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2021-07-04 - Okay - life is hard

This last part of june have not been easy. Usually I get a birthday depression - but this year it kind of all went off the scale.

I drove down to the summerhouse on wednesday the 16. afternoon. In the morning I wrote the plumber about the error on out pellet furnace. On thursday we agreed on wednesday week 25. I have forgotten how I spend my time - but on friday I pickup up Tina at the station. We prepared the bedroom for paint and even managed to paint around the window. On sunday I dropped off Tina at the station.

It was a little strange to be alone in the house. Not seeing anyone except though the computer. In my "spare time" I painted our bedroom twice in the blue color Tina wanted. The result was awesome. In the morning it is a light blue and in the evening it becomes a darker blue. On wednesday the plumber came and looked at the furnace. It all took like 15 minutes - It was "only" the electric fire starter was "burned" out. As it turned out - it has to be changed every year. But now we got a ceramic one that last for 3 years. The plumber was cool and showed me how to make timetables and talked about why that was a good thing. So back home to Copenhagen in the late afternoon.

On thursday I went to work, which was very very nice after so many days alone. After lunch the company invited to ice-cream at the car park. Later I went to the gym alone just for fun. The night between thursday and friday I woke up at 3 am with pains in my stomach. First I thought it would go away - but it didn't. It got worse and worse. I threw up several times and woke up Tina. We agreed on waiting 60 minutes but after 20 minutes and me grunting in pain Tina called the emergency line. From there it went fast. They sent an ambulance to pick me up. The pains were breath taking. On the way to the emergency room they tried to give me painkillers but that didn't help much. They took blood samples and left me waiting. The doctor came and looked at my stomached and tried to pinpoint the source of the pain - but no luck. The blood work came back without any result about the pains. At that point the pains were kind of "less" so we agreed on going home again. After walking 100 meters from the emergency room I threw up again - but still we took a taxi home.

I slept most of friday away. In the night I woke up again with insane pains. We called the doctor but to be honest they were not the greatest help. Instead Tine told me to being drinking an insane volume of water. Both saturday and sunday I drank around 4 liters or more. In the end - that was the game changer for me. On sunday evening I was in such a good shape, that I drove down to the summerhouse. On monday the bed company came with the replacement bed for the damage one I wrote about in april. Back home to Copenhagen later monday. On tuesday I went to the gym again. On wednesday and the rest of the week I went to work in person.

My head is kind of dazed of what have happened the last tree weeks. I am getting older and I really find it hard to adjusting to it. I have this terrible though about I have peaked in life - and from here it just go downward. Or maybe I just have to become comfortable, embrace it and life with is even though it hurts.

Anyway - now both Tina and I am on a 3 week vacation together. I guess, that we will be at the summerhouse most of the time. Below is some random pictures. I will pause updating during the summer even though we won't leave the country.

2021-06-13 - Just a quick one

On friday I took the metro and s-train to work. The weather was lovely. The offices was boring. All I could think off, was to take a picture of the coffee machine. After work I meet Tina at city center to buy our birthday and christmas present. Again this year we decided to buy something that last forever - more cutlery from Georg Jensen. This time two lunch knives. Now we have two complete set for next new years evening. We had thought about buying something for our summerhouse - but we rather wanted something that last for the rest of our life.

On sunday I went to the gym for 4 1/2 hours. That was very nice. I am still working on this 6C project. I had two attempts - but I have some issues about endurance. At the top I get so pumped that I have to take a break. But maybe next time around I will make it. Work next week is a total black box. I believe it could become very stressfully. I don't mind stress as long as I also productive at the same time. Anyway we might drive down to the summerhouse on friday to relax in the weekend. Or to be more precise - painting our bedroom and finishing the project. Yesterday we went to Bauhaus and bought paint and more wallpaper for around the window. Yeah - it is going to to be tough weekend as well.

2021-06-09 - Late again

I must admit that when we are down at the summer house, I just don't care about updating my journal. There are just so many other things to do that spending time on the phone, computer and television. That stuff just don't get used that much. After returning home monday afternoon to Amager last week, I worked from home tuesday but both wednesday and thursday I took the bike to the office building. Usually this and the next weeks are a peak season at work. I can already feel the longer working hours. I am pretty sure the next two weeks will be even longer working hours. Most of the work is about the spending forecast both for this year and next year. The cities in Denmark are still subject to a spending limit by the central government - but without sanctions if the actual spending exceeds the limit.

On thursday last week I picked up Tina after work and we drove down to our summerhouse again. We really wanted to move on with the renovation of the bed room. We make a huge effort. Now we only have to paint, finish the end wall and do something about the window sill.

On the bad news, our pellet furnace stopped working. No huge disaster bad as we have a water heater and didn't heat because of the summer heat. But still - we have to spend money to get it fixed. I think the problem is a broken electric fire starter but lets see. We will wait some day until we call someone. Else we have just been nursing around the garden and watching the grass grow. On on monday after worked we once again returned home.

Yesterday tuesday I went to the gym. It is just so lovely to be out there. I have begun this yellow 6C route. I have a good feeling about it and expect to finish it soon.

1 / 14
City hall on my way to work
2 / 14
The inner harbor on my way home
3 / 14
And a selfie on my way to work again
4 / 14
The bedroom - work still in progress
5 / 14
The pellet furnace
6 / 14
Some error note about "no working"
7 / 14
Some garden work by Tina
8 / 14
Some garden work by me
9 / 14
The grass is growing
10 / 14
The wilderness - we all agree, that something have to be done
11 / 14
Back home and on my way to work
12 / 14
And driving home again
13 / 14
Lots of traffic
14 / 14
The usual one over the inner harbor

2021-05-31 - From cold to summer

The week began with modest 12 degrees - on this monday the temperature was around 25 degrees as I left Lolland for home. I have done tons of stuff but have forgotten most of it.

I had tuesday off. Last week I bought some cheap LED light. 10 units 60 cm long for around 50 Euros. I have installed 2 units in the hallway to the workshop and boiler. In the workshop I have installed 4 units, and in the storage room yet another. I also bought this
Bosch ART 24 grass trimmer. I took a cheap one. We are beginners in garden life - when we know, what works for us, we can buy something better if we got the money or just settle with what we gone. On thursday I took a round at hung up some pictures. Thankfully the house is so old and tender, that I didn't have to drill any holes - just a screw in the wall was enough.

Sunday I totally went into action and removed one entire a raised flower bed. Tina said ok and I immediately took the opportunity. That was hard work - I had to remove quite a bit of dirt. Afterward I once again tried to sow grass - time will tell, if that goes well.

1 / 15
New light in the hallway
2 / 15
New light in the workshop
3 / 15
Spending my time
4 / 15
The new grass trimmer
5 / 15
Just some weather
6 / 15
Four Copenhagen pictures from old days
7 / 15
I did some digging
8 / 15
Yes much better
9 / 15
Fighting off dandelion
10 / 15
Before some garden work 
11 / 15
And after some gardenwork
12 / 15
I don't know
13 / 15
Trimming the grass
14 / 15
A selfie
15 / 15
A guest star? 

2021-05-24 - Good news about the cancer

On thursday we had a doctors appointment about the state of the cancer. The first thing the doctor said was, that she had very good news. The cancer has stopped growing and is now withdrawing from three infected places. We still have to continue the chemotherapy treatment + antibody drop for least 9 more weeks before the next scan and appointment. These good news gives us peace in mind for now and beginning of the summer. We immediately called everyone we knew and spread the good news. Afterward we drove down to Lolland and our summerhouse.

Both monday and tuesday I worked from home. After work tuesday I went to the gym to relax. Wednesday I drove to work. I took some photo both to and from work. Down at Lolland we had a deer in the garden on friday.

On saturday we began to clean the conservatory and removed the dirty blinds. Tina cleaned the windows and I took a brush and cleaned the wood from old spider webs and dirt. It was so nice afterward. Now we actually enjoy sitting out there. After three weeks the grass had grown like "a lot". I almost complete on thursday evening. I had to stop as the evening dew came and made the grass to wet.

On monday I began to pint the wooden window edges I have changed earlier as they were the most rotten ones. I also cut new ones for the rest of on section and begun painting them. I will give them to layers before putting one rubber sealing and setting them up.

2021-05-16 - Christian ascension?

I didn't see anyone fly to heaven this week. I had thursday off and took a day off on friday as well. However I cheated a little and sat making some Power Bi for work anyway. Hopefully it will be some kind of project overview - lets see what the others at work say. I was at the gym both tuesday, friday and sunday. However sunday I was for my self - just trying to get some strength back in my fingers. The gym is like a casino - you forget time, space and the chinese Corona.

Tina has been offered and accepted the vaccination. She will get her first shot at the very end of may and her second one in the beginning of july. It is just a matter o time, before I will get my invitation. I am pretty sure, I will say no thank you. I am more a "survival of the fittest" type of guy.

On monday the weather was lovely. I stopped on my way to work to take some pictures of The Lake Pavilion. On wednesday I took the metro to work and walked home. Naturally I took a detour cross Knippel Bridge. Early friday I took the car to the car wash. It really needed at before summer clean and wash down. Afterward I gave it a polish with Turtle Wax. It helped doing it with my glasses on - the paint had all kinds of small defects and very small spots of rust coming from the brakes or the air. But the wax took it all - so now the paint is nice and clean. The hood has some minor stone chips - I decided to wait until the "before winter" cleaning and did not fix them. It was only in the pain and not the metal. It fell good getting that clean done. I am sure, that the car will last just a little longer when that is done.

Next week is a little tricky. On thursday we have a doctor's appointment where we will get the result of the CT scan from last friday. Hopefully they will say that the cancer has been stopped and is now getting kick back by the chemotherapy and antibody treatment. But still - it is going to be a big and we hope for the best. Afterward we will most likely drive down to our summerhouse even though the summer is no where to be found and the temperatures is still below 15 degrees.

2021-05-09 - Was that an almost normal week?

Well only if we forget the cancer thing. The blood numbers were still not good enough to continue the chemotherapy treatment. But still we got the antibody drop which should reduce the spreading of the cancer. We have high hopes for next tuesday. On the up side - most of the side effects from the chemotherapy is gone. We think the goal is to get rid of the cancer and therefore back on chemotherapy.

I was a work both tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Yes - yet again three days out of five. On wednesday the weather sucked and I took the metro to work. However I walked home. 2/3 of the walk was in heavy rain. Just before Long Bridge I visited a the wine merchant "Ludv Bjørns Vinhandel" and bought to bottles of Ouzo. As I crossed Long Bridge on foot the rain almost stopped, which was perfect for a picture.

Thursday the gym finally opened again. But had to wait until friday to have a session. That was very very good. But man - my fingers have lost a lot of power. After a short while I had troubles just to hang on to stuff - I didn't matter what kind of hand hole it was - my fingers magically open. That was kind of expected after such a long lock down of the gym. On sunday I had to chose between a long walk or gym time. I decided gym time just for myself. About one hour bouldering and then one hour on the autobelay.

Next week is an open book. We might drive down to our summerhouse or we might just stay in Copenhagen. I guess it all depend on the weather. Sun and heat equals summerhouse where cold and rain means staying in Copenhagen. But still we have to visit the hospital on friday for a CT-scan.

2021-05-02 - Bumpy road

Tuesday the hospital rang that the blood numbers were too low or bad - so we were no to take the chemotherapy treatment. That was kind of okay, as the weekend had been bad with pain and discomfort. But still at setback as we really want to be well again. During the week things seems to be better and hopefully we will be back on chemotherapy next tuesday - but probably on a lower dose.

Most of the week came and went by. I am really happy about the chicken house is gone. I spend some time cleaning up the ground and removing small pieces of garbage. On tuesday afternoon I did a "short" 2 hour walk down to The small-land waterway. A blackbird has made a nest just out side our utility room. Tina has named her Solvej. In danish a blackbird is called Solsort - the direct translate is Sunblack. Anyway the name make sense in danish. She have 4 eggs and it seems like the male bird has left her.

This sunday I changed some the worst of the worst of the glass lists. I even had to use some filler where the original tree was gone. Maybe next time I will go all in and change the rest. The conservatory is rotten - but maybe this will buy us some time until a major change is necessary.

1 / 15
Tuesday was a very cold morning
2 / 15
Three hares in the field
3 / 15
From my walk
4 / 15
Lolland is mostly farmland
5 / 15
Down at the sea - walking through seaweed
6 / 15
One weird three
7 / 15
Not one walk without a selfie
8 / 15
One my way back home
9 / 15
The skies and sun plays drama queen
10 / 15
Four egg - four new futures 
11 / 15
Blackbird looking evil at me
12 / 15
After cleaning the ground at the old chicken house
13 / 15
Nothing to see here - just walking though
14 / 15
Replacement of the worst window lists
15 / 15
Replacement of the bottom window lists

Next week could be interesting. There is talk about reopening of the gym. However the conditions are still unclear. I am planning on going to work three times again and work from home the remaining two days.

2021-04-26 - Three days at work

For the first time in very long time I was three days at work. Both monday, tuesday and then thursday. Thursday was a bonus because I had a session with a coworker about how to align our accounting system and our system for maintenance. Else work is kind of okay now and days. I just have to get used to, that we are more people now and the tasks are more spread out now.  On tuesday I took a detour home cross King's New Square and the old Exchange.

The cancer thing goes okay - It seems the side effects of the chemotherapy treatment may begin to be a little worse than in the beginning. We don't really know for sure yet. But I think we are on 2 where 1 is not affected and 5 is chained to a bed and near dead. On friday we drove down to our summerhouse to relax.

Or at least try to relax. On saturday I began to mowing the lawn. That took almost 4 hours! It was for the first time and the container kept being full all the time. Apparently moss fills more than grass and we have a lot of moss! Then I duck up one of the flower beds literally. It also had this water thing duck down. That turned out to be some sort of a steel trolley. Now we will wait for the rain at the earth to settle down. Then it is time to so new grass.

Sunday afternoon I knocked down the old chicken house. Oh man - we have just so much garbage lying around now! We really need to buy this trailer soon.

The renovation of the bedroom on the 1. floor is kind of a stand still. But now we finally called the plumber about the removal of the radiator. When that one is gone - we can move on and hopefully make it look good.

2021-04-18 - Almost a normal week?

On monday our bed finally came and they even carried it all the way up on the 1. floor. Tina and I ware worried about, if it even could get up there - but no problems. However it turned out, that it had been damaged in transport - Crap! So we contacted the bed company and complained. Thankfully they said, that we could begin using the bed. The damaged part is against the wall, so it really don't matter. But still - at that price it have to be perfect. I guess the bed stories will continue.

On tuesday evening I drove home from Lolland. Both chemotherapy treatment and antibody drop at Rigshospitalet. I all went fine - only the usual stomach problems. On thursday I went to work - for real. That was a vary nice day. We are still only allowed the meet in twice a week. But so nice finally to meet and interact with real human beings. Staying down at Lolland for one hole week alone made me just a little bit lonely.

Regarding the chinese Corona things have begun to loosen a little bit up. Stores and restaurants have begun opening up again - lets hope, that the gym also will open as soon as possible.

On sunday I went for a good long walk. I took the usual way around the Dike, by the airport and back home around 21,5 km. That was supposed to be good for my mental health. Afterwards my legs hurts and my mind is still a little offset. It would be nice to get some purpose back in my life - like begin to work normal, be able to go to the gym again and get rid of the cancer thing.

I will most likely drive to Lolland on wednesday. Tina will follow on friday where we will stay the rest of april. The garden is such a big challenge and I want the get as much done before everything are in blossom. We also have to take a look at our bedroom and try to finish the renovation. We have to call a plumber to remove the radiator before we can proceed with the project.

But most of all - I will try to remember to take more pictures.

2021-04-11 - Finally I pulled myself together

It has been very long since the latest update - I know. Much have happened - we got married at City Hall. Afterward we invited my parents and Tinas sister and husband on lunch. Because of the chinese Corona everything is still very restricted. Afterward we drove to our new summer house on Lolland.

It has not been a pleasant time. I have been thinking a lot about the cancer and what could happen if one of us are no more just after we have bought this house. Dark thoughts with no future are making our life hard. Just eating food has been a struggle.

The Easter was okay. Both my parents, some of Tinas colleagues and my old climbing buddy came by at our summer house. Three days of good distraction from the darkness luring in the background. After Easter Tina took the train back home to Copenhagen. I stayed back because we are expecting to get our new bed to be delivered. That has also been a fight. Because our house is in the middle of literally nothing - they have been delaying the transport until they could fill a truck. It was first after we spoke to the bed company they finally gave us a date after the bed have been waiting for 2 weeks at the transport company. Hopefully we will get it tomorrow and I can drive back home to Tina.

On wednesday I finally pulled my shot together and went for a 12 km long walk down to the sea. On the way out I meet no one! On my way home I only meet one car on the road. I have spent a lot of time in the garden cleaning out Ivy and cutting down the worst of the trees hanging in out the garage. That have produced tons of garden waste which I have to find a solution for. We are thinking of buying a trailer - but I would like to wait just a little. Medio May we have an important scanning which hopefully will show which way the cancer are going.

I cannot promise more frequent updates. Down here at Lolland I only have my 8 year old computer but most of all not that much time to spare.

2021-03-21 - Time is going by

It is kind of strange - All we are waiting for is the first treatment on tuesday. Work just fly by. But still we do a lot stuff. Both thursday and friday Tina went to work. On saturday evening I meet up some some climbing friends. Thursday evening we went for at walk down to the inner harbor. Just after lunch sunday we did another walk along the harbor.

Next week will be tricky. On monday the car have to go to service, AC service, antirust treatment + we will get a tow hook installed. That will must likely take two or three days. On friday we will get married at City Hall. Because of our strange situation and the chinese Corona it will be very limited. Only Tina's one sister and husband and my parents will attend. Afterward we have ordered some lunch and then we will drive on easter vacation at out summer house at Lolland.

But mostly we try not to think about tuesday.  

2021-03-16 - Worst day ever

We finally got some clarity about how bad it is. This cancer thing will be something we will have to live with for the rest of our lives. It is not possible to remove through an operation. We cried, then we cried some more, then we got some family by and we all cried some more. It is very hard to accept the fact, than very thing that has a beginning has an end. But nothing is certain and the odds is with us. 

One thing that will change our lives just as much is our summerhouse at Lolland. We will begin to spend much more time down there. This weekend we continued our "battle of ivy" and began the removal of yet another section.

1 / 7
A before picture
2 / 7
A before picture from another angel
3 / 7
A half way status
4 / 7
But still much work to be done
5 / 7
Some spring flowers
6 / 7
The "After" picture
7 / 7
We were extremely pleased with our efforts

We also kept on working on the bedroom, but nothing worth of taking pictures off. That project will most likely take some more months. There is a radiator just hanging in the pipes we want to remove and clean up the wall behind. But we have decided to wait until it gets a little warmer before we want to get anyone to work on the heating system in the house.

This house will most likely be our place, where we can relax from this creepy illness and find energy to get though the hard times to come.

2021-03-10 - Still in a vacuum

We are waiting for the doctor's appointment on monday next week to hear about the treatment plan. We called the hospital because they had sent two almost identical appointment. While clearing that out - we kind of were told, that we have yet another appointment on next tuesday, that we don't know about yet. Anyway - we think that might be the first chemotherapy treatment - but we will know soon enough.

After the PET-CT-scanning on thursday we will drive to our summerhouse. We will both work from there on friday and then enjoy a hopeful good weekend and some garden work.

I went to the offices building both monday and tuesday. If we have "the need", we are allowed to meet twice a week - but no more than six people in total each day. On tuesday I got flowers for both Tina and me - so I began to cry again! Work has almost cooled down regarding me. Many of my task have been assigned to others, almost to the point, where I am worried that I might become bored. But fine with me for now and until we know, how much energy this situation will demand the coming weeks and months. I am so lucky, that I have a such awesome work and coworkers!

After monday I guess the next focus will be our wedding at City hall and the end of march.

But at least it felt normal to once again to take a selfie and a picture over the inner harbor.


2021-03-07 - Cancer - we're screwed

On thursday we were at Rigshospitalet again to get the answer from the tests. It was almost worse case. An very fast growing breast cancer. It has already spread to some lymph nodes. Next week we will go to a MRI scanning, they will place coils in breast and lymph and finally a PET-CT-scanning. On monday in a week the treatment plan will be ready and the chemotherapy will begin. The doctor said, that we should prepare for a 8 month long treatment.

I don't think, we have realized what is going to happen and how it will affect our life's.

Right here and now - coming though next week is the most important thing. I guess we will take things as they come. Not to worries about things that might come - but live in the present and try to stay positive. We are very happy about, that we now have a summerhouse we can use, when we need to relax and just enjoy life and each other.

From now on updates will come ad hoc when I have time and energy.

2021-03-01 - Up but mostly down

Last week was weird. We both had one week vacation down at our new summerhouse at Lolland. However on wednesday we were by Rigshospitalet to get checked out about a possible tumor. We don't know the answer yet but it was very depressing. On thursday evening I kneeled down and asked Tina if she would marry me - and she said yes! This is a very turbulent period and will continue for sometime. We haven't really not thought this marry thing through yet. We have filled out all the paper work and are just waiting for a approval and a confirmation of the date.

We found comfort in the garden and all the work that have to be done. This week we are both back home and I even went to work on my bike. Man - that was hard bike ride! I was totally finish went I arrived at work - totally weak and felling like a fat cat. I had a long and good talk with my boss about work, life and everything. Even though much are going against Tina and I - it seems both our workplaces are backing us up on what might to come.

Because of the chinese Corona the gym will be closed yet another month until the 5. of april.

2021-02-19 - What if this is the best as it gets?

Yet anther short update. I have been down at the house almost all week. The plumber/heat pump guy came by and installed two units. One on the ground floor and one on 1. floor. Now I can follow the temperature from my phone at home. Almost the entire ground floor have been washed down. That makes everything look much nicer and welcoming. Every night just before bed time, I do a daddy long legs hunt. Everyone I found got a blow job with the the vacuum cleaner.

Next week both Tina and I have vacation. I am going to bring my chainsaw and begin to cut down the garden - literally. We will also try to finish the renovation of the bedroom. I will also bring my old computer and hopefully begin doing some more and longer updates.

Work is still silly stupid. Simply to much to handle right now. The plan is to have a talk with my boss monday after my vacation on location - that means at work! Not teams or via phone - on location. That will be the first time for like three months.

2021-02-11 - Mostly it all went to shit

This is only a very short update. The takeover of the summerhouse went fine and we enjoyed our first two days by cleaning as much as we could. Then problems began to appear small and much larger problems. One of the smaller problems was a blocked sewer. The larger problem was the weather. The house has a pellet furnace for heating and warm water. We did not count on a sudden change of weather and day frost. That meant we could not leave the house. If the pellet furnace unexpected would shot down the house would freeze including water pipes. At the same time work just became too overwhelming. Instead of calling in sick, I called my boss and we agreed that it could be time to do something about it. I simply have too much to do, and no gym as a stress valve. The result was I eat almost nothing for 5 days - like nothing!

Big bummer - But now things seams to be sorted out. Hopeful next week we will get two heat pumps installed which is much more reliable and does not require our present in the house. I guess we should have figured that out sooner - but still learning.

2021-01-24 - New summerhouse only one week away

As expected it became a totally workweek. My work log says it became 55 hours. My contract dictate an average 37 hour workweek. This means I either have to "not work" at some point or get it as money. Actually I did nothing else than sleep, work or nothing monday to friday. I only took three pictures! On thursday the morning skies was unusual beautiful. During the week Tina got tired of sitting down and invented her own primitive elevation table.


An important waypoint at work was wednesday - last chance to change anything regarding accounting year 2020. Now we have to make all the reports and explain the result. On friday at the department meeting we all had to make a short presentation - I decided to end my presentation by reading the last verse of the poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost:

Copyright note: the picture above belongs to - All rights belongs to - I claim "fair use".

That was kind of funny and I think my coworkers liked it. The next weeks I will keep a low profile. The line between clever and eccentric is very thin. I hope they understood the meaning - we still have tons of work to do - but we love it.

On monday the first of february we will take over our house on Lolland. During the week we got our first house tax collection for the house. It was very manageable - just around 270 euro for 11 months. We have begun buying all kind of stuff for the house. But mostly small things like kitchen things, cleaning stuff and god knows what else. All stores are still closed in hole Denmark except groceries because of the chinese Corona. We have decided just take things as they come and relax. We have like 25 years to enjoy the house before we got like too old fuckers to take care of a house like that.

Sunday I just had to go for a walk and clear my mind. To try something new - I walk from home to Klampenborg. I woke up early and began the trip just after 7 am.

The channels at Christianshavn
I was still very quite at Knippel Bridge
Magasin du Nord - an okay place to buy stuff
Cool light in some trees
Ground zero for stupidity - the American embassy - hopefully it will get better now and less kindergarten
The beginning of Black Pond Lake
Passing Trianglen and the public toilets
I would really like to have this one
The biggest beer bottle in Denmark
This tree is very high - I would very much like to climb it. But it will most likely never happen
Cafe 'around the world'
At Skovshoved marina
The old main station building

Copyright note: The maps above is from Google Earth and belongs to I claim fair use.


1 / 26
The channels at Christianshavn
2 / 26
I was still very quite at Knippel Bridge
3 / 26
The inner harbor
4 / 26
Magasin du Nord - an okay place to buy stuff
5 / 26
The The Royal Danish Theatre. We have never been there which is a shame
6 / 26
The beginning of New Harbour
7 / 26
Passing The Marble Church
8 / 26
Cool light in some trees
9 / 26
Østerport station still undergoing construction after the Metro build.
10 / 26
Ground zero for stupidity - the American embassy - hopefully it will get better now and less kindergarten
11 / 26
The beginning of Black Pond Lake
12 / 26
Passing Trianglen and the public toilets
13 / 26
The old "Parken" used by the danish national football team 1992
14 / 26
Almost at Jagtvej
15 / 26
I would really like to have this one
16 / 26
The biggest beer bottle in Denmark
17 / 26
A view over north harbor
18 / 26
This tree is very high - I would very much like to climb it. But it will most likely never happen
19 / 26
Cafe "around the world"
20 / 26
Charlottenlund sea bath
21 / 26
Walking north along the coast road "Strandvejen
22 / 26
At Skovshoved marina
23 / 26
Bellevue Beach - very much full every summer
24 / 26
A tunnel at Klampenborg Station - who took all the graffiti?
25 / 26
The old main station building
26 / 26
The GPS track - a nice little 15,7 km long walk

Next week will still be a lot of work and long hours at my "home offices". Tina and I will most likely be preparing the house takeover on next monday. We are very much looking forward to this. Already this monday I will be calling an Internet provider. This is going to be very much interesting.

2021-01-17 - A little change of layout and some new features

Instead of working, I decided to do a little home project and change the format on this page a little. For some time I have had this wish about combining a map, the GPS track and pictures. But without having extern random scripts out of my control. Small project like this is always learning by failing for me. Many years ago I made this page with a background picture and a menu on top of this picture. I found the page in my archive and combined it with modal HTML windows. As always w3schools was a great help. I am very happy about the result. However after adding all this extra java my old Frontpage 2003 have begun to struggle a little bit. I guess it is going to be limit to only one of those maps.

I guess I won't do a huge map like below every week! But it is nice to know how to do it and safe it for later. I would be cool to use it this summer, if it is possible to drive to Norway again.

2021-01-16 - Not mush new - working like a busy work ant

Next week accounting year 2020 will close for good. But until then there is lots of work for me and my coworkers. This week I worked more then 50 hours and I will most likely also open my workstation tomorrow sunday. Tuesday was insane and I had a 8 am to 9:30 pm workday.

Only exception was wednesday where I just closed down at 2:30 pm. I had promised to help one of our nieces. Some years ago Tina gave our niece her old computer. Now she has problems with the sound card which has stop working. I build the computer many many years ago for Tina (I think 2010 or 2011). The motherboard is a P6T from Asus. The reason for the defect sound was very simple - age! Asus have stopped for support for Windows 2010 for this motherboard.

I would never have thought of, that this age problem could be the end of the computer. I recommended, that they should buy a USB soundcard instead. After the visit I walk home from around Friheden station. That was a interesting walk with high wind and rain most of the way. I only took one picture!

Both thursday and friday was work all day. Saturday I walked to the offices building to raid the candy closet. The weather was very sunny but below zero.

1 / 15
From the walk wednesday - taken at Avedøre Holme Offshore Wind Farm
Lots of rain, snow and wind - no the perfect weather
2 / 15
From the walk saturday - lots of sun
3 / 15
But temperatures below zero
4 / 15
Nice invention - much easier to hit, when you are on the move
5 / 15
The view over the inner harbor
6 / 15
On the left is one of the many harbor baths in Copenhagen
7 / 15
Green space
8 / 15
On the way I passed Carlsberg district which is undergoing city devolvement and is on the way to be ruined
9 / 15
The iconic gates to Carlsberg
10 / 15
And the two work elephants with swastika
11 / 15
At work
12 / 15
Yet another green zone
13 / 15
Frozen water at the lakes
14 / 15
Poor birds - but that is the way of nature
15 / 15
The GPS track - 18,7km. long walk

Else everything is going great. Everyone is just waiting for this great chinese Corona collective collapse of the danish society. I saw this poster saying something like "Hang in there - wait it out" - Great! Everything is still closed - most likely until the end of march.

2021-01-10 - Busy week

Usually the four first weeks are insane busy at work. This year is no exception. It even feels more busy than usual as we still have to work from home and many of my good coworkers from last year have found new jobs. In total I had 9 1/2 hours overtime giving me a working week of 46,5 hours. It okay - but hard.

I have changed my daily routines due to the chinese Corona and that this lockdown might go on for aleast 1 more month. Now we wake up at 6:30, I take a 30 min. bike ride. Bath and breakfast and are ready to log on work around 7:45.

For every 55 minutes of work I do 5 minutes of workout. This is to protect my shoulders as all my work is done in front of my work computer. Else I would just sit still for like 3 or 4 hours witch is very unhealthy. After logging off, I usual take 20 minutes very light bike ride again.

The pictures below are from a mega 37,5 km long walk last sunday and a shorter walk this saturday.

1 / 45
Yet another monster walk - this time 37,5 km. long.
2 / 45
I began around 7 in the morning walking down toAmager Beach Park
3 / 45
The moon either going up or down.
4 / 45
The sun was waking up as I walked around the airport
5 / 45
There was not that many cars or trucks
6 / 45
In the horizon was this very hard skyline between weather types
7 / 45
And I enjoyed some sun as I was pissing in Øresund
8 / 45
Very nice to see the sun again
9 / 45
Lots of people in the wood - thankfully mostly on the main paths
10 / 45
I quick overview
11 / 45
This one is for the bird people - myself I don't get it
12 / 45
Again many people - but on the main path
13 / 45
I was lonely on the small twisted paths
14 / 45
And then on the dike
15 / 45
Still lovely clear weather
16 / 45
Just doing the usual roundabout
17 / 45
On the last part I did a detour at found this guy!
18 / 45
The last picture for this trip.
19 / 45
On saturday I walk to and from work an almost 16 km walk.
20 / 45
All quite at Stadsgraven
21 / 45
Also quite the other way
22 / 45
Not that much traffic at Long bridge
23 / 45
The bike cycle was open as a boat with a high mast was approaching
24 / 45
A look at Tivoli - all closed of cause
25 / 45
HC Andersen - at summertime some tourist tries to use the bike cycle lane for better pictures. That don't work, as this lake is very full at rush hours.
27 / 45
A View Peblinge Sø - strangely not that much water in the lake
28 / 45
Then after 6,5 km - finally back at work
29 / 45
Very much deserted
30 / 45
Time for a selfie of cause
31 / 45
A view of the offices
32 / 45
The main mission was to rip off the candy closet
33 / 45
I took a detour home via Nørrebrogade
34 / 45
Back at the lakes at Queen Louise's Bridge
35 / 45
It almost looked normal with all those people
36 / 45
Blue skies just make things look better
37 / 45
But the main shopping street at city center was almost empty
38 / 45
Almost the same picture again - hah hah
39 / 45
Christiansborg Palace - home of the danish goverment
40 / 45
A look at Frederiksholms Canal
41 / 45
Yet another look from the next bridge
42 / 45
A look over the inner harbor. You can see the opera in the background
43 / 45
At Knippel Bridge
44 / 45
Knippel Bridge toward Amager
45 / 45
A bonus picture - It began to snow on sunday

As I came to Long Bridge a tall sailboat approached. And the bridge opened. 

Next week will just be more of the same. Long working hours and nothing else to do. That is except wednesday, where I have planed a long walk again.

Tina and I had hoped to begin looking into buying stuff for our new summerhouse. But because of lockdown that is totally not possible. The only thing we can do is online buying. But still, it is nice to try out a new bed or sofa before buying. I guess that is not going to happen now. All we can do is to wait and then wait some more.

2021-01-02 - New year and first update

There are now 30 days until we take over the new summerhouse. Tina has already spend all of our money ten times on furniture and stuff. I am more realistic and have only spend our money two times. There is not much to do at this time other than just wait.

As we always do - we keep to ourselves new years eve and watch movies. This year we had a shrimp cocktail as starter. Then we had lamb chop with potatoes and tzatziki. As dessert Tina made lemon mousse. It was super - Tina really knows her shit.

Afterward we first watch the movie Tenet and then The midnight sky on NetFix. I think both movies were wired in each in their own way. Tenet was kind of confusion and the story was just a little to fantastic for my taste. The midnight sky was okay - but way to slow at times.

I claim fair use
I claim fair use

On monday it was time for the annual cleaning behind our shower cubicle. Last year I left this metal cookie jar behind the shower, because it was leaking just a little bit. That turned our to be a huge mistake from my side. It was completely rusted and the bottom just gave away when I pressed just a little. It had also left a huge mark on the floor - what a bummer.

After a lot of polishing with ceramic cleaner I almost got the mark reduced to almost nothing. The main purpose of the cleaning was to check the stop valves and to exercise them a little so they don't get stuck.

On tuesday I took a 25 km long bike ride along my usual walking path. That was a lot faster than walk but kind of busted my knee because my saddle is adjusted wrong. At times I just fell so old'ish.

I have revived my previous computer after a 2 year exile on the attic. This machine is incredible. If think I build it in 2010 or around that time. The motherboard is a P6X58D Premium from Asus. It has a Core I7 in LGA 1366 socket, 24 gb ram and a SSD drive. And it still fells like it is way faster them my current work laptop from work.
The only reason I had to discard it was because OpenSUSE stopped supporting than socket. That is not a problem as I only have installed Windows on it. The plan is to bring the computer down to our coming summerhouse. I the beginning we won't bring any expensive stuff down there.

Tomorrow sunday I plan on doing yet another super long walk. I am not sure if my legs will love that - but that's what they will get. The weather forecast for sunday is around 3 degrees, little wind and some sum now and then.

On monday it's back to work - or back to work from home again. I really need to don more workout and move around. I have aleast gained 4 kilos this december. I cannot afford to buy new cloths one site larger at this point and I really don't want to become fat.

My plan is to use Tina's exercise bike way more until I can begin coming back to work and enjoy my bike ride.

New top picture

I have changed the top picture to yet another picture from my trip to Norway last summer. I think the location is around here.

chinese Corona news

This might sound stupid - but that is exactly what I am experiencing. Many years ago (>10) I had the flu and a sinusitis - I remembered it as a tough one. Since then I have had problems with runny nose. Especially in the morning. Sometime it can ruin a hole day. But after I had Corona I have not had any problems with runny nose. I am not concluding that Corona fixed my nose but - just saying it is different. It could of cause also be because there is less pollution in the air - but still, the Corona was a turning point.


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