My favorite music videos

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The best horror music video I yet have encountered is “A New Beginning” by “Wolfie's Just Fine”. The video is a brilliant follow up on the horror movies from around the 1980 like “Friday the 13th”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Halloween” – movies from my generation.

I clearly remembered how afraid I was going to the bathroom for brushing my teeth after watching “The planet of apes”. I kind of relived the experience watching this one music video.


I guess more than half of the music videos made today are about love. The rest is about broken love, money or pain. There are so many good ones on YouTube to choose from.

But my choice was really given in advance when I chose the category and it is “Fan of You” by “Vilma Flood”. It's basically a very simple music video, but the message is delivered by a strong voice and powerful lyric. The result is a unique music video which I appreciate very much.

Broken Love

This one has to be “Losing All My Time” by Zulabard. First of all – She catches one attention - she is hot – like burning hot. The first four lines go like:

Love is magic
But a tragic night
Can make you suffer
Till the day you die
Credit: Zulabard

He catches the essence of broken love with those four lines. The whole video is a memory of a girl that is no longer. You can really feel the loneliness and bitterness. It seems like he is stock in the past, which at some point has been discontinue.