my bike. First I had to remove the tire
8 / 26
Then I could get the hose out. The leak was easy to find. Sometimes I need to use a water bath and look for the bubbles
9 / 26
I sand the hose a little bit so the glue and patch would bind better.
10 / 26
Then on with the patch and wait for "sometime"
11 / 26
Back in with the hose into the tier
12 / 26
Almost done
13 / 26
Me on the roof top saturday
14 / 26
The line to El-Giganten - People keeping a distance of almost 2 meters
15 / 26
Friday I took the usual Amager Dike walk - but with a little detour
16 / 26
17 / 26
The view toward Copenhagen from the south harbor
18 / 26
The water lock in the South Harbor of Copenhagen
19 / 26
Lots of coming though. The purpose of the locks are to minimize the current in the inner harbor
20 / 26
Some more water and a view
21 / 26
The sun was tired and wanted to go somewhere else
22 / 26
A marina of some kind
23 / 26
It was kind of a shady neighborhood with more than one burned out car
24 / 26
The view toward the highway bridge and Øresund
25 / 26
Getting closer to the bridge and last daylight for friday
26 / 26
Purple is the usual route 22,1 km. The green was the little detour I took friday. However I did cut some corners to make it shorter.

News on the tupe

It has been a very boring week on the tube - here is what I love, hate or just don't care about.

Elise Ecklund
Psycho girl writes a song for her crush

Hmm I rather watch this one than a 10 mio. dollar high end music video from a premium artist and she made my buy some hair color on Amazon. 
Tech N9ne - Just Die?
One badass nigger who is not wimpy. It is obvious he likes to tell how things are and what he thinks. It okay - I like it even though it not perfect.
She Hates Emotions - See The Light
This one is a really good one. I like the tour around Berlin and sound is like the good old 80s and 90s.
Zoe Levana - Clown
First - the video have some sound quality issues. But beside that it almost perfect and definitely worth watching. Almost a little hidden pearl on the tupe. 
Ruthie Collins - Bad Woman
I don't get how/why only 615 people until this date have seen something as good as this video. She may be my bad women anytime, as long as she will sing for me.
Kane Brown, John Legend
Last Time I Say Sorry

It could have been good - but it seems they are trying to copy an old concept and it all ends up in whining. It not bad, but it could and should have been better.

2020-04-05 - Still on lockdown - week 4


Sunday evening I took my e-bike almost all the way around Amager  almost a 38 km. trip. At the end the last "bar" on the battery indicator was blinking indication it was almost empty. After work I did my usual roof top hanging out. Lots of sun but cold.

The work unions and employers have agreed on a five day "forced" vacation. In Denmark every one have 5 weeks of vacation + one extra week called "special vacation". They say all non-essential employees will be forced to take 5 days of vacation. I am not sure, if that will include me - I have already used all my vacation for this vacation year (going from may to april) - but I do have a lot of overtime. Maybe there will be an explanation tomorrow from my boss - lets see.


When I shut down my computer on friday I will have three days of vacation. I am supposed to have five days. But all the changes in spending limits from our government have given us extra work and I haven't really being catching up as I hope I could do by working from home. I will most likely close down friday just after lunch - naturally. After work today I took the car for a drive at visit the the "excavated" site of Ole Rømer's observatory. There were not much to see - so I left right away.

But it was good to come outside. I had to do 1 1/2 hour overtime to be able to close down work without too many lose ends.

The Kiffness - Lockdown Rhapsody
(Bohemian Rhapsody Parody)

This one is kind of funny. How it is fare away from my reality. It kind of suck being able to work from home - but on the other hand I like the paycheck every month and all the travels it makes possible.

The gym have announced they have spend the lockdown on cleaning, painting and building new routes - really nice. I am so much looking forward to be able to climb again.


Yet another workday have passed. Last evening there was a meeting in the Finance Committee at the City of Copenhagen. It is now official - the spending limits are now gone for 2020. However it might be hard to begin hire people - when we still have a spending limit in 2021 and onwards. But work vice this is truly and new positive development. I was also finally able to do some caching up. I think the next two days are going to be very quiet as people go on vacation.

Tina and I have decided to paint our kitchen next week and make some small but cheap changes. We will most likely friday drive to Bauhaus after lunch, when we think there will be less people. Not because we are afraid of the virus, but more because I really hate to stand in a line and wait.


It was kind of depressing day - I realized I should got on vacation like everyone else. Things are going pretty fast and real time working is kind of stressful. I so much miss how things used to be. I even quit one hour before normal.


We need both something else to focus on other than Corona. Mission Kitchen was therefore a "go". First we went to Bauhaus at Ishøj to buy paint and some other accessories. Yes - we had to use hand alcohol or gloves to be able to enter the store. I guess nobody wants the be accused of being a super spreader.

They had everything except this splash guard for the stove we wanted. Therefore we went to Bauhaus Glostrup. We found out that Bauhaus only allowed a certain amount of customers in the store and the line at Glostup was simply too long for our patience. We went on to Bauhaus at Valby where there was no line. However when we exit at Valby maybe around 20 people were waiting outside. Strange how thing can change.

Back home I need a powernap - sometimes I just get so tired. After an early dinner I went out for the usual walk around Amager Dike.

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday morning we initiated project "make kitchen green". The orange color was kind of overdue as it was more than 25 years old.

1 / 12
Some before pictures
2 / 12
I still don't get orange as a color in a kitchen
3 / 12
Some more orange
4 / 12
We removed the wood cover and checked the plumbing pipes
5 / 12
The drill was like - masking tape and green paint
6 / 12
Hmmm green - hmmm - But Tina sure likes it!
7 / 12
Almost done in that section
8 / 12
Tina doing masking tape on the kitchen table
9 / 12
Me fixing the splash guard to the wall
10 / 12
Before the fail
11 / 12
And after the fail. Even though I had hold it for 20 minutes it began sliding down
12 / 12
Me taking a break on the roof top - it was quite windy

In total we almost did the hole project over a weekend. I guess we have to find something else to do next week then!

News on the tupe

Clean Bandit - Presley Pyjama Party
A very lovely music video with at very good song. But she made me feel like an old dirty pig. But lovely she is and she sure knows haw to play the instrument.
Blutengel - Wir sind Unsterblich
This one is in german. It's a cool music video which I enjoyed all the way. Both the lyric and beat is just fine - maybe a little monotonous
Emergency Tiara - Do Not Disturb
It is a little bit of a "weird" band and the video is no exception. it is neither good nor bad - just strange.
Jennifer Klein "You Said"
I think I might have become a fan of her music. It is a very simple song and music video and it works - that is all it takes to make some good stuff.
IAMX - "Surrender"
A  very experimental music video. it slowly build up a climax. I would say, they had great fun in recording it. I can assure you - my parties are not like that - but I wished! - It is good!
Larray - THANOS
Surly this must be some kind of a joke from some random YouTuper. Kind of funny but - no no no - it is too much. I wonder why I saw it and wasted my time.
Machine Gun Kelly - why are you here
It is always sad to a rebel artist go mainstream and try to make some soft pop. Is is very boring and I really don't care about it. Rubbish!
Alanis Morissette - Reasons I Drink
Wow - it is so long time since I have head her music. I had to look it up and it was 1995 with the album Jagged Little Pill. Anyway this one is cool. I like the way she incorporate stuff from her early career.


I am thankful we haven't been hit by the virus. I talk to my parents and told them to be careful. We will most likely not see them for a while. It would be a hard one, if we were to infect them. Not a nice thing to live with the rest of ones life.

It is still unclear when we can return to work again. The date is currently the 14. of april but it seams just as unlikely as an virus from China. It is hard to see where we can go from here and how or if things can come back to as it used to be. But still I am very happy the we are allowed to go outside. I am also happy, that our prime minister closed down everything before it all was too late. 

2020-03-29 - Still on lockdown - week 3


It is strange how fast an awkward situation has become the new norm for normality. It is also strange how fast time sometimes goes - I even had to do some overtime and almost got a little stressed at times.

I almost forgot my monday selfie. After work just before 3 pm Tina told me, that our prime minister had announced yet another urgent TV appearance at 3 pm. We almost didn't see it because of the short notice. Our Prime minister told us, that the government have decide to continue with the lockdown until end of easter - monday the 13. of april. Well that was not a surprise - it was kind of expected.

I am still very happy, that we still don't have a curfew and that we still can go out whenever we want. But I prefer to stay away from people - so I went up on the roof to get 30 minutes of sun. It was freezing cold - I guess only around 2 degrees and some light wind. Next time I should remember my gloves.


After work just after 2 pm I went for the usual long walk around Amager Dike.

1 / 20
From Islands Brygge - the apartments costs a fortune
2 / 20
Spring is coming - next sunday we change to summertime
3 / 20
It may not be seen - but there were more people than usual
4 / 20
Still walking
5 / 20
The grass is still brown and boring
6 / 20
A ship came by
7 / 20
Mostly brown - but soon there will be a green explosion
8 / 20
Walking along the water
9 / 20
Some fishing poles
11 / 20
A selfie - in the wind it was cold.
12 / 20
Still plenty of sunlight left.
13 / 20
Look like a lot of water - but is is low water perfect for birds
14 / 20
More brown
15 / 20
From the back side of the dike
16 / 20
One of the many canals
17 / 20
Very flat and just in sea level
18 / 20
Lots of ducks - flying north
19 / 20
The long and straight road back to Ørestad
20 / 20
The last breath of the sun


This day I didn't do shit. Was tired after the long walk tuesday. I even did a almost 1 1/2 hour long powernap after work.


I drove my Subaru XV (Crosstrek) to Ishøj for the two year service. It was at the same car dealer where I bought the car. The service would take 2 hours and I thought I could go for a long walk instead for just waiting. However something had been  misunderstood - because they had book the car as a hole day service - therefore I had to wait much longer than 2 hours.

Instead of complaining I just went home instead. The S-trains were anyway almost empty because of the virus outbreak. This misunderstanding was kind of lucky, because when I came home and logged on work - there was this urgent task from City Hall with deadline at 1 pm. The government in Denmark is trying to increase the level of spending by removing the spending limit. We had to report back on what further projects we could accelerate.

At 2 pm I went back the the car dealer to pick up the car. Things were kind of okay except they had forgot to sign the bodywork review which gives extra guarantee. But no harm done - I always check those things so I don't have to drive back afterward. And then there was the usual thing about tier pressure which is always wrong either too high or too low. This time it was too high - 45 PSI where it should have been 30 front and 25 PSI back.


Friday came and went away. At work I feel so much behind. With all this lockdown down I had expected to have much more time at work, to do the things that are never done or aleast catch up. But it don't seems to come true. In the evening I took my e-bike around Amager Dike - sorry for the poor quality of photos. I only had my mobile phone with me.


We went by Tina's work to pick up a computer, so she can better work from home. It was a big surprise, that the library was wide open and people could come and go. Somehow the automated doors had fuck up and was back on normal working hours.  A quick pick up then turned into an hour visit before Tina had fix the automated doors and we could drive home.

At home again I went up on the roof to get some sun. No wind, sun but only 11 degrees. After an hour I was pretty much done.


Just the usual cleaning, writing this shit and relaxing. Only big this is, we have change time to summer time. This gives us more light in the evenings which I think is very pleasant.

Actually it is going okay in Denmark. The number of new cases is growing stabile. The same goes for those who unfortunately die from this virus. It looks like, that this early lockdown we had in Denmark may have been worth it and the hospitals seems to be able to cope with this current situation. If nothing else happens, we can return to work on tuesday the 14. of april just after easter.

My financial situation could be worse I guess. I have bought stocks for 70.744,57 Dkr. some years ago. But now they are only worth 46.417,44 Dkr. However I am not in a panic. I was not going to sell them soon anyway.

2020-03-22 - A Corona week in Denmark - week 2

This has been a very stressful week. Ups and down - but mostly downs. Thankfully Tina has this indoor exercise bike, which we both now use. It helps waking up in the morning and do a 20 minutes ride - almost 10 km before bath and then work. It hard to understand, that it is just two weeks ago, we came home from our trip to Norway.


This song from the danish musician Oh Land sum things up - like how I fell right now.

The luck down are supposed to end on next friday. I cannot see how that is going to happen.

Once again I went to the roof top again. I took a photo sphere of the view - Use this Link for big size or look below.


During the day I got cabin fever. I went to the roof top and sat by the chimney and enjoyed the sun and almost 10 degrees. After dinner I went for a 20 km long walk - the usual way around Amager dike. I took the metro home from West Amager station. Even that it was saturday evening the metro was almost empty. Maybe 10 people in total on the train.

I have begun following the official numbers Corona from "worldometers". It is very worrying to see countries like Italy and Spain. In Italy 793 dead in just one day - it must be like hell down there. I guess that is why we so early was asked to stay at home from work and stay apart in public places.


We went to my uncles funeral. But first we drove a detour and pick up my parents. They had though about taking public transport - which I don't think was a good because of the virus outbreak.

Again because of the virus we only were allowed to sit on every other row. Just 30 minutes later it was all over and we carried him out the the waiting car. He is going to be burned and put in the ground later.

That was a sad day - when we came home we were totally worn out. I had a nap for almost 2 hours.


The alarm clock began as usual at 6 am. After 20 minutes and a bath I began working. I could see outside, the weather was sunny and pleasant and our livingroom windows need to be washed. I even gave them a deluxe treatment with car wax. This way they keep clean for longer time. In the evening I took my e-bike for a long 1 1/2 hour ride.


More work from home. It is not that many mails that hits my inbox. It hard only the write back and forth with people. Somehow the communication have a tendency get a little awkward and derailed. I have to remember to breath and give some space. I guess we all are very tense.

After lunch I just closed down Outlook and MS Teams. That helped and I actually got some work done. After "work", I would really have liked to take my bike for a ride - but it was raining. At 4 pm it was unbearable and off I went to "Long Line"

There were not that many people out. Both the ferries to Norway are in harbor. Almost all traffic in and out of Denmark have halted. Only goods transport are allowed and if you live or work in Denmark.


In the morning I was talking to Tina about if we would cope with e.g. a three week complete home quarantine right here and now. Do we need to buy anything or are we covered (our freezer is full now) or anything else? I told her, that at some point I would say now is now - meaning last chance to go outside. Already that afternoon now was now. Our prime minister had announced a television speech at 7 pm and afterward at 8 pm the Queen of Denmark would give a speech. So off we went to the big Bilka store in Fields to do the last shopping just after 4 pm.

However I was thankfully wrong. I though that we would be grounded. But it was "only" yet a further shut down of the Danish society. The Queen had never before held a television appearance before except her yearly new year speech - wow - this is history. The message was clear. The Danish people, who don't like authorities should for this one time do as we are told. We should stay together by keeping a distance to each other. That was a very powerful speech.

One must understand - we danish people are very individual people who have been taught to always question things and especially authorities. But the Queen we respect and follow.


Monday came and went away. It is odd to sit at home alone and don't my colleagues around. My brain has difficulties in maintaining concentration. I even forgot to take a monday selfie!

Caching up on the Tupe

Since I have too much time, I did some caching up on the Tupe.

Harry Styles - Falling
This is an okay music video about love. Not UBER good but just okay as background noise.
Gåte - Huldra
A Norwegian occult music video supplemented with some hard rock. I like it. It is well preformed and I like the song and lyric. There are even a dancing pole!
TATUM - Fever
Yet another love song. For me, she is a  totally unknown singer - but it is an okay video but fare from a hidden pearl. I have subscribe her - lets se what else there might come.
A Dead Desire - Rage
A dark music video about dealing with one self - I guess. It also okay even though his voice is a little annoying at times.
Even though they sing in german I still would like to see them live. I am convinced, that they are a totally party band and it would be great fun.
SOJOURNER - The Deluge
He is just so powerful and emotional. She is just gorgeous. I think, I just have to buy their albums. Here is something from their lyric:
These dreams came to nothing
They scatter on the wind
With the shadow of our ghosts

2020-03-15 - A Corona week in Denmark - week 1

It all began like a normal work week. I took my monday morning selfie, went to the gym in the evening and enjoyed all the new routes from the competition. But already tuesday evening things began to go sideways.

My parents call to inform my, that my last uncle had passed away some time sunday/monday. Yes he was old and had some illness. But it was very unexpected. The funeral service is going to be next friday. The is going to be a hard one. My uncle lived alone in a very big villa and was a kind of a compulsive collector.

Wednesday was actually a nice sunny day - almost 10 degrees in the sun. Earlier in the day it was announced, that our prime minister would make a television appearance late in the evening. Tina and I don't watch television. Instead we decide to go shopping groceries and to make sure we had aleast 2 weeks of food in our freezer. Just before our trip to Norway we did an almost clean sweep of the freezer.

The big Bilka store in Fields was almost empty for costumers. Well we didn't hoarding but we did buy more than usual mostly - some meat for the freezer, cookies, popcorn, soda and of course some toilet paper - yes we even bought two packets - but that was only because we got a discount for buying two :-). In total we managed to fill up one shopping cart.

After we got home, we could read in the news, that our prime minister had announced a two week lock down for all non essential government employees beginning from monday the 16. Soon after I got an text from work saying, the the lock down was including me and would be implemented immediately - meaning we all have to work from home. We were only allowed at work, if it was because we had to get our work laptops or other equipment.

I decide to take the car and get my computer immediately. Driving though Copenhagen is just that much easier at 10 pm than in rush hour. In our street we have this mini convenience store with long opening hours. It was completely full of customers and they were like emptying the store. Bikes and cars everywhere in the street - wow. 

Yesterday saturday things have quiet down. All the stores have all the essential stuff including toilet paper. At Amagercentret shopping mall, Irma have these two big pallets with with large packages of toilet paper of 25 rolls. Friday they were untouched. Saturday there were still 3/4 left - so no more panic - but wow - I have never see/tried that before.

After this great shell shock this new situation has finally begun to seep in. Working from home aleast two weeks, the gym have closed down completely, funereal next friday and trying to accept the intention with this luck down meaning trying to avoid this a large number of people who require hospital treatment at the same time - trying to extend epidemic so the hospitals don't get overrun.

There is probably going to be a baby boom in 9 months?

Other stuff

I really haven't spend much time thinking of updating this site until this sunday. Some much have been going on and taken all my attention. However in Norway I made two good photo sphere picture (link). You change picture by pressing the circle button in the bottom left corner.

Next week

I guess I have to work from home the hole week - except friday. Everyday I use my fingerboard for aleast 15 min. and I have begun to use Tina's exercise bike for 20 min. Maybe I will do some long walks. Usually it takes 30 min. to get to work - now I will therefore save those 60 minutes. I have to put them to good use, so I don't get fat or lazy.

2020-03-08 - A week in Norway

Last sunday we left Denmark in the morning for our Norway winter trip. The trip was a road trip with four stops on the way:

1 overnight at Hamar
2 nights at Dombås
2 night at Trondheim
1 overnight at Mora

In total we drove more than 2.500 km. where a third were on snow/ice roads. I am going to make a fixed gallery from the trip, hopefully some time next week. But until then I have made two small video clips from the trip showing the driving conditions - one good and one bad.

The easy driving - It just looks better with a blue sky

The not easy driving - The camera had some problems focusing because the lack of reference points.

Naturally I took tons of pictures or more precise 249 in total. Here is the 15 I like the most after a quick review this evening.

1 / 15
From Hamar we took a detour east around Rondane toward Dombås
2 / 15
Some mountain peaks at Rondane
3 / 15
At Dombås we had a pretty expensive hotel room in two floors and a balcony
4 / 15
While I left Tina at the gift shop, I went on a hike up a mountain with my snow shoes
5 / 15
The view was kind of special and beautiful
6 / 15
I guess the snow must have been around one meter or higher
7 / 15
I guess it works well, when you stand on the ground
8 / 15
During the night there were some light snow
9 / 15
The hotel at Throndheim
10 / 15
And the snow did follow us a little bit
11 / 15
Instead of just taking the same way home, we decided to take the back roads to Sweden. Mostly covered in snow but sometimes ice.
12 / 15
It turns out, that snow has a very good friction. Some places I drove around 80 km/t
13 / 15
Just like bobsleigh track
14 / 15
Our hotel a Mora
15 / 15
It was a very cool evening. I accidentally took a picture of my own breath

This is it for a very short update. Next week I will be back at work and the gym again. Until next weekend enjoy these long and boring youtube clips:

Norway - driving route 27 from after Venabygd to where 27 joints 219

Driving Norway RV705 from just after Stugudalen to Brekken

Four small video clips from driving in Norway

2020-02-29 - A bit of a bummer week

It all started well on monday. After work, I went to DGI-Byen for some climbing. My usual gym has been more and less disable the whole week because of competition this weekend. Tuesday morning my throat felt sore and the rest of the week have been like up and down. I haven’t called in sick – just doing my job and then home for an afternoon nap. It has been a totally bummer. 

But still, my monday morning selfie and some shoots over the inner harbor on my way home.

On wednesday I kind of ignored my illness and bought a shovel for digging snow - or is it a spade? Anyway who cares? I also tried the snow chains (König XG-12 Pro) on the car as a preparation for our upcoming trip to Norway. That was surprising easy. After putting them on and off three times I felt pretty comfortable.

Well that was it for this update. My nose runs, my body hurts and I find it hard to find the motivation for more.

2020-02-23 - A lot of stuff happend

This was a strange week. Naturally I took my monday selfie outside work. Still there are coming more and more lights in the mornings. It is funny to see, how different the brightness of skies looks on the two first pictures from monday. On tuesday I stopped on Long Bridge to take a picture of the inner harbor. Even though we have had no winter in Denmark – there has been a lot of rain and wind.

On thursday the whole offices went for lunch and mini golf – That turned out to become this big scandal. We were separated into groups. In my group, this colleague of mine took care of our points. She was very kind and “lose”. When the finale scores was counted for the offices she turned out to be the winner, I came in second and another in our group came in as number four – ups – that was kind of embarrassingly. Let us put that in a little box and hide it away.

On tuesday morning I went for my semi-annual dental examination. It wasn’t a real dentist – it was a dental hygienist called Karina. She was in an evil mute and it was kind of hurtful. I guess that next time I have to ask her to be gentler.


Finally on tuesday Tina I and went back to Louisiana. I have bought this annual pass and we haven't really used it for too long.

1 / 17
A first exhibition we saw was with the Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbaol
2 / 17
Visual it was great
3 / 17
But it was kind of confusing
4 / 17
A lot of paper, plans and pictures - But could we some of her work in the real world?
5 / 17
I didn't know what to expect, except it would be different
6 / 17
Who has the biggest tits or the longest?
7 / 17
A very important element was to read the storries
8 / 17
Yes it was a very quite evening at Louisiana
9 / 17
You may think you a pretty - but in my eyes you a ugly
10 / 17
Okay I would have done the same
11 / 17
This one is a good illustration of the difference between the physical age and the mental age
12 / 17
Yes - she is only 8 years old - awkward!
13 / 17
The next exhibition was with this Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens. Strange and very thin exhibition. Only real thing was this room with light and smoke - yeah wow!
14 / 17
This was the master piece of the day - And I totally agree
15 / 17
As said - the rest was a thin exhibition. They had this hole room, where you could ride these city bikes. Cool and very meditative
16 / 17
And then there was this metal beam - wow - it was shinny
17 / 17
However this was a cool optic light thing

News on the tube

This week was kind of thin on the tube. This was what I found:

Beauty Queen - Sweet Memory
It is not bad - like rubbish. It has "some" quality. But I think I will change the track to the next one. But I guess would the cooler, if he killed her for real.
Bon Jovi - Limitless
A good mainstream music video. The message is understandable even if it's all a little cliche-like.

The trip to Knudshoved

On sunday we finally did the trip to Knudshoved. The plan was me and two coworkers. However one got bad neck and have to pass. It was only a little more than one hour drive from Copenhagen. It has been very windy lately. Saturday with wind gusts up to 20 m/s but only around 12 m/s sunday. However midway on the route there is this crossing. Usually it is dry, but because of high water and wind it was completely flooded. We therefore had to turn around. We decided to take the adventure'ish way back along the north coast. All in all, it was a fantastic trip and we might come back one day, where the sea is more quite.

Next week

There will most likely not be much climbing next week. The gym have removed all the routes on the long overhang walls. Next weekend is going to be a competition - but I am not going to take part. I am simply to old and in to much pain for the moment.

2020-02-16 - Maybe a one hit wonder or maybe not

On this sunday the 16. of february 2020 I crushed my first 7A route ever - like forever first time. I must have been three weeks ago I laid my eyes on the route for the first time. Some how it seemed like manageable. Tricky moves, small to none footholds but acceptable  handholds - almost solid handholds at times.

First time I tried it was in top rope just for the fun of it. But it kind of went well. Then I have maybe tired it 5 time afterward the last weeks.

After the orange section of the wall, there was this one tricky 50/50 move. Last time I climbed it I realized, that the solution was a high foot but also have weight and use the foot to control my balance.

In the top there is also a hard move - my solution was to forget the last quickdraw and just go for the top. The last handhold is very solid. From there I clip the last draw and the anchor.

The week in words and pictures

The usual monday selfie - however this time the picture seems much more sharp and clear. I was the first one o the floor and took the opportunity to take yet another picture. Monday morning the cold water in the kitchen is always fairly hot. Only after having it running for 5 minutes it became cold'ish. That was a good waste of a lot of good drinking water.

I former collogue is going on leave for like many months. The belly looked like she was going to explode at any time. She had this "closed" party. Two others and me was on the ground floor getting coffee and at break. The party was over - but with a lot of leftovers. I might have mentioned, that it would sad, if the leftovers were given away to some strangers. We were happy to help naturally.

From time to time I experience a lot of nagging and grumbling. I finally realized that it is like a virus or aleast is spreads like a virus. Some fight it off some gets consumed. I wonder if alcohol works?

On friday I though I was going out for beer and dinner with some former coworkers. Therefore I decide to take the metro and train to work. As I arrived at work the light was already breaking out. However it turned out, that it was not this friday, but friday in four weeks DoH!

After driving Tina to work saturday I went by Holms bakery and bought myself yet another "fastelavnsbolle" and enjoyed it was I watched Once Upon a Time Hollywood.

Anyway - back to friday. Instead of being angry on myself I decided to walk home. The sun was out and now it is light until around 5 pm. On my way I revisit the statue called "Pillar of Shame" from the danish sculpture Jens Galschiot. When the sun is out, it is kind of hard to see whether my new camera takes better pictures.

On my way home I walk Nørrebrogade all the way to Nørreport Station. Then though Strøget, by Christiansborg and Christianshavn.

1 / 15
A lot of immigrant shops - Kebab and Halal
2 / 15
Almost at Nørrebro Runddel
3 / 15
Walking along Assistens Cemetery
4 / 15
Just keeping on walking
5 / 15
View over the lakes
6 / 15
Queen Louise's Bridge
7 / 15
The beginning of Strøget
8 / 15
The Round Tower
9 / 15
Arriving at Amager Square
10 / 15
Some more Amager Square
11 / 15
And the last picture of Amager Square
12 / 15
Walking toward Christiansborg
13 / 15
The inner harbor from Knippelsbro
14 / 15
I look like a giant dick on the road
15 / 15
Toward Amager and home

News on the Tupe

Cam - Till There's Nothing Left
It is just a damn good song and video. This one I will appreciate listen to again and again
Skambankt - Når Eg Sover
Well I bought this album some time ago and haven't regret anything. This is just good stuff the my ears
Dami Im - Marching On
I kind of like her. The force is strong with her voice. However I didn't know, that she was an x-factor slut. But in this case, I will make an exception. I hope she will make a great career.
Ruthie Collins - Cold Comfort
I don't get, why it only have 413 views. It is a good and solid song and music video, which I like.

Next week

It is going to be a busy weekend. We are going to Louisiana, At work we will celebrate our own work and go for lunch and mini golf at Cecilie's. If the weather is okay - me and some coworkers have planed a long walk for the weekend and then there is the climbing of cause.

2020-02-09 - Huge pile of pictures

Again on friday I took a detour home by the danish parliament - Christiansborg. I wanted to take some new pictures of the statue called "Pillar of Shame" from the danish sculpture Jens Galschiot.

As I wrote last week the statue made the chinese ambassador angry. Therefore it naturally deserves extra attention. Might even drive by next week at try out my new camera.

Some random writing

The weather have been a little of everything but mostly clouds. On wednesday I took myself time to take picture over the inner harbor and the beautiful skies on my way home. The same evening on my way home from the gym, some one had got a permit to play with a high power laser over the city.

It has become a tradition to take a monday selfie picture when I arrive at work. Monday it was still dark and clouds. But wednesday it was possible to see some red and blue in the horizon. That kind of felt good - meaning spring time and more daylight is coming.

However the kitchen looked like shit wednesday when I came and the bio waste bin smelled like poo. I didn't feel welcome that day.

The packet

The packet with all the news stuff I bought last week was ready for pickup on friday. Finally I got a decent camera, when I want to take pictures. Naturally I had to test the Canon IXUS 285 HS.

The first picture was of cause a selfie of Tina and me.

Then I went around our living room trying different stuff. The camera also got a button for making different versions of the same picture with different effects – how cool is that? But maybe a little bit useless feature.

Overall I am happy about the new camera. It is small, light and easy to use. I just have to remember taking it with me together with my phone, or maybe even just leave the phone behind. It is going to be interesting to see, what kind of pictures I take next week. I have been deleting all the pictures from my google account. There is no reason to share my private life with google anymore.

Nexus 7 2013

After the big fail, where I ruined my CAT S60 phone as I was trying to change the battery, I rose up from this disaster and gave my Nexus 7 from 2013 a shoot. It could only last one day on fly mode and then the battery was gone. Therefore I bought a replacement battery on eBay including tools. On saturday I gave it my best shoot and followed this youtube clip.

This time it was a great success. It was a little hard than expected to dissemble the tablet, but once it was open it was kind of easy. Only different from the clip were, that mine had 3 extra screws than expected and I forgot to remove the SIM card cover before clipping everything together. That made it impossible to clip everything in place. I had to dissemble that corner again, remove the SIM cover and that everything was perfect.

After 24 hours there was still 88 percent of the battery left and even Wi-Fi have been "on" all the time - Nice :-)

Some more work

I had planed a long walking trip with two other coworkers this weekend. But because of some circumstances we agreed to postpone the trip two weeks. That was kind of win-win as the weather sunday was stormy windy with rain. At work I am still playing work horse or aleast until wednesday. Then everything it done in relation with closing down 2019. I am looking forward to begin working normal again - Lets see, how that goes and if it is possible?

News on the tube

LINDEMANN - Platz Eins
In many ways this is a genius music video - but from a business perspective. Making censured video and taking 2 euro for the uncensored version. 2 Euro is nothing - but when 1 millions pay 2 euro - you are in game! However it was possible at 02-05-2020 18:06:08 to acquire it on the "dark web" uhhhhhh

I didn't like either the censured or uncensored version porn in music videos don't work for me. But approximate porn like in some of his last music videos might work. 

Songs for Sabotage - Fire
I set myself on fire. You can too

This one is a beautiful music video and a living proof that you don't need a money greedy music company to create good music. I like it, and if they make an album one day, I will surly pay 2 euro extra if it is possible. Just a shame, it only got 136 views!


TheFatRat & Maisy Kay - The Storm
Is and okay music video. I like the desolate nature. The music is okay as well - but will never be my favorite. Worth watching and not much else.
Joji - Run
In a way I like the video. It is a good story line. Very simple but still interesting - like you want to see how it ends. But without the video I might have changed the channel, if the song came on the radio.
Dua Lipa - Physical
In a way I hate what this song represent. The video is surely planed from end to end - most likely they even put ice on her nipples so they are visible thought her shirt.

Anyway - I have to admit I kind of like it.

Jennifer Klein - Remember
A pleasant and enjoyable video with a good and positive lyric. Natural I also hit the subscribe button. I am now subscripting 307 different channels. Good music don't need much else that a good singer and some kind of an instrument.

Climbing news

Well not that many news. I had a long session on tuesday evening with my usual buddy. But on saturday she called in sick. I made a deal with my summer trad climber buddy on sunday. But then he also called in sick.

Anyway I just went out In the gym anyway and surely there were some to climb with. At 1 pm he pulled the plug which was perfect as I wanted to do some bouldering for myself. As we said bye some one hit the ground after clipping the 7th draw. That is not supposed to happen! As he hit the ground fairly hard his belay buddy was pulled up to the first draw. The most important thing was – that he was okay even though it must have been a big shock for them both – that was a huge and dangerous fall. I am clueless about how it happened as the belayer used an assisted brake – maybe he handled it the wrong way

Next week

At least one climbing session. Then my buddy most likely goes on a Han Solo climbing trip - meaning I have to come up with something cool for next weekend. Work - well - monday and tuesday will probably be some long workday - then back to normal work hours - and this is going to be an interesting concept.

2020-02-02 - Tik tak time is running

As expected work has filled a lot in my life this week. I am on flexible working hours but still - even for my standard it a lot. I might have become a little stressed out as I this week forgot attending two meetings and one deadline - That is just no like me! I guess long working hours messes up my head and make me forget things. In average I have done 2 hours and 20 minutes overtime every work day the last four weeks, except when I was sick. 

Next week could me more of the same or maybe a little less overtime. I took a selfie monday to make myself happy. I don't understand why the two first people at work absolutely have to block for us others. Maybe they are stressed too or maybe not as thoughtful as me?

Tuesday I stopped up on my way home and took a picture of Søpavillonen and old but worned out building from 1895. On wednesday I took a detour home by the danish parliament - Christiansborg. It turns out, the the statue in the lower right corner is a "Pillar of Shame" from the danish sculptur Jens Galschiot.

It seams this "Pillar of Shame" have made the chinese ambassador angry. He called the lord mayor of Copenhagen and tried to persuade him to withdraw the permit the the sculpture. Thankfully that didn't work out. It will be in from of the danish parliament for the next three months. Hopefully they will take their panda back home again.

Tina I and I have been spending some money and have partly book out trip to Norway. So far the plan is:

  • One overnight at Furnes on the way north
  • Two nights at Dombås where I get a hall pass from Tina to do something stupid and most likely dangerous
  • Two nights at Trondhjem where we together explore the city and food

The home trip is still kind of "unplanned". If the wither stay away, we might go though Sweden home. If the gates to winter hell is unleashed. We might take the "safe" way home.

Climbing news

On tuesday I finally finished one of my projects at the gym. It is an orange 6B. That left me smiling for the rest of the session. The route was hard on my fingers because I am tall and therefore heavy. But it has good resting spots, where you can recover. It is like climbing in sections.

Afterward I was kind of bulletproof and climbed another blue 6B I had done before. Somehow I feel the strongest as I have ever been. I am climbing for me hard stuff not just once or twice but three times in a row. I have my eye on this gray 6B as well, which I am going to try and flash and crush it.

More buying 

I have for a long time been unhappy with my mobile phone and pictures it can manage to take with it. Instead of changing the phone, I have bought a Canon IXUS 285 camera. I am looking forward to see, if the camera will improve the quality of the pictures I take. 

Angle Olsen

On friday I went to Vega to hear Angel Olsen. I went alone - Tina didn't want to go. As the day of the concert arrived I realized, that I might should have hear some of her music instead of only one of her hits. The music was great - like really really great. But because I haven't heard it before, it was hard to relate to the music. But still that lady knows her stuff. Next time she comes by Copenhagen, I will definitely buy a ticked again.

News on the tube

Ruthie Collins - Joshua Tree
This video is the reason I every weekend search for new artists and music videos. Most of the times it is rubbish - but some times you find something good and sometimes something very good. This one I really like.
Sally Dige - It's You I'm Thinking of
Yet anther good found. Only 1 Euro at bandcamp, I decided to pay double up. A good and pleasant song. It is important to support artist, who put an effort in their trade.
Ye Banished Privateers - Rowing With One Hand
Great fun. Nice setup - I am pretty sure they had a fun time recording this video. It also fun to watch - but not my style of music.
Dua Lipa - Physical
This is a good mainstream music video. It has a good beat, flow and she is kind of hot. However it will never be as unique and long lasting as the other three videos this week.

Next week

Naturally I have already planed to climbing sessions in the gym. The long working hours will probably still keep me in this zombie state every evening. Next weekend I have arranged a long walking trip with two other coworkers - Next week I will write all about it.

I have fulfilled my new years resolution about no alcohol in january. I celebrated it with a bottle of wine saturday. But still I haven't spend any money on new clothes. I have put the money beside and now have two months of money - 2.000 Dkr. (260 Euro). Hopefully when all this working overtime is over, I will get into the ring.

2020-01-26 - Busy working on my shit

Monday was as expected a very long but pleasant day at work. I clocked in around 7 am and left just before 7 pm. Because of the long working hours the firm paid for take away thai food. On my way home, I decided to take a little detour and took Kneppelsbro back to Amager. I needed to clear my head and didn’t mind the extra 10 min. ride. I total the day went on quietly without any major issues. In fact, just like last year.

Both monday, tuesday and wednesday I was the first at work in the mornings. I made myself a good old fashion paper “to-do-list”. That meant that when everything closed down wednesday at 4:00 pm everything was done and we all made an exception from the anti-alcohol rule and drank a “happy closing down all 2019 accounts beer”. Well except me, as I have an alcohol free january. I went home wednesday just after sun set with only an orange color in the horizon as I crossed Langebro.

Thursday was climbing day at the gym. After so many days with overtime, I decided thursday to do this non-career-promoting act and go home 30 min before the official hours – even though we still are totally busy – like insane busy.

Since I meet at 7 and left 2 pm, I clocked minus 30 minutes in my flexible working hour schedule sheet. One should remember, that the door swings both ways and an employer always loves a working horse. In a strange way I think my boss respect it because it means, that I don’t worn out that easy and still – when the shit hits the fane, I am always there to clean up.

However the climbing didn’t go that well. Or more precise I got totally burnout on an overhang and didn’t really managed to recover afterward. But still on the last climb at 10:30 pm I tried to curse my way up very lout. The gym was empty and no children around – I took a pretty long fall from the last clip before the anchor. I went pretty high over the clip but my fingers betrayed me and simply let go on a huge handhold.

The beautiful weather from wednesday didn’t last – meaning the return of the concrete skies. It will still be dark in the mornings for another 4 week or so. I tried to take a selfie at 7 am as I arrived at work – but it is very dark.

Saturday I washed five machines clothes, played with the vacuum cleaner and a lot of other cleaning stuff. Tina went on cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Around 3 pm I went sugar cold and played Rage 2 until around 11:30 pm. The plant I mentioned last week is still growing. It had to change place to a window position as it a kind of cactus and kind of unpleasant touching. Sunday was climbing again. Tina had a knitting club gathering – so I had to get the fuck away.

I had a half and half deal with some hygge climbers, who meet sunday morning. My usual partner was busy this weekend. It turned out to be pretty awesome and fun – I climbed a lot of shorter routes that I never had tried before. I even tried a 7a on top rope. I think I only took one take and one fall – that is pretty cool for me.

What new on the Tupe?

The Weeknd - Blinding Lights
This one is probably and polished and mainstream music video - but I like it and I like the almost 80 style beat. I also like the screen play, action and playing. I even like his sunglasses!
This one is good!
Katja Krasavice- Rodeo
First we had the "sex tape" - now we have "Rodeo". Where the first was kind of fun - this one totally suck. It indescribably poor and I will hopeful forget it, before I go to bed.
Slowly Slowly - Race Car Blues
It is kind of not my music style. But the music video is totally cool. I like the scene, where the dude take his wine - haha - I guess I can relate to that. This one is worth waching.
Hazlett - Monsters
The lyric is kind of deep. It is about life and what some people learn though life or some never understand.
It is good and I like it:
Are we monsters
Led by the things we wanted
Longing to be more honest
Desperate to find what's haunting us

Next week will most likely not bring any relief at work. We have tons of things we have to deliver to city hall – and to be honest, the quality of the contents we currently get from city hall is kind of poor. But I guess they too are overloaded. One thing is certain – tuesday is my climbing day and I will leave work at 2 pm. However I might do another 12 hour work day next week again either monday or wednesday – let us see how it goes. On friday I am going to concert with Angel Olsen at Vega – that is going to be cool. We are most likely next weekend going to book our combi trip to Norway in March. The weekend afterward I have also planned a trip whit some coworkers.

2020-01-19 - Busy week with only a little sunshine

As foreseen this was a busy week. Long working hours from 7 in the morning to late afternoon or I spend all evening in the gym. I appreciate going to the gym and clear my head from all the stress at work. Maybe for the same reason my left upper arm have begun to hurt again.

On my way home monday afternoon I took some pictures from City Hall Square which I pass every day to and from work. It was way more quite than usual. Because of the long working hours we have a “candy closet” at work full of all kinds of sugar and chocolate stuff – All paid by the firm. On monday and tuesday it is probably going to be working hours like from 7 am to 8 pm both days – yummi.

The weather has been very concrete like. This low cloud cover have made all dark and depressing. Tuesday there was just a little sun. But friday was the big relief day with blue skies and sun. Just too bad, the sun already went away 4:12 pm. The two last pictures are from the gym out at Refshaleoen. First is from an old dry-dock, the other is the gym itself.

I have bought snowshoes for the upcoming winter’ish trip to Norway. Nothing has been plant yet except the dates. I saw had sales on snowshoes and found a model called Aspect from the company Atlas. They cost 150 euro including transport from Germany – okay price I would say. Let us see what comes out of this winter trip – Tina is coming too which I am happy about.

One of our plants has decided to grow weirdly. It is a cactus something. Once or twice a year it grows two new leaves like very explosive like.

Emotion week on the Tube

Somehow it seemed that several artists or performers have become very emotional this week.

Eminem - Darkness
This is his version off what's goes on inside a mass shooters head. I guess we all have our inner demons we have to face - some people does that every day.
James Blunt - Monsters
A video where he is very emotional about his father - crying and shit. I guess when dead knocks on the door it is no time to regrets. Get the best out of life everything have a shelf life
John Anderson – Years
A very good song about life and how life goes on. Why sit in sorrow and let the years pass? Do some shit - don't matter what. Be crazy or be sensible, it does not matter
Moby - Power Is Taken ft. D.H. Peligro
A true rebel music video from Moby. It is very true - Power is not shared, one must fight against the oppressors and and the money greedy capitalists

2020-01-12 - Ups - got sick again
There is not much to write this time. Last sunday after dinner I could feel something rotten in my throat. Monday was the same - but not getting better or worst. Tuesday to thursday it exploded and I had to stay home from work. Not the best thing, since we are kind of very busy at work.

On friday I was okay and went to work again. My mailbox looks like shit and I am now officially totally behind. On saturday I took a "bonus" workday at home trying to catch up.

While I was trying to align our facility management and financial system Tina was packing all the christmas decorations down for this time.

I have realized that my e-bike must be like owning a french car. First it seems okay and everything is fine.

But then it slowly begins disintegrate. Parts falling off, funny sounds and it develops what I call a personality. This friday some parts from the gear change fell off. I can still change gear up and down - but I can no longer be sure, if the bike is in a gear or if I have to turn the gear changer a little more.

I should take it to a bike mechanic - but I experiences some many quality issues that I really don't want to use any money on it. I am just going to drive to the grave until the e-motor breaks. Maybe it was not build for everyday and every weather use. I don't expect the bike to last all of 2020.

News on the Tupe

Selena Gomez - Rare
Almost 14 mio. hits as I wrote this and 1,2 mio. likes. I am not going to try arguing that many people are wrong. I just find it hard to see the basic qualities. Not even the song is aligned the lip movements. Yeah lets make a cut scene every 15 sec and no one will notice.
Justin Bieber - Yummy
This one got 55 mio. views and impressing 2,5 mio. likes. Yes this one is even more crappy than Gomez. Maybe this is a kind of a generation conflict?
Hailee Steinfeld - Wrong Direction
8 percent of the views like this one compared to Bieber's 4,7 percent. 0,068 percent dislike it compared to Bieber's 1 percent. Yes I work with numbers! It a okay music video which I appreciate both to day and next week.
Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra - Jumprope
9,3 percent like this one - the winner of this weeks four music videos. The video has no deeper meaning - it is about having fun and how simple it is - I like it.

Next week

Next week is a black box. Will I stay healthy and sane all week? If so, I will most likely work like shit and climb hard with three sessions.

2020-01-05 - Yet another year has gone

It is time once again to clean up and start over again. All the posts from last year have now become a part of my archive. Tina spend the time between christmas and new year's eve baking wreath cake (kransekage). Not just for ourselves but for the family and one old friend. She had some sugar in surplus and also baked meringue as a bonus.

I decided to buy some fireworks. In total I bought for around 95 euros, just a little bit more than last year.

Every new year's eve we use our finest porcelain and cutlery. This year the menu was garlic soup as a starter and lamb with potatoes and tzatziki as the main course. Tina had made magic in the kitchen – the food was like heaven.

This year I got absolutely screwed buy alcohol. All evening I drank red wine and Bacardi Breezers. At midnight we shared a bottle of Martini Asti – but no problems – all was like last year. But at 2 am I took a shoot of my new Grappa di Barolo (50%) and suddenly the world was swinging around big time. I had to puke and then bedtime. Wednesday morning was yet more puking and back to bed. It was not until late afternoon before I kind of recovered – what a waste of time. As last year january is going to be an alcohol free month.

After dinner we saw two movies as usual. This time it was Joker and Ad Astra. Both movies were good, but not the kind of action movies we usual see. Both were kind of slow movies, but without being lengthy. Especially Joker is a movie you can sit and thing about afterward. In it own way it is a very cruel story. I agree on the thing about humor depends on the perspective - meaning I can find something very funny where other people with a different mindset can find it chocking or offensive. This naturally works both ways. After the two movies we once again saw "Dinner for One" - I guess it has become some kind of a tradition.

I have made two new years resolution. 1) No alcohol in january 2) Spend at least 1.000 Dkr. (130 Euro) on clothes each month but with the option of transferring unused money to the following month. I am don't mean more climbing clothes. I mean "normal" clothes for work and everyday life. Most of my clothes of that type are more than 5 years old and very worn out. 

Wash day for the Subaru XV (Crosstrek)

Thursday I went for at locale gas station to get the car washed. I had all day and wanted to give it a big treatment. First a fast hand wash to get the dirt off and to clean the spots I know the car wash won't clean.

After a standard winter wash in the machine I dried it with some car towels. Back in the garage I gave it a polish with original Turtle Wax. I am very pleased with the result. Hopeful it will protect the car from road salt which come with this time of year. I also like the way it repels water - hopefully it will last until summertime.

Rage 2 - cool game - Expansion pack Terrormania not so cool

fair use

fair use

I have been playing Rage 2 from Bethesda for some time. I have completed the game on both beginner and the second most difficult level - and enjoyed the awesome game play - this game I recommend.

Therefore were my expectations for the expansion pack "TerrorMania" quite large. But it sucks big time. It was only around 5 euros but still. In short - you have to find five pieces. Each piece has its own areal protected by guards and bosses. The five areas are very limited and have a kind of the same setup. In order to get the piece you have to kill the same boss over and over again up to 6 times. The game play is incredibly monotonous and repetitive - in  the end I just put it on easiest difficulty level and pushed though.

News on the Tupe

April 22 - Fear of the unknown
The latest one felt a lot like homemade. I have the same felling about this one. As I understand this is only the fourth single. But it's okay - it's not going to be a classic but okay - I like it.
Scooter – Which light switch is which?
Hmmm - This sounds a little like a little assembly line music. I guess it can happens when you have made music since 1993. The video is okay (just)

Next week

Next week is going to be long and hard work, most likely with at least 5 or more hours of overtime. In two and a half week all the accounts for 2019 will be closed regardless of whether we're done. But it could be a win win thing. I could spend the overtime for a spring climbing trip. That concept kinds of motivate me.


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